The 10 Best Bathroom Light Bulbs for Makeup

So, you are still jumping from one review article to another, looking for the best bathroom light bulbs for makeup? Now that you are here, you do not need to trouble yourself anymore.

Well, nothing beats natural sunlight in providing the best condition for applying makeup. But unless you want to venture outdoors or find a strategic place near a window, getting the best out of natural sunlight is quite far-fetched. Even more, you cannot count on it when applying makeup at night.

But all is not lost. You can still get the near-sunlight illumination to perfect your makeup routine. And it all starts with getting the best light bulbs for bathroom vanity makeup. But where do you begin?

Well, this review article gives you the headstart. I will round up the best light bulbs for makeup in the bathroom. Even more, I will dig deeper into the features that make a good bathroom light bulb for makeup.

10 Best Bathroom Light Bulbs for Makeup

1. Chende LM 10 Vanity Lights for Mirror

Chende LM is one brand with unquestionable credibility in the world of vanity lights. Even more outstanding is the strict quality control. By producing and selling vanity lights directly, it ensures you get affordable yet high-quality vanity lights.

The LM 10 vanity light is among its best inventions so far. Indeed, it is one bulb kit that tops the best-seller list by a wide margin. That tells you there is something unique that makes it an all-time customer favorite.

As the name implies, this makeup light comprises ten bulbs. Stretched end to end, the bulbs create an 11.53 feet light kit.

Well, the strip is long enough to fit a sizeable makeup mirror. Still, you can customize the length by cutting off extra bulbs.

I would have loved it best if the kit came complete with a mirror. But it is so good of the manufacturer to recommend the Chende trifold vanity mirror as the best fit for this bulb kit. Indeed, it saves you the need to crosscheck compatibility issues.

The 2-inch LED bulbs are brighter than your average makeup bulbs. Even more, they are big enough to qualify as Hollywood-style lights.

Rated at 4000K, the bulbs output plenty of brightness. The light is, however, not dazzling. It is gentle enough for your eyes.  Hence, eye comfort is guaranteed, even when you plan to spend hours in front of the mirror.

This bulb kit comes with a UL-certified smart touch dimmer switch. It allows you to choose the ideal level of brightness. Also, it doubles as the on/off switch.

Like the light kit, the stickers are strictly selected. They provide firm anchor points for your bulbs, lasting more than a year.

Just to dwell a little more on the quality, this bulb kit uses thickened wires. Such wires provide wear-resistant performance. Also, it uses UL certified adapter.

Well, the company stands behind this Hollywood LED light kit. It offers 6-month warranty coverage.


Chende light bulb provides Hollywood-style quality at an affordable price. It is the best-selling makeup bulb and an ideal choice for the Chende tri-fold vanity mirror.

2. Sunco Lighting 10 Pack G25 LED Globe

Sunco Lighting is a company that cares. It contributes tremendously to the green initiative, making the planet a safer place.

Well, Sunco Lighting is one step ahead when it comes to larger 3.12-inch G25 bulbs. Indeed, it is the top-rated G25 bulb with an E26 Edison screw base. Such is the type of bulb it uses for its 10-pack mirror lights.

The G25 LED bulb is durable, long-lasting, and of impeccable quality. Still, it does not sacrifice aesthetics. It is one of the most decorative mirror light bulbs on the market.

It outputs 2700K soft white light rated at 450 lumens. Well, the light is flicker-free and lends a warm, cozy hue. Indeed, it provides true color rendering and sunlight-like quality.

Notably, the G25 LED bulbs draw only 6 watts. Interestingly, they have a brightness of 40-watt bulbs. Hence, they give off more light for less wattage, saving up to 85% energy.

I like the built-in smooth dimming capability of 10-100%. It gives you ultimate control over the ambiance of your space.

Allow me to touch a bit on the durability of this LED bulb. Well, it promises a lifespan of over 25,000 hours and lasts over 30,000 switching cycles. Even more, it is shatter-resistant.

Again, the quality and safety are backed by Energy Star, UL, RoHS, and FCC. With such specs, it deserves the industry-leading 5-year warranty coverage.

As mentioned, this G25 bulb comes with an E26 screw base. It anchors well to vanity mirrors and other lighting fixtures, such as chandeliers and lamps.

Well, the package does not include the wires and the mirror. For that, you will have to purchase separately.


For me, Sunco is pretty much the king of G25 makeup bulbs. It has outstanding energy-saving capabilities and a quality that exceeds industry standards. Should you want premium quality in a warm white makeup bulb, Sunco is for you.

3. Waneway Vanity Lights for Mirror

Waneway vanity is renowned for its high-lumen mirror light systems. But of all the products it has to offer, I like the original makeup lighting system the best. It has that classic design that seems to fit every need and situation.

Except for the makeup mirror, this 10-bulb light kit is a complete package. It comes with 10-pack bulbs, wires, adapter, and dimmer switch.

Fully assembled, the lighting strip stretches 13.5 feet. And with adjustable wires, it can fit any makeup mirror.

Well, this makeup mirror light kit uses standard 2-inch LED bulbs. But with Hi-Pot LED chips and UL-listed power supply, it generates brighter, flicker-free lights.

At 6000K and 1200 lumens, this makeup mirror lighting system has one of the best color rendering indexes. It is more like natural sunlight, reflecting your real skin tone.

While brighter, this mirror light is not harsh on your eyes. It is gentle enough to guarantee hours of comfort in front of your mirror.

I commend Waneway for including a more sensitive touchpad dimmer switch. It provides endless dimming capabilities to complement any mood or décor. Also, the dimmer switch has built-in memory that recalls your lasting setting.

Notably, this makeup mirror light uses extra-thick, industrial-grade stickers. You only get to peel and stick, and it will stay on for years.

I like the transparent wires in this lighting system. Even more likable is the patented rotate-to-hide design. Well, it creates a beautiful and neat appearance when you need it most. And for that, it doubles as a decorative accessory.


For the best combination of brightness and color temperature, few can beat Waneway makeup lights. At 6000K and with 1200 lumens, it is closer to daylight. Also, I commend it for using powerful industrial-grade stickers that never let go.

4. Aooshine 5W Non-Dimmable G25 LED Bulb

The G25 LED bulb pretty much has the upper hand in the makeup industry. And should you plan to use the non-dimmable option, you will find the Aooshine G25 LED bulb a worthy contender.

Well, you do not get as many bulbs in the pack. Even then, the four LED bulbs are sufficient for most mirror sizes. Also, the package does not include a makeup mirror.

But I think the main issue here is the quality and performance of the light bulbs, right? So, let us get started.

Well, for a G25 LED bulb, you get a size larger than average. At 3.12 inches, it outputs more light that covers a larger area.

You get 2700K light at 500 lumens. Essentially, it is a soft, warm white light that is more vivid. And with a CRI index of more than 80, it indeed reflects the true color of your skin tone.

Notably, this makeup light bulb has a 270-degree beam angle. Hence, it illuminates a sizeable area, eliminating shadow effects.

Unfortunately, there is no dimmable function. Still, the lighting is comfortable and ideal for most makeup needs.

Well, this non-dimmable LED bulb has a super energy-saving function. It draws only 5 watts but gives the brightness of a 50-watt incandescent bulb.

This makeup light bulb will pretty much outlast you. It rewards you with a long-lasting performance of over 50,000 hours. Also, it is shock-proof and impact-resistant.

Aooshine is not a stick-on makeup light bulb. Instead, it has an E26 base that screws into place. Even more, you do not have to wait for the bulb to warm up. It provides instant light in 0.5 seconds.


Though non-dimmable, the Aooshine bulb is an energy-efficient solution and lends the decorative look of G25 bulbs. And at 2700K, it provides not only ambiance and aesthetics but also cozy warm white light ideal for doing makeup at night.

5. Brightown Hollywood Style LED Mirror Lights

Brightown Hollywood is renowned for its high-quality makeup mirrors. It also makes one of the best vanity LED mirror lights.

Well, this 10-pack mirror light is among its best creations. If the company’s word is anything to go by, this is the best-grade smooth glossy LED makeup bulb in its lineup.

The company does not state how many lumens this bulb delivers. I, however, know that it outputs 6500K light. Notably, it is soft, flicker-free, and reflects the true image of yourself.

Okay, the package contains 10 LED bulbs complete with wires, a dimmer switch, and a power supply. Except for the mirror, you have everything to get started.

A bit on the dimming function, you get ten brightness levels to suit every mood and décor. Notably, this makeup light uses a touch dimmer switch. It even has built-in memory for smart functionality.

The plastic base has a rotate-and-hide design. Hence, if the light strip is longer, you can wrap the extra length and still maintain its neat appearance.

This plug-in makeup lighting system uses a UL-certified power supply. It is durable and allows the light to come on in an instant.

Well, the Brightown makeup light has a stick-on design. But what I find more impressive is the double-side 3M tape. It holds the bulb like a leech, making it difficult to fall off.


If you want near-daylight performance, the Brightown LED bulb is hard to beat. At 6500K, it provides the best condition for applying makeup, especially during the day.

6. Lvyinyin Hollywood-Style Makeup LED Light Bulbs

Well, Lvyinyin Hollywood is a makeup lighting system with quite a mouthful of a name. But do not get too engrossed in the name. This 10-count makeup bulb kit has better things to offer.

The kit comprises 2-inch LED bulb. Though not the largest, they provide much-needed Hollywood-style lighting quality.

There is no rating for the color temperature. However, after some minutes of digging, I found out that it outputs cool white color.

Well, that is more like daylight. It is less exhaustive for the eyes and provides true color rendering. And as for the light intensity, it outputs 1000 lumens at max.

I like the smart, touch dimmer switch. You can long-press it to adjust the brightness from 0-100%. Even more, you can click it for the on/off function.

Again the dimmer switch has built-in memory. Hence, it can remember the last dimming setting and use it the next time. It pretty much saves you the need to set the brightness level every time you put on makeup.

Whereas most 10-bulb kits average 15 feet long, the light strip on this makeup lighting is 18 feet. Well, that is long enough for sizeable mirrors. Still, you can roll up the extra wires to adjust the length.

Though not included, this makeup LED bulb is designed to stick onto the mirror. And I commend the manufacturer for including 15 powerful stickers. Should some get damaged, you have five spare stickers.


Should you want a longer makeup lighting strip for a sizeable makeup mirror, this Hollywood-style light bulb will suffice. Also, the spare stickers are a welcome choice for beginners.

7. Hyperikon A19 Dimmable LED Light Bulb

Well, not many brands can claim the quality of Hyperikon makeup LED bulbs. Indeed, it is one brand that designs its LED makeup bulbs to perfection. And that puts it one step ahead of the competition.

At 2.9 inches, it is a fairly large bulb. And whereas most LED bulbs draw an average of 6 watts, this light bulb draws 9 watts yet has the brightness level of 60-watt bulbs.

Well, the slightly higher wattage gives this bulb an edge regarding lighting quality. Put simply; it has the best lighting quality on the list.

The bulbs are rated at 3000K and output 820 lumens. And with a CRI rating of 95, it beats other models in terms of true color rendering.

Besides the near-sunlight, true color rendering qualities, this LED makeup bulb offers consistent lighting. It does not flicker and is gentler on your eyes.

Well, this LED makeup light bulb also has smooth dimming capabilities of 100-20%. Even more outstanding, this makeup bulb is compatible with other electronic LED dimmers.

For such high-quality specs, this LED bulb is designed to last. It has a lifespan of over 45,000 hours. Still, it is UL-listed for quality, performance, and energy savings. No wonder it has an industry-leading warranty of 5 years.

Like most high-quality LED makeup bulbs, it comes with the E26 base. Notably, the package comprises 6 LED makeup bulbs.


Hyperikon A19 bulb does not have the decorative look of G25 bulbs. It is, however, the reigning champion for true color rendering. Also, I commend it for the generous, industry-leading warranty of 5 years. Indeed, it has possibly the best quality in a standard A19 bulb.

8. TCP 5W Non-Dimmable G25 LED Vanity Light Bulbs

TCP is a leader in LED innovation. It is neither a pioneer nor a newbie in the industry. Still, it has more years of experience in its name, making it a brand you can trust. Here, we explore one of its best G25 LED makeup bulbs.

Well, like most G25 bulbs, it is designed for energy-saving performance. It consumes only 5 watts yet outputs the same brightness as a 40-watt incandescent bulb.

TCP G25 LED bulb is rated at 2700K. Hence, it rewards you with soft white light, keeping it consistent throughout its service life.

It does not have the lighting intensity of some G25 LED bulbs out there. Still, 350 lumens is remarkable for a makeup lighting system.

Are you looking for a dimmable function? I am sorry, this makeup LED bulb does not have dimming capabilities. The quality and the consistency are, however, worth it.

The lifespan of this LED makeup bulb is rated at 20,000 hours. And at the average use of 3 hours daily, it can pretty much last over 18 years.

I like the E26 screw base. It is versatile enough to fit most bathroom vanities. Hence, you can configure the bulbs the way you want.

Well, you do not get that many bulbs in the package. You only get three. Still, the high-quality performance replaces multiple standard bulbs.


TCP LED bulb is an energy-efficient solution, drawing only 5 watts. However, it does not have a dimmable feature. It is still one of the best warm white bulbs, especially for doing makeup on a night out.

9. WizPower Dimmable 60 LED Waterproof Lights

Not everyone is in for large LED makeup bulbs. Well, WizPower gives you another option. Instead of large LED bubs, it uses smaller LED lights. Still, it retains high-performance lighting and with even better customization.

Well, this makeup LED strip stretches 10 feet and comprises 60 LED lights. Rated at 4000K, it has the gentleness and brightness of natural sunlight.

I like that this LED strip is bendable. Hence, it is easy to configure it to the shape and outline of your mirror. Also, you can cut it to adjust the length.

This LED strip offers more options for light customization. It has a dimmer switch that lets you adjust the brightness from 25-100%. Even outstanding, the dimmer switch has built-in memory to remember the last setting.

Well, that is not all that this LED strip provides regarding light customization. It, too, has a blinking mode. And should you choose, you can switch it to constant light mode. Such a level of customization makes it perfect for any décor and mood.

This LED lighting strip draws only 24 watts. It comes with strong, double-sided 3M adhesive for easy DIY installation.


WizPower offers endless customization for brightness level and lighting mode. If you are not into bulbs and want a lighting system that can fit any mirror shape, WizPower dimmable LED is your best choice.

10. BEAUTME Hollywood Makeup Vanity Mirror with Lights

So far, all the products I have reviewed pretty much cover the best bathroom light bulbs for makeup. None of the packages includes a makeup vanity mirror.

Well, it is so commendable of BEAUTME to include both the makeup lights and mirror in one package. It pretty much saves you the time of searching for a compatible mirror for your makeup lights.

Let me dwell first on the lights.

Okay, you get 15 dimmable, Hollywood-style LED bulbs. Each bulb draws 0.8 watts, making them pretty much the most energy-efficient on the list.

But whereas they draw little power, the bulbs provide enough brightness to do makeup in a dark room. Each bulb outputs 120 lumens.

This makeup light has a dimmable function of 100-30%, thanks to the smart touch dimmer switch. And like other makeup light kits on the list, the dimmer switch boasts a memory function.

The adjustable brightness, however, is not what puts this makeup light ahead of the competition. As it turns out, you can also adjust the color temperature. It allows you to switch between 4000K warm light and 6000K daylight.

As for the installation, this is a stick-on LED makeup light. All you do is stick to the mirror.

Now, a little on the mirror.

Well, the package includes a 4mm multilayered, waterproof mirror complete with a high-quality aluminum frame. And with a silvery panel, it delivers HD reflection, bringing out the real you.


BEAUTME is the best choice for an all-in-one package as it comes complete with a mirror. Also, it is the best makeup light should you need adjustable color temperature. For that, I vote it the best versatile and customizable light bulb for makeup.

Best Bathroom Light Bulbs for Makeup: A Must-Read Guide

Color Temperature

Have you ever asked yourself which color temperature is ideal for applying makeup?

Well, the lower you go down the Kelvin scale, the warmer or yellower the light. Likewise, the higher you go up the Kelvin scale, the brighter and whiter the light.

Okay, the ideal light colors for makeup are warm white/soft white bright white, and daylight/cool white.

Well, warm white and soft white lights tend to produce a yellow-white hue, more like incandescent bulbs. Generally, they range from 2700-3000K on the Kelvin scale.

Bright white light, on the other hand, mimics sunrise, sunset, or afternoon light. It has a color temperature range of 3000-4500K.

Daylight or cool white light resembles daylight at noon or full sun. It has a color temperature of 4500-6500K.

So, back to our question, which is the best color temperature for makeup application?

Well, from the information above, the ideal color temperature for makeup is 2700-6500K. Hence, aim for an LED makeup bulb that has a color temperature within this range.

But for the best display, aim for at least 5000K. It pretty much replicates daylight.

Color Rendering Index

Color rendering index or CRI rating measures the accuracy of the reflection. Essentially, you want a light bulb that displays more accurate colors. For instance, it should be able to bring out your real skin tone.

Well, the higher the CRI rating, the more accurate the color. Generally, a CRI rating of at least 90 is the best. Though not as accurate, you can also do with one of at least 80 on the CRI rating.

Adjustable Brightness

The dimmer switch or adjustable brightness is not a must-have. Nonetheless, it is a handy feature to have.

It allows you to adjust the brightness level to suit the lighting conditions. For instance, the amount of brightness you demand during the day will not be the same as the one you require at night. Customizable brightness will come in handy in such a situation.

Again, adjustable brightness gives you a chance to set the right mood. Even more, it provides the right ambiance for the existing décor.


As the world goes green, we strive to use as little energy as possible. The same goes for makeup lights.

Regarding energy-saving functions, no makeup light bulb beats the LED versions. They draw less power than incandescent bulbs yet deliver brighter light. Indeed, you can save as much as 70-80% energy by using LED makeup lights.


I am not saying that bright white light bulbs are not good for aesthetics. It is just that you cannot beat the ambiance and aesthetics of soft white or warm white lights. Still, on aesthetics, G25 bulbs tend to be more decorative than standard A19 bulbs.


Incandescent bulbs, while more affordable, require frequent replacement. Hence, I recommend you aim for pricier yet long-lasting LED bulbs.

Most LED bulbs have a lifespan of 15,000 to 50,000 hours. Consider them if you want a makeup light that pretty much lasts a lifetime.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: What color temperature is the best for applying makeup during the day? Also, which do you recommend for applying makeup on a night out?

Answer: Well, any color temperature from 2700-6500K will work just fine.

I, however, recommend a lower color temperature for doing makeup on a night out. Hence, consider warm white or soft white lights.

On the other hand, if you want to do makeup during the day for a lunch out or for spending time indoors, I recommend daylight or cool white color temperature.

Question: Which type of bulb is best for doing makeup?

Answer: LED lighting is the go-to choice for makeup lights. It provides brighter lighting closer to daylight. Also, it is energy-efficient, saving up to 70% or more energy. Again LED lights will last pretty much a lifetime without replacement.

Question: Why should I avoid fluorescent lighting?

Answer: Fluorescent bulbs tend to be overly bright and unforgiving. It creates a lack of color on your face, hence causing you to overdo your makeup.

Question: Are incandescent bulbs good for makeup?

Answer: Well, incandescent bulbs tend to alter your appearance, especially where there is a second light source in the room. Also, they draw more power, making them less energy-efficient.

Question: So, which light colors do I need to avoid for perfect makeup?

Answer: Well, you should steer clear of fluorescent light, yellow light, rose light, and pink light.

Question: Is overhead lighting good for makeup?

Answer: I do not recommend overhead lighting. It tends to cast a shadow, tricking you into putting too much makeup. Hence, stand directly in front of the light source rather than underneath.


A good makeup routine demands better lighting. It is a must-have, even for those that boast polished makeup skills. Well, you can rest assured that our list of the best bathroom light bulbs for makeup will provide that much-needed illumination for perfect makeup. Indeed, they are the next big thing to natural sunlight. Even better, they are energy-efficient and provide a lifetime of service. Paired with the right mirror, it makes makeup sessions something to look forward to.

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