The 3 Best Corner Toilets Reviews in 2021

Home trends come and go, though there’s always a need for compact design for smaller living spaces, especially in urban areas. Bathrooms are no exception. Many people think that a compact toilet creates more space in the bathroom. It does indeed save space, but the smaller seat isn’t always comfortable for adults.

Another practical solution is a corner toilet. Corner toilets, which are sometimes called triangle toilets, maximize space without sacrificing comfort. They are also water-efficient and just as durable as traditional commodes. In addition, they come with the same variety of features as standard toilets.

The following are our top picks for the best corner toilets on the market today.

3 Best Corner Toilet Reviews

1. American Standard Cadet 3 with Rounded Seat

The American Standard Cadet 3 has a rounded seat and a stylish triangular tank that takes up very tiny space, making it ideal for smaller bathrooms. The triangular shape means the toilet fits in a corner without sacrificing seat space.

American Standard Cadet 3 with Rounded Seat


In addition to its unique look, the Cadet 3 performs well. It has a large tramway that prevents the toilet from clogging. It’s also efficient, needing only 1.6 gallons of water to flush. Because the toilet stands a comfortable 16.5 inches in height, adults do not have to bend lower than they’d like as they sit down.

This American Standard toilet is made of easy-to-clean, durable vitreous china. The flapper is also resistant to chemicals as well as microbial. It’s relatively easy to install and comes with all the parts you need to do so.


One of the disadvantages of this model is that the flush mechanism may not suit seniors or those who have difficulty with their hands. The handle is a bit stiff and may be troublesome for the elderly or even young children to handle. Another downside is the fact that this is not a dual flush model.


Overall, the Cadet 3’s triangular shape makes it ideal for small spaces. Placing the toilet in the corner creates more space in the smallest of bathrooms. Yet, the height is comfortable for adults who don’t wish to bend too low, and the quality is what we’ve come to expect from the American Standard brand.

2. Corner Elongated Toilet by Renovators Supply

This Round Corner Toilet by Renovators Supply is not only a space-saving toilet; itis a water-saving toilet as well. It features a G-force flush system that’s designed to clean everything down in a single flush. Made of vitreous china with a ceramic finish, this toilet is durable and lasts for the long-haul.

This corner toilet has a universal height of 15 inches, making it comfortable for everyone from young to old. The unit comes with a safe-close.  Plastic seat for added sitting comfort. Made of top-grade vitreous china, this toilet is easy to clean due to the Reno gloss finish. which resists stains and scratches.

Corner Elongated Toilet


One of the more appealing features of this toilet is that it is space-saving yet has a contemporary design that adds style to any bathroom.

Second, the flushing system is gravity-fed, with a dual-flush mechanism. This pushbutton system is easier to use than standard flush-valve units. The flushing system takes care of waste in one flush and with efficient water consumption.


The single downside we can find with this Renovators Supply comer toilet is that the gasket is on the thick side. During installation, it takes some effort to get it to fit between the bowl and tanks.


The corner toilet by Renovators Supply is sturdy, great-looking, and efficient. The dual flush feature gives it a bit of an edge over others without it. Of course, the corner design makes it a space saver for use in small bathrooms.

3. American Standard Cadet 3 Elongated Triangle Toilet

This is another American Standard Cadet 3, though this model has an elongated seat rather than the rounded one in the model we reviewed earlier. Logically, it comes in with the same high quality as its counterpart American Standard toilet. This toilet also comes in two pieces, is made of vitreous china, and has a triangular-shaped tank. The height is a standard 15 inches.

American Standard Cadet 3 Elongated Triangle Toilet


In addition to the space-saving triangular shape, the toilet has an elongated seat and standard height for comfortable sitting. It’s also a water saver, with a strong, 1.6-gallons per flush.

American Standard has surfaced the china is with EverClean, which makes it easy to clean and durable. The EverClean surface works to reduce bacteria from living on the surface of the toilet where it can spread to those who use it. Thus, it reduces the chance of infections in the household. The same principle makes it easier to keep the toilet clean.

Another great thing about this Cadet 3 is that it comes with the flushing mechanism already installed. That cuts a great deal of time from the installation process.


One disappointment with this American Standard is that the seat does not come with the toilet upon delivery. Nor does the toilet come with a supply line included with installation materials.


Another high-quality corner toilet by American Standard, this one is your choice if you wish for an elongated seat and a standard height. The triangular shape guarantees a streamlined fit into any bathroom space. You are placing the toilet in the corner, as always, gives you more space.

Corner Toilet Buying Guide

If you are looking to purchase a corner toilet for space-saving purposes, there are a few things to consider when making your selection. Your goal is to find the best fit for your bathroom as well as for yourself.

Best Corner Toilet

Consider the Dimensions

Toilets are designed with differing dimensions. Some corner toilets are larger than others. Measure the dimensions of your bathroom, including the corner space. The manufacturer provides the dimensions in with the product specifications. This information is available online as well as on the box.

Seat and Height

Most toilets come in two designs, a rounded seat, and an elongated seat. Decide before you begin your search, determine which seat type you prefer. That will save you time later. Also, take note of the seat height. The standard height for a commode is 15 inches. Though, you will find some models that are an inch or two higher.

If you are tall or have mobility concerns, you may want a taller seat height. Finally, check to see if the seat comes with the toilet. If you must purchase the toilet seat separately, that adds to your total cost.

Look for Water-Saving Features

Most new toilets are efficient when it comes to water usage. Some brands are more efficient than others. For homeowners, water usage impacts utility bills, so you want to save water where you can for financial reasons as well as environmental responsibility.

The manufacturer should list the Gallons Per Flush (GPF) in the product description. Also, a WaterSense certification from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is the desired quality. That lets you know that the toilet rates high in water efficiency.

Take Note of the Flushing System

The flushing toilet system goes hand in hand with water efficiency. A single flush system means that it moves water with enough pressure that one flush cleans the bowl. Having to flush multiple times means using more water per single-use.

Also, keep in mind that the flushing force is not related to the size of the tank. Even these smaller, triangular tanks are efficient, but they do vary across brands and models.

Check the Certifications

Toilet carries various certifications based on its features. For example, a WaterSense certification is for toilets that use 1.28 GPF of water. ADA-compliant toilets are ones that are 17″ to 19″ in height to accommodate individuals with disabilities. Just about all triangular toilets are water-efficient and meet EPA conservation guidelines. Though, some may have the certifications mentioned above as well.

Research the Brand

Fewer brands manufacture corner toilets, which makes your selection process easier. You do want to note the brand’s reputation. For example, the American Standard is well known for quality and durability, as is Renovators Supply. There are some others out there to consider, as well.

Final Verdict

Of the many ways to organize and renovate your bathroom. Switching to a corner toilet gives you a great deal more space. You have more room to move as well as more storage space. If you’re able to switch from a conventional toilet to a corner toilet, you’re on your way to having a fresh new look to your bathroom.

Corner toilets come with the same features as standard toilets, including dual-flushing and water-saving tanks. While it is a bit more challenging to install a corner toilet, you can do it yourself or by hiring a plumber.

When it comes to selecting the corner toilet that’s right for you, take some time to explore the other features. Compare your favorite models with your budget and go from there.

Of the three models we reviewed, we have to say that the American Standard toilet with the round seat is our favorite. You can’t go wrong with American Standard quality. The triangular tank is an efficient space-saver, and the seat is a comfortable height for just about anyone.

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