The Best Freestanding Tub Filler in 2021

How far are you in your search for the best freestanding tub filler? Now that you are here search no more.

Freestanding tub fillers, as the name implies, are mostly used with freestanding tubs. They, however, accommodate other types of bathtubs too. Unlike traditional faucets that attach to bathtubs, freestanding tub fillers mount on the floor and stand on independently.

Well, there are some exciting designs out there, all boasting the title of the best freestanding bathtub filler. However, it is only a few that have what it takes to earn the title. I am here to bring to light the best freestanding floor mount tub fillers that deserve your attention.

Best Freestanding Tub Filler

1. Wowkk Waterfall Freestanding Bathtub Faucet

To many people, the name Wowkk might not ring a bell. But here is the thing. The Wowkk company has gained traction over the years to become one of the leading brands in freestanding tub fillers.

Well, the Wowkk waterfall faucet is one of its best inventions. It is floor-mounted and includes a bolted bracket for a stable base design.

Durability is also high on the list. It combines heavy brass core, brushed nickel, stainless steel, and ceramic materials. For that, it offers a modern, elegant touch and years of use. Aside from the brushed nickel finish, you also get it in black, brushed gold, chrome, and oil-rubbed bronze.

As mentioned, this freestanding bathtub has a waterfall faucet. It outputs 6 gallons per minute. Hence, it can fill a standard 55-gallon tub in only 10 minutes.

But the sweet spot of the waterfall design is not in the flow rate. Apparently, it mimics the natural flow of a waterfall. It provides one of a kind look that brings a modern touch to your bathroom interior.

The spout swivels 360 degrees, allowing you to point it in any direction. It sits 34 inches high and has a spout reach of 9.25 inches.

I must say, the ceramic cartridge is a nice touch. It allows for adjustable flow and is exceptionally resistant to cracking and wear. Even more, it uses low-friction valves. Hence, it only needs a quarter turn to operate.

Aside from the waterfall faucet, this freestanding tub filler comes with a hand shower. Fitted with a 59-inch hose, it serves multiple purposes. You can use it for bathing your child, cleaning the tub, or enjoy a full-body shower. As for the flow rate, it delivers 2.5 gallons per minute.

Notably, this freestanding tub filler uses a single-lever design for easy operation. It has two ½-inch waterlines for cold and hot water. Moreover, it comes complete with water hoses, which can be customized as needed.


Wowkk is a sturdy, beautiful tub filler designed to last a lifetime. Also, it adopts a single-handle design for easy operation. Should you want the best waterfall design in a tub filler, this freestanding tub filler has you covered.

2. WOODBRIDGE F-0001 B Brushed Nickel Bathtub Faucet

WOODBRIDGE is a household name for kitchen and bathroom products. And in some instances, it gives giant brands, such as Kohler and American Standard, a run for their money. Well, this Woodbridge F-001 bathtub faucet is a good example.

I want to commend it for the premium construction. The main body is of solid brass and is finished in brushed nickel for ultimate durability. Indeed, it puts up a good fight against tarnish and corrosion.

WOODBRIDGE F-0001 B has a solid base that bolts onto the floor. And with a tripod design, the floor-mounted design offers much-needed stability.

The faucet does not have an elegant waterfall design. It, however, boasts high-quality NEOPREL aerators. They control the stream of water to reduce the noise, splashing, and side spray. Aside from providing a streamlined flow, the aerators save water and filter out sediments.

Well, the faucet delivers 6 gallons per minute and swivels 360 degrees. It has a spout height of 40 inches and a reach of 7 inches.

As mentioned, quality is pretty high on the list. This tub filler uses a high-quality ceramic cartridge. It is leak-proof and has a built-in sediment filter. Even more outstanding, the ceramic cartridge lasts for over 500,000 uses. Hence, this is a tub filler that is pretty much going to outlast you.

You also get a detachable, multipurpose hand shower that boasts clog-free nozzles. It comes complete with a 59-inch high-strength stainless steel hose.

This tub filler comes with standard ½-inch hot and cold water connectors, each with 35-inch hoses. And to guarantee you get the most out of your investment, WOODBRIDGE offers 1-year warranty coverage for this tub filler.

I want to commend the packaging of this freestanding tub filler. It comes in a very firm carton box. Hence, you can count on it to remain safe during delivery.


WOODBRIDGE F-0001 B is a high-quality tub filler that exudes all forms of elegance. It packs excellent features, such as the NEOPERL aerator and clog-free nozzles. For a certified tub filler that provides clean filtered water, WOODBRIDGE F-0001 B will suffice.

3. Delta Faucet Trinsic Floor-Mount Freestanding Tub Filler

Delta Faucet is no new name in the bathtub faucet industry. It boasts years of experience and unmatched quality that is one step ahead of most competitors. Such is the quality you get in this freestanding tub filler.

Well, this tub filler provides a functional and contemporary solution. The soothing laminar flow, the clean tubular shape, and the striking chrome finish reflect the urban design trend. Also, you can choose from other finishes, including bronze, matte black, and stainless.

Despite the bold, modern contrast, this tub filler works equally well with vintage and traditional styles. As such, it adds more versatility to your bathroom interior.

Few can match the durability of this freestanding tub. And the lifetime warranty coverage tells it all.

Locating the rough-in valve is made easier, thanks to the single-hole installation design. It offers much-needed flexibility. You will, however, have to purchase the rough-in valve separately.

The faucet adopts a high-arch design to accommodate most bathtubs. It has a spout reach of 41 inches and a reach of 8 inches.

As mentioned, the faucet provides a laminar flow. It cascades the water for an elegant look and provides an impressive flow rate of 6-9 gallons per minute. Also, it swivels 360 degrees for much-needed flexibility.

Notably, Delta is the only brand to combine pressure-balanced and thermostatic cartridges, all in one valve. As such, it provides a more soothing, leak-proof water stream.

The high-tech features are not only in the faucet. You also get a hand shower with touch-clean technology. By using soft rubber spray holes, you can wipe away calcium and lime deposits easily. Hence, it allows not only easy cleaning but also provides clog-free performance.

The hand shower delivers a steady, full-body spray at 2 gallons per minute. It provides full coverage, creating an immersive spa-like showering experience. Indeed, it does justice to tired muscles.

Notably, the hand shower has a double-check valve. For that, it provides excellent backflow protection.

I like the length of the hose. It stretches 60-82 inches, which is more than what you get in most tub filler hand showers. Hence, it gives you maximum flexibility and control.


Paired with other Delta fixtures and hardware, Delta Trinsic creates that kind of look you only thought possible in magazines. It is pretty much the epitome of elegance and is built to last a lifetime. Also, it has the best cartridge design for any tub filler on the market. Should you want to dig deeper in your pockets for a high-end tub filler, Delta Trinsic ought to top your list.

4.  ARTIQUA Freestanding Bathtub Faucet Tub Filler

However hard I try, I cannot get much information on the ARTIQUA brand. But one thing is pretty clear. It is among the leading brands for affordable yet high-quality freestanding tub fillers.

As far as ARTIQUA freestanding bathtub fillers go, there is a ton of names on the list. But is this particular model that makes the most waves on the market.

I like it most for the waterfall spout design. It is indeed elegant, captivating and adds a modern touch to any bathroom interior.

The spout sits 32.68 inches high and reaches out 9 inches. Though the spout height is relatively short, it is sufficient for most bathtubs. Also, the reduced height minimizes the noise and splashing.

The output is 6 gallons per minute for the tub spout. Also, it rotates 360 degrees for maximum control and flexibility.

Well, the hand shower adds more use to this freestanding tub filler. It carries a 59-inch stainless steel hose that stretches even more for maximum reach. Also, you get a flow rate of 2.5 gallons for the hand shower.

The ARTIQUA tub filler uses a high-quality Sedal ceramic cartridge. It provides long-lasting service, often clock 10-plus years. Hence, it will be long before it needs replacement.

Except for the spout height, pretty much every bit of this tub filler resembles the Wowkk waterfall tub filler. You, however, enjoy a slightly low price tag.

Well, this tub filler uses a solid brass main body that is finished in brushed nickel. It is sturdy and resistant to rust and corrosion. But there are other finishes available, including chrome, oil-rubbed bronze, and black.

You get ½-inch connections for cold and hot water. Also, you can customize the length of the water hoses as needed.

Well, the ARTIQUA waterfall tub filler features a floor-mount design. It is exceptionally stable, and it is a good thing that it comes with all mounting hardware.


The ARTQUA tub filler lends a sophisticated design. Still, it is a piece of cake to install. For me, it is one of the best waterfall freestanding tub fillers on the market.

5. Kohler Refinia Floor-Mount Bath Filler

Kohler freestanding tub fillers need no introduction. Indeed, they are one of the best out there, both in quality and performance. Well, of all the models that Kohler has to offer, none beats the Kohler Refinia floor-mount tub filler.

This tub filler is renowned for its soft lines inspired by nature. It pretty much resembles the uncurling of a sprouting plant. It is understated but showcases unmatched elegance that takes the contemporary look a level higher.

Aside from the clean lines and nature-inspired design, this tub filler has a polished chrome finish that is just as captivating. It pretty much re-defines elegance, making it a centerpiece in your bathroom. However, you also have the option of a brushed nickel finish.

Kohler Refinia is not only built for refined elegance. You will also appreciate its smart functionality.

It has a high-arc spout that sits 32 inches and reaches out 8 inches. It provides high enough clearance to accommodate most bathtubs. Still, it sits low enough to keep the splashing and noise to a minimum.

You will love this tub filler for its flow rate. The faucet, for instance, has a remarkable flow rate, even at low pressure. It outputs 7 gallons per minute at 45 psi.

Well, other models can manage the same rate, but at a higher 60 psi. That makes Kohler Refinia tub filler the best for low-pressure water connections.

This sleek, modern tub filler also features the renowned, awaken hand shower. Well, this hand shower is of invaluable benefits.

The hand shower delivers 1.75 gallons per minute and rewards you with an advanced spray performance. Well, it provides not only full coverage but also three distinct spray patterns. You can choose from an intense, targeted, to drenching spray pattern. Well, you rarely find such a feature in most tub fillers.

Again, the hand shower is ergonomically designed for superior handling, comfort, and ease-of-use. Also, it has a master-clean spray face that makes it easy to clean mineral buildups. The hand shower comes complete with a 60-inch hose.

Kohler Refinia uses a single-lever handle for temperature setting as well as on/off activation. As such, it offers simple, straightforward use.

I will not have done justice if I do not mention the generous warranty coverage. You get a lifetime warranty that speaks volumes on the durability of this tub filler.


From the design, finish, and functionality, everything about this tub filler is first-class. Should you be willing to pay more for high-end performance and versatile spray patterns, Kohler Refinia tub filler will do? Also, it is an excellent choice for low-pressure connections.

6. JiaYouJia High-Arc Spout Freestanding Tub Filler

It is quite a mouthful for a tub filler brand. But for a budget unit, Jia youJia High-Arc Spout freestanding tub filler has so much to offer. Indeed, it is one of the best freestanding tub fillers should you not want to spend a fortune.

This tub filler boasts a solid brass construction, a brushed nickel finish, and stainless steel for the 60-inch hand shower hose. Hence, it is a beautiful and durable bathroom fixture that will last a long while. Notably, this tub filler also comes in chrome and matte black finish.

I like the high-arc swivel spout. It lends a sleek, modern accent to your bathroom interior. Even more, it provides a generous spout height of 43 inches, tall enough for any bathtub. The spout reach is equally generous, measuring 8 inches.

The 360-degree swivel spout outputs 6 gallons per minute. But it is not the flow rate that I like most. It has built-in aerators that control the diameter and the straightness of the stream of water. As such, it guarantees quiet, splash-free performance.

As mentioned, this tub filler comes with a hand shower. It provides excellent coverage and a spa-like bathing experience.

Whereas most tub fillers have single-lever control, this tub filler has two handles. One controls the flow rate while the other controls the temperature. I must say, it is easy for people of different ages.

This tub filler packs all mounting hardware. Hence, you do not have to purchase anything extra. As such, it saves you time and money.

The manufacturer gives more options for the length of the water connections. Based on your needs, one can choose between long or short water connections.


Whereas it is not as popular as the other tub faucets, this tub filler provides high-quality performance without the hefty price. Though it might look too modern for some bathtubs, it makes an excellent centerpiece in your bathroom.

7. BAGNOLUX Freestanding Waterfall Tub Filler

BAGNOLUX does not have a comprehensive list of freestanding tub fillers. It boasts only one tub filler, only that you get it in two finishes: black and brushed nickel. Whereas it lacks in numbers, BAGNOLUX Freestanding provides affordable quality that rivals high-end tub fillers.

As mentioned, this tub filler is available in black and brushed nickel finishes. Both provide rust-resistant and tarnish-free performance for years. Also, each has a solid brass core for sturdy support and durability.

Like Wowkk and ARTIQUA, this tub filler has a flat spout that creates a mini waterfall. It is beautiful and combines with the single-handle design to provide timeless, spa-like luxury.

BAGNOLUX is not clear on the flow rate of the spout. But upon digging, I found out it outputs 6 gallons per minute, which is average for most tub fillers.

The spout height of this tub filler is 32.64 inches. It rotates 360 degrees and extends 8.94 inches into the tub.

Well, there is more to the spout filler. It comes with an aerator. As such, it provides a streamlined flow free of splashing noise.

BAGNOLUX tub filler comes with a hand shower for flexible bathing. It is outfitted with a 60-inch stainless steel hose for extended reach.

The bolt-in tripod provides a super-stable base. It is easy to mount, saves time, and boasts all mounting hardware.

This tub filler has ½-inch female thread connections for hot and cold water. Well, I like how BAGNOLUX stands behind its product. It offers unconditional returns in the event of any dissatisfaction. Even more, it has responsive customer support. Hence, you can buy with confidence knowing someone has your back.


I will forgive you if you do not know the BAGNOLUX tub filler brand. Still, it provides the performance of the big boys in the industry. Indeed, it is a strong contender for the best waterfall tub filler.

8. Senlesen Single-Handle Freestanding Waterfall Tub Filler

Senlesen Company has a reputable line of tub fillers. And all put affordable quality high on the list. Well, Sension Single-Handle freestanding particular tub filler sits pretty much at the lower end of the price bracket. Yet, it has the quality of tub fillers that cost twice as much.

It is outstanding how this tub filler tries to coordinate with different style decoration. Whereas it has a solid brass construction, it comes in different finishes. You can choose from black, oil-rubbed bronze, chrome, and brushed nickel.

The spout filler has a waterfall design. And like Wowkk tub filler, it has a cut-out design for better aeration. Hence, it combines both beauty and quiet, splash-free water flow.

With a spout height of 34 inches, this tub filler has ample clearance for clawfoot tubs. Also, the spout reach is a generous 6.4 inches.

The 360-degree filler spout outputs 6 gallons per minute. It fills up the tub quickly without the noise.

The hand shower comes in stainless steel. But as for the spray holes, they come in ABS. Notably, the spray holes make it easier to clean away mineral buildups.

Well, the hand shower is outfitted with a flexible 59-inch hose. As for the flow rate, it outputs 2.5 gallons per minute. Though not the most water-efficient, it provides excellent coverage.

This tub filler has a single-handle design for flow control and temperature setting. Also, it has 3/8-inch hot and cold water connections. Each comes with a 31-inch water hose.

Though a budget tub filler, it still uses a high-quality ceramic cartridge. It is durable, leak-proof, and does not require a full turn to operate.

Senlesen tub filler has a floor-mount design and sits stable on a tripod base. Also, the package includes all mounting hardware.


Despite the cheap price tag, Senlesen tub filler works wonders. Even more, it has an elegant, plus design. If you want an affordable yet fantastic tub filler for a bathroom makeover, Senlesen tub filler is one product that I recommend.

9. LLGG High Flow Rate Freestanding Tub Filler

When thinking of the best freestanding tub fillers, it is quite unlikely you will include LLGG on the list. Whereas it does not have the worldwide popularity of brands, such as Kohler, LLGG tub fillers are among the crop cream. Interestingly, they are only a fraction of the cost of high-end tub fillers.

Well, the secret to the popularity of this tub filler lies in the faucet design. It is re-designed to provide a bigger spout, hence a high flow rate.

You get 11.9 gallons per minute at 45 psi and 10.6 gallons per minute at 60 psi. Well, no other tub filler on the market comes this close.

Thanks to the high flow rate, you do not have to wait longer to fill up the tub with water. In fact, it takes less than 5 minutes to fill up a standard 55-gallon tub. Also, this is a tub filler that works remarkably well with low-pressure water connections.

The 360-degree spout stands 42 inches from the floor and reaches out to 9.37 inches. Hence, you get ample clearance for any bathtub size.

Again, the faucet is outfitted with a NEOPERL aerator. It controls the diameter and the straightness of the stream. As such, it reduces splashes and side spray, hence saving water and energy.

The hand shower is also re-designed to lean forward. Hence, leaking water is less likely to drip on the floor once you turn it off. Well, the hand shower still retains the average flow rate of 2.5 gallons per minute and uses a 59-inch hose.

LLGG tub filler uses a ceramic cartridge. It promises leak-proof performance and is durable enough to provide over ten years of service.

Well, this tub filler uses brass and 304 stainless steel for the base material. Also, it uses a high-quality electroplated finish available in brushed gold, brushed nickel, chrome, and oil-rubbed bronze.

This tub filler uses ½-inch hose connections. Also, it offers the option for hose length customization.

The package has all the mounting hardware. Also, LLGG stands behind this tub filler by providing 5-year warranty coverage.


LLGG tub filler ticks all the boxes. However, what I find most appealing is the high flow rate. Indeed, it has the best flow rate on the list. Should you have a low water pressure or a large-capacity tub to fill, LLGG tub filler will suffice.

10. Votamuta New Chrome Polished Freestanding Tub Filler

Tell you what, I did not know of this tub filler brand. Not until I searched for the best freestanding floor mount tub fillers.

Well, as far as affordable freestanding tub fillers go, few can beat this model. Indeed, Votamuta New Chrome is among the best budget tub fillers to consider.

This tub filler has a solid brass construction. It is, however, available in different finishes. Well, you can get it in chrome, matte black, oil-rubbed bronze, or brushed nickel. Hence, there is something for each bathroom style.

By using a ceramic disc cartridge, this tub filler promises drip-free performance. Also, it guarantees long-lasting operation.

Well, this is a 2-in-1 tub filler. It combines the functions of a spout filler and a multipurpose hand shower.

The faucet has a spout height of 39.3 inches and reaches out 7 inches. It provides a quiet, streamlined flow at 6 gallons per minute. Also, you can rotate it 360 degrees for maximum control.

The hand shower comes in stainless steel but with an upgraded ABS plastic sprayer head. It outputs 2.5 gallons per minute and includes a 59-inch flexible stainless steel hose.

Well, this tub filler comes complete with all water connection accessories. It has 3/8-inch water connections and 31.5-inch water hoses. Also, you get all the mounting hardware, including a stable base plate.

Indeed, this freestanding tub filler is a budget-friendly option for your clawfoot tub. Also, it lends a modern contemporary look that complements all homes and interiors.


This all-rounded tub faucet has a lovely outline and a strong, solid body. Also, it is the least expensive option on the list. And that makes it the best budget option.

Best Freestanding Tub Filler: Complete Guide


Freestanding tub fillers are not that cheap. Hence, aim for a material solid enough to provide years of service. Also, it should stay free of rust and corrosion.

Most high-quality tub fillers use solid brass or stainless steel as the base material. Also, aim for high-end finishes, such as brushed nickel, chrome, bronze, and black powder coating.

Stable Base

How heavy is the base? Well, it will give an idea of how solid it will be once installed. After all, you want a tub filler sturdy enough to stand up to daily abuse. Hence, choose a sizeable, heavy base that will keep the filler upright.

Aside from the weight, consider the shape of the base. Typically, tub fillers have round or square bases. A rounded base offers a space-saving design as it can sit near the tub. Well, you are likely to bump into a square base. For this reason, it sits further away from the tub. It is an excellent choice, provided you have more room.

Hand Shower

Well, taking a bath using only the spout filler can be a hassle, not unless you have a standalone shower. Hence, to enjoy the experience even better, I recommend choosing a tub filler that comes complete with a hand shower.

A hand shower offers much-needed flexibility. You can use it to wash and rinse off. Also, it comes in handy when cleaning the bathtub.

Flow Rate

How many gallons per minute does the tub filler output? Top models output between 6-10 gallons per minute. You will, however, find some with an even higher rating.

Well, the flow rate varies between the spout and the spray head. Spouts typically have a higher flow rate. But as for the spray head, it has a lower flow rate, more like that of a showerhead.

Spout Height

You need a spout height with enough clearance to fit over the edge of your tub. Still, it should be low enough to limit the noise and water splashes on the floor.

Spout Reach

How far does the spout extend from the filler? Arched or curved spouts typically have a shorter reach. Flatter spouts, on the other hand, have a longer reach. Well, the spout reach tells you how close or far you need to mount your tub filler.

Cartridge Type

Unlike old faucets that use washers, tub fillers come with cartridges. I recommend going for ceramic cartridges for their leak-proof performance and unmatched durability.


I recommend choosing a tub filler that hails from a reputable brand. You will benefit from high-quality components that adhere to plumbing codes. Also, you get a generous warranty that keeps your mind at peace.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Which flow rate is good for a tub filler?

Answer: It depends entirely on the size of your tub. Of course, a massive bathtub demands a high flow rate to minimize the time you have to wait for it to fill up. I recommend 4-7 gallons per minute for standard bathtubs and higher for large-capacity tubs.

Question: How high should the spout be from the rim of the bathtub?

Answer: Well, you need a maximum clearance of 6 inches from the spout to the rim. Anything higher might result in water splashes.

Question: Are spout aerators necessary?

Answer: Spout aerators are not a must-have. But should you want to keep the water from splashing out of the tub, a spout aerator will come to your rescue. Aside from controlling the stream of water, a spout aerator also keeps the noise to a minimum.

Question: After how long do I need to replace the spout aerator?

Answer: A spout aerator can clog or corrode over time. I recommend replacing it once every year. Should you choose, you can clean and replace it? However, installing a new one is more comfortable.


I hope this article covers all you need to know regarding the best freestanding tub fillers. I do not dispute that we have a few other excellent picks out there. However, our list of the best freestanding bathtub fillers pretty much outperforms the rest. They exude elegance as well as provide unmatched durability and top-notch performance. Indeed, they are the best definition of value for money. But I am just curious, which tub filler do you find the best on the list?

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