The 10 Best Back Scrubber Reviews & Buying Guide [2021]

Do you need the best back scrubber? You can see and reach almost all parts of your body except your back. It also follows that you cannot give it the care that your body’s visible and reachable areas receive.

Failure to clean your back correctly can cause a dull complexion and acne (bacne) on your back. Will you die because of these problems? Certainly no, but any chances of going shirtless can dwindle quickly.

So, what can you do about this? Should you go for yoga classes to have enough skills to reach your back gymnastically? I guess not. Even with the best yoga skills, you cannot bend your hands to scrub, exfoliate or clean the skin on your back efficiently. A proper back scrubber will do the magic.

What is a back scrubber? We can define a utensil designed to clean and scrub the back while showering in the form of a sponge or a brush with a long handle.

10 Best Back Scrubbers

We have set aside valuable time to have a good look at hundreds of backs scrubbers and summarize it to a list of ten models we consider the best. We will begin by reviewing these ten and later providing you a buying guide to make a more personalized choice.

1. Metene Shower Brush

Ideal for wet and dry showers, the Metene shower brush is a good choice if you want to achieve the best in back cleaning, scrubbing, and exfoliating. It features soft and stiff bristles that are perfect for brushing and exfoliating skin.

The natural stiff bristles can massage the skin and deeply clean the dirt and cutin on the skin. On the other hand, the soft nylon bristles protect sensitive skin, provide various hardness options, and adequately clean the whole body.

When the bristles are dry, the brush is effective in tightening the skin. During use, the hot shower water softens the brush making it ideal for the entire body. The brush is double-sided to making it suitable for use in dry and wet brushing.

The Metene shower has a long wooden handle measuring 40 cm. Such handle length means you can easily reach and clean all parts of your body, including your legs and back. To reduce the brush’s chances of slipping out of your hands in the slippery bathroom environment, the handle features two rubber patches.

Also, there is a hanging rope and the handle’s end to help hygienically store the scrubber. The recommended replacement period is 4-6 months for optimal hygiene. Another recommendation is to clean the brush every few weeks to remove dead skin cells and other impurities.


  • The extended shaft makes it easy to use
  • Soft and gentle on the skin
  • It does not slip from hand thanks to rubber patches
  • Friendly to all types of skin, including sensitive skin
  • Offers value for money


  • Taller individuals may require a longer scrubber
  • High-quality and therefore pricier than regular scrubbers

2. Aquis – Exfoliating Back Scrubber

The Aquis offers you a versatile shower room accessory in exfoliating back scrubber. It has dual surfaces, and each has a unique function. The first side presents a textured, loofah-like surface that’s ideal for deep exfoliation. The second side offers a smooth, soft microfiber surface for stimulating and massaging your skin.

The scrubber measures 4 inches in width by 30.75 inches in length. This offers comprehensive coverage that will reach almost every part of your body. It has a rope and each end that functions as handles. Unlike brushes, the rope handles cannot slip when they become soapy.

Worry not about the scrubber falling on the bathroom floor and collecting germs. In other words, it gives the guarantee of excellent hygiene and convenient use. When you are complete your shower with a handheld shower, you can hang the scrubber easily using the handle ropes.

Fabric design material may give you the impression that the Aquis – Exfoliating Back Scrubber takes an eternity to dry. Nothing can be further from the truth. The scrubber is specifically designed not to retain moisture. It dries quality to ensure mold does not form in your bathroom and predispose you to health hazards.

The material used to make the Aquis scrubber is solid and durable. It is also machine washable. You need this scrubber if you want one that will serve you for years.


  • Dual-sided for deep exfoliation and massaging experience
  • Offers comprehensive coverage to clean all parts of your body
  • Rope handles on each side promote easy handling
  • Dries quickly to prevent the formation of mold
  • Machine washable


  • The rough side may be too uncomfortable for sensitive skins
  • It should be a little bit longer for taller users

3. GREENRAIN Bath Body Brush

The Body Brush by GREENRAIN can help you clean all those hard-to-reach parts and prevent the accumulation of dead skin cells and grease. It is also a good choice if you want a back scrubber that can unclog blocked pores and enhance blood circulation through your skin.

GREENRAIN bath body brush boasts of denser and softer bristles than those of standard scrubber. Although soft, the hairs are also robust. They can deeply exfoliate your skin, removing all those dead skin cells. The result is clean, smooth, soft, and gentle skin.

Although the scrubber has bristles only on one side, you can still use it to achieve more than just one function. Using a dry brush to improve blood circulation and promote skin health or soak it in water to use as a body brush removes cutin, dead skin, and dirt.

This bath brush offers a comfortable and ergonomic grip. Its plastic handle is long and curved to help you reach hidden parts with ease. It is also comfortable and slip-free. You can bathe without interruption. At the end of the handle is a water drop-shaped hook hole to help you hook the scrubber to the bathroom wall until the next time.

Maintenance is also straightforward. Simply rinse it after use and allow it to dry. It’s easy to store provided there is a room in the bathroom for that.


  • Innovative design with soft nylon bristles
  • Improves skin health and eliminates skin conditions
  • Easy and comfortable to handle
  • Hygienic and long-lasting
  • 100 percent satisfaction guarantee


  • Relatively small and therefore takes longer to clean the whole body
  • The handle gets very slippery with soap

4. Honoma Shower Body Brush

To show the level of confidence the manufacturers of the Honoma Shower Body Brush have on their scrubber, they offer you 120 days unconditional guarantee for confident buying. Should you find the product defective within that period, then you email them to refund help you.

It is a multi-function back scrubber with two brushes in one. On one are a loofah and the other side bristles. You can use them as separate bathing accessories. The bristles and soft and robust making them ideal for removing dead and old skin through deep exfoliation. Use of the bristle’s side also improves circulation making your skin healthier.

The loofah side is soft and gentle, offering massaging wash that refreshes and invigorates the skin. The dual function also means you can use the scrubber for both dry and wet brushing with excellent results. Regardless of whether you have light, thick or sensitive skin, the scrubber is ideal for all. Besides, both men and can use it.

Handle length and design is essential. It is 14-inch long and curved for comfortable and ergonomic handling. The end of the handle features finger grooves and a hanging hole. The finger grooves provide a non-slip grip, while the hanging hole makes it easy to store the scrubber after use to dry and until next time.


  • Multi-functional dual brush scrubber
  • Easy to use, clean, and maintain
  • Soft but sturdy bristles
  • Durable material for the handle
  • It comes with 120 days unconditional guarantee on the purchase


  • Only 14 inches long handle
  • Bristles from the brush tend to shed off with continued heavy use

5. Vive Shower Brush Set

The Vive Shower Brush gives you an excellent opportunity to enjoy a spa-like experience in the comfort of your home bathroom. It features an extended reach double-sided body brush that functions effectively to cleanse and exfoliate the skin. This improves skin health and appearance while stimulating blood circulation in the skin.

Vive is a dual scrubber meaning it has two functional parts. One part bears boar bristles, while the other side features soft nylon bristles. Its boar bristles are soft and sturdy and very safe for use on different parts of the body’s sensitive skin, including the face and the neck. The bristles can also effectively smoothen patches of rough skins.

The second part with soft nylon bristles gently cleans, smoothen, and softens skin. This will effectively remove all manner of dirt, dead skin, grease, and cutin that accumulates in your skin. It will also effectively unblock tiny openings in your skin, leading to better skin health. You do not have to worry even if you have sensitive skin.

With a 44cm (17″) long handle, you can be sure the scrubber will reach all parts of your body. Unlike most scrubbers that feature plastic handles, the Vive shower brush set is made of lotus wood, known to be one of the strongest and most durable. The wood is coated with a waterproof layer to prevent it from absorbing water. A hole in the end, has a rope for hanging the scrubber to dry after use.


  • Effectively exfoliates and cleans the skin
  • Dual brushes for both wet and dry brushing
  • Long 44 cm extended wooden handle
  • Handle coated for durability
  • It comes with VIVE’s 60-day unconditional warranty


  • The boar bristles aren’t are not sturdy enough for a salt scrub out
  • The rubber patches help prevent slipping but not enough

6. Ithyes Body Brush

Another back scrubber that you can trust to deliver according to your desires is the body brush by Ithyes. It can support you in achieving your dream of having perfectly smooth skin. It can remove dead skin, open the blocked pores, get rid of patches, and smoothing out the skin.

It will also promote circulation, improve lymphatic drainage and get daily detox. In the end, you will have glowing, gentle, and smoother skin. You will have the confidence to adorn your best beach clothes. For men, you will have the confidence to go shirtless.

Ithyes is a single-mode back scrubber with a long handle. With it, you can reach all parts of your body. The bristles are made of nylon. Although soft, the hairs are still sturdy, capable of intensely exfoliating your skin and removing dirt and impurities.

Its compact and sturdy design means you can use it anywhere, both at home and sway on the road. The scrubber is not any bigger than your hands, meaning you can use it at home and outdoors during vacation or other trips. You can even use this brush to eliminate fatigue and exhaustion because it improves blood flow and delivers a relaxing and refreshing spa experience.

It would help if you had a scrubber that is easy to clean and dries fast. This model meets these criteria. After a shower, rinse your bristles thoroughly with water and then leave them in the sun to dry.


  • Incredibly affordable with outstanding performance
  • Compact and sturdy design for use on the go
  • Easy to clean and dry
  • High-quality construction with nylon bristles
  • Effective in exfoliation and cleaning


  • It could help if the handle were longer
  • Bristles seem to get rougher with time

7. Voda Reve Exfoliating Loofah Back Scrubber

The Voda Reve Back Scrubber is a top-quality, exfoliating, and cleaning scrubber equipped with a four by 10-inch loofah sponge designed especially for exfoliating back skin. The loofah is ideal for rough skin, dry skin, bacne, eczema, and other conditions.

The backside of the scrubber is crafted with plush, ultra-soft cotton that smoothens and polishes the skin. It is suitable for cleaning the back, shoulders, neck, feet, and other hard-to-access areas and is effortless to clean and maintain. It is made from durable materials.

This 4-inch by 32-inch scrubber is the best size for men and women. It eliminates the need to bend gymnastically to reach awkwardly to scrub and clean your back and other areas. The scrubber is stiff. It will not fold, roll, or twist as you shower, commonly seen with narrower back straps.

The loofah side features materials that are neither too soft nor too rough. However, it will exfoliate your back, neck, and legs. The other side of the scrubber will softly polish your skin for a gentle, silky-smooth finish. On either end of the scrubber is hanging rope which allows you to hang the bathroom accessory for storage and drying.


  • Wide and long scrubber reaches every part of the body
  • Effortless to hold and use
  • Soft and gentle to the body, perfect for sensitive skin
  • Sturdy and machine washable
  • Affordable and genuine


  • Somehow thick and heavy, it takes a long time to dry
  • Cannot handle heavy use

8. THETIS Homes Body Brush

THETIS Homes is quickly becoming a household brand because of its position in providing bath accessories. Their body brush is a testament to what the firm can do. This scrubber looks modern and beautiful, thanks to the bamboo handle.

The company prides in the fact that their scrubber is made of all-natural materials. Therefore, it is eco-friendly and will not react with your body. The boar bristles are soft but sturdy enough to scrub off dead skin cells, dirt, grease, cutin, and other impurities in the body. Besides, the softness and gentleness mean a spa-like massage experience.

You will love the long bamboo handle. Not only does it appear elegant, but it also stylish and robust. Bamboo is recognized as one of the strongest grasses in the world. So its use in the design of the THETIS Homes body scrubber confers durability. The long handle means you will be able to reach all parts of your body for a thorough cleaning and exfoliation. A storage loop makes storing the scrubber easier.

The benefits of using this body brush include improved blood circulation, improved lymphatic drainage, and better skin condition. It can work both as a bath brush but also as a back scrubber and cellulite massager. A 30-day replacement or refund backs the purchase of this product. That’s enough confidence to try the scrubber.


  • 100 percent natural boar bristles
  • Long, ergonomic, and slip-free handle
  • High-quality bamboo handle
  • Works well to exfoliate and smoothen skin


  • The bristles last but not long enough
  • The plastic base that holds the bristles need improvement

9. TopNotch Brush Long Handle

As the name sounds, the TopNotch Brush Long Handle backs scrubber is a good-quality bath accessory that can support you achieve your dreams of having smooth, clean, and shining skin. It is suitable both for men and women who are serious about their health and appearance. It will not disintegrate when you use it with ordinary soaps and gels.

It features a 14-inch handle made of polypropylene plastic, well known for its safety and sturdiness. The handle is shatterproof and has non-slip ridges in its lower half. It features a hole with a cord for hanging the brush to dry or for storage. Although the scrubber has a one-sided head, you can use it for dry or wet scrubbing.

The bristles of TopNotch Brush are soft yet strong enough to scrub loose and dead skin cells. It is suitable for deep exfoliation, getting rid of all dirt, grease, cutin, bacne, and other things that interfere with skin quality and health. The handle is also sturdy. It will hold up even if you are scrubbing vigorously.

However, you need to be careful if you have sensitive skin. This product may not be recommended for you. The bristles seem to be less flexible and somewhat more rigid than average body brushes. There is evidence that the bristles can cause skin rash and other discomforts for those with sensitive skins.


  • Durable, shatterproof polypropylene handle
  • Soft but firm bristles exfoliate well
  • Quickly reaches and cleans hard to reach areas
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Resistant to gels, soaps, or lotions


  • The handle is good but not long enough for taller users
  • The bristles may not be comfortable to sensitive skins

10. Toem Loofah Back Scrubber

Coming as a set, the Toem Loofah Back scrubber features the latest technology in bath and body brushes. It is one of the best wood-handled pouf/lufa featuring bamboo charcoal fibers and meshing them into the shower sponges. Such sponge delivers an experience comparable to what you would experience in a commercial spa. You can use it with your favorite gel, soap, or body wash.

The loofahs of this Toem scrubber are combo sets designed to exfoliate dead and loose skin cells. Use the loofahs on the rough areas around your legs, feet, and elbows. Special fibers therein cleanse and gently massage even the most sensitive skins. Therefore, you need not care loofahs scratching your skin.

At 17 inches, this back scrubber is one of the longest in the market. You can access all locations in your body with ease and comfort. The handle is wooden, has more girth, and features textured rubber grips. These features ensure a comfortable and secure grip even with a soapy or wet hand. At the end of the handle, a rope hole makes it easy to hang the scrubber to dry or for storage until subsequent use.

The loofahs are coated with a transparent layer for durability and resistance to disintegration. On the other hand, the handle is resistant to deterioration and, therefore, will not crack or split with short, average use. Toem designed the fiber to dry quicker than regular loofahs.


  • Extended reach and robust and non-slip grip
  • Pretty firm yet gentle and soothing to the skin
  • Durable and resistant to deterioration and disintegration
  • Usable with gels, soaps, and lotions


  • It may not last long with frequent use
  • The hook is advertised but lacks in delivery

How to Choose the Best Back Scrubber

We have already presented you with our choices of the best currently in the market. Hopefully, you too find our options interesting. However, you can decide more accurately if you consider a few factors pertinent to these essential bath brushes. Ask yourself the following questions:

Why Do You Need A Back Scrubber?

Although this question may seem simple enough to be answered without thinking, the answers are as varied as they could be. The most obvious reason is to find a way to properly access and clean the hard-to-reach regions of your body, such as your back, your legs, and the back of your neck.

However, good quality scrubbers can do more. Examples include:

Improves blood circulation: The scrubbing effect stimulates the receptors near the surface of your skin, causing blood to circulate into and out of your skin, bringing the nutrients and oxygen that skin cells need to grow and function healthily.

Massaging effects: A few top-quality scrubbers are equipped with soft massaging nodes that soothe painful and stiff muscles when you are washing or scrubbing.

Removing dead skin cells and dirt: Skin cells are continuously being replaced. These dead cells accumulate on the skin and attract dirt, grime, and even harmful bacteria or fungi. Scrubbers can exfoliate the skin removing all these impurities. The result is clearer, smoother, and cleaner skin.

Reducing cellulite: Although cellulite is not harmful, it can be very unsightly, especially for those who love going shirtless or on the beach. Scrubbing, massaging, and exfoliation can improve cellulite’s appearance, giving you soft, smooth, and well-toned skin.

Detoxifying the skin: The skin is the largest excretory organ of the body. The things excreted from the body are toxins that can accumulate in the skin, causing poor skin condition. Exfoliation, scrubbing, and massaging eliminates these toxins to give you healthy, admirable skin. Scrubbing will also rid your entire body of toxins leading to overall good health.

If you want to enjoy all these benefits, then it’s a good time for you to look for a good quality back and body scrubber.

How Long Can It Reach?

The aim of buying a back scrubber is to enable you to reach and clean all these inaccessible areas to your hands. It requires that the scrubber has a long handle that makes it easy for you to clean your back, the back of your head, and legs.

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to the handle length of a back scrubber. It should depend on your height. An excellent way to go about it is to use something to test, then measure the length will allow you to reach those parts without straining. However, the longer the handle, the better the scrubber is in most cases.

Is The Handle Comfortable To Grip?

Cleaning the skin of the back is not as easy. So you do not need additional stress coming from the uncomfortable grip of the scrubber. Most handles are made of some form of plastic or wood. The quality of wood is important because it is used in an environment with lots of water.

Wood can soak water and deteriorate or split. Most companies coat the wood with waterproof and shatterproof material to improve its longevity. Most brands feature rubber patches near the handle’s terminal end to enhance grip comfort and stop slippage.

The plastic handle can be made of ABS or polypropylene, both of which are strong; however, they can become slippery when handled with wet or soapy hands. To prevent slipping, plastic handles should feature anti-slip ridges or finger grooves.

Can You Use It For Both Dry And Wet Brushing?

To achieve better results, you are supposed to dry brush just before you wet brush. Dry brushing will clear dead skin cells and improve blood flow to the skin and throughout the body. This is important if you want to enhance the outcome of your scrubbing.

While many brands have these dual functions, not all of them; therefore, you need to be keen while shopping to get a good brush that is suitable for both of these functions. Pay attention when reading the product descriptions and customer reviews.

What’s The Quality of Bristles?

The success of scrubbing is the result of bristles. These bristles should be firmly attached to the plastic base that holds them to the scrubber’s handle. This will prevent bristles from coming off during use. Poor quality back scrubbers will shed the bristles readily, even without use.

The bristles should be made from soft yet firm material to be gentle on the skin while at the same time effective in deeply exfoliating the skin. Striking this balance can be elusive. It is daunting to tell just by looking at the brush. Besides, you cannot rely on the claims of the manufacturer. Infer from customer review in major platforms.

Back scrubbers don’t necessarily need to have bristles; they can also be in the form of pads or cloths. Even electric back scrubbers exist. These can also be effective depending on the type of material used. The material you choose to buy depends on your preferences or needs.

Back Scrubber FAQs

For how long should I use a back scrubber before changing?

Proper use of a back scrubber means cleaning it and then leaving it to air dry before strong. With appropriate use, you can replace the scrubber every 3 to 4 weeks. Some companies include recommended time of service in their packaging. However, it still will depend on the material used.

Where can I buy the best scrubber?

You can buy the best scrubber online from a reputable online shop. Alternatively, you can visit your local and buy it physically. What matters is whether you have the correct information to venture out and make your choice.

How often should I exfoliate with a scrubber?

Exfoliation removes dead skin cells that usually accumulate in the body. Deep exfoliation should not be done very frequently as this can make the skin too thin and prone to scratches and injuries. Scrub your back 2-3 times per week.

What happens if I do not scrub?

Failure to exfoliate may cause a collection of dead skin cells and dirt and lead to dry, flaky, dull, and patchy skin. Other results may include clogged pores (tiny holes in your skin) with uneven skin tone.

Final Verdict

It’s not necessary to visit spas to scrub and exfoliate. You can save money and time by scrubbing right in the comfort of your home bathroom and still enjoy spa-like experiences. First, however, you need to buy the best back scrubber because not just anyone will do a great job. Go for one with a long handle, comfortable to grip, easy to use, and safe for sensitive skins. The bristles should be soft but firm. If it uses loofahs, these too must be of high quality. Otherwise, you can choose one in our review list because teach of them is proven.

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