The Best Macerating (Upflush) Toilet: Reviews And Complete Guide

Upflush toilets can be one of the best and cheapest solutions for those who wish to add a new bathroom in their house, especially in their basement or any space which is situated beneath the gravity drain lines of the existing sewage pipe installation. This is achieved by the use of a macerator and a pump that forces the water uphill into the pre-existing pipes, thus solving all of your issues and installing the bathroom without having to reinstall new pipes and drill through the concrete.

Additionally, these can be connected with a bathroom sink, enabling you to create a complete bathroom system that can suit all of your needs. Arguably, the top brand when it comes to upflush toilet systems is Saniflo, with their trusted SaniPLUS toilet, but this doesn’t mean that it is the best macerating toilet for your specific needs. These macerating toilet reviews will help you choose the best products currently available in the market.

Best Macerating Toilet Reviews

1. Saniflo SaniPLUS: Macerating Upflush Toilet

As stated in the introduction, the SaniPLUS model of Saniflo can be considered as one of the best, if not the best, currently available upflush toilet systems in the market.

Saniflo SaniPLUS: Macerating Upflush Toilet

It is a toilet system guaranteed by the industry leader of this market, ensuring to the customer that all the toilet parts have a high-quality production and long lifetime. This kit includes the macerating bathroom pump and the white toilet bowl, which are the essential parts of the system, while extension pipes can be bought separately to install the pump hidden behind a wall.

Additionally, the standard bowl can be replaced with an elongated one which must be bought separately according to your needs in terms of space. It also accepts the addition of sink and shower drains, making it a pump that enables the installation of a complete bathroom set in almost every space of your building.

A great feature of this particular upflush toilet system is the silent function of the macerator and pump, which averages around 34.9 dB, which is much quieter even than a normal pc operation.

At the same time, it is powerful enough to pump water and waste for 15 ft vertically and 150 horizontally, ensuring that it can be installed even in low basements that are situated away from the main pipes of your building. At the same time, Saniflo managed to shrink the motor by about 20%, measuring now 10-5/8 H x 20 W x 7 D and ensuring that it can be installed easily even in cramped conditions or behind walls with limited available space.

This particular model has a very economical water consumption of about 1.6 gallons per flush, thus being a very eco-friendly option compared to many conventional toilets that can waste much more water comparatively in every flush. At the same time, this ensures ease of operation even in a building that suffers from weaker water supply and similar frequent problems in numerous U.S. communities.


If SaniPLUS is the original and all-rounder of the company, Saniaccess 2 is a smaller upflush toilet system that can be much more convenient for smaller rooms that have lower needs for water flushing. It is once again a product with the guaranteed high quality of Saniflo and the kit includes a round toilet bowl and a comparatively small macerating and pumping unit. Similarly to the previous system, external extension pipes can be bought separately for the installation behind the wall, while the toilet bowl can be changed with an elongated one.


As this model was designed to operate in smaller bathrooms, it accepts only water from a sink and not a shower or bathtub, as it has a smaller tank volume in order to minimize its dimensions. Despite this, it is sufficient for a half-bathroom installation, which is a need in many situations.

A great feature of this particular pump is that despite the smaller size, it has the ability to flush the water for 15 ft vertically and 150 ft horizontally, just like the bigger models of the company. Its operation, though, is not as silent, without though being noisy, most probably due to having a smaller layer of sound insulation to keep dimensions as small as possible.

The Saniaccess 2 pump & macerator measures 10 1/2 H x 16 1/2 W x 6 ¾ D, being more compact than most similar units and ensuring installation even in the smallest available spaces.

It is also considered as even easier to install due to its small size and reduced weight, thus being an extremely easy job for all professional plumper’s.

The water consumption of this upflush pump is even lower than many others, as it is rated a little over 1 gallon per flush, to make up for the reduced tank size. This extremely low water consumption toilet and very small size make it an excellent choice for those who want to be as eco-friendly as possible, need a tiny bathroom, and maybe live in an area with constant problems in the water supply.

3. Saniflo Toilet – Two-Piece SaniPlus

This particular system of Saniflo is essentially an upgraded version of the first, as it uses the same pump and macerator model in order to operate. The difference lies in the addition of the sleek and elegant elongated toilet bowl, which replaces the standard round one.

The system includes a vitreous china toilet tank and bowl, with a much more deluxe feeling to their look, and it can also be considered as more practical compared to the standard version. In essence, due to its elongated design, it can be better suited for tighter rooms that might be retrofitted as bathrooms, or if you wish an overall more aesthetically pleasing outcome.

Saniflo Toilet - Two-Piece SaniPlus

Similar to the basic edition, it can handle all the needs of a normal bathroom, including the sink and shower connected to the pump.

The upflush motor, which handles the pumping and maceration of the wastes, has the guaranteed excellent quality of Saniflo, being able to operate smoothly and flush water for 15ft vertically and 150 ft horizontally. It is guaranteed to operate with minimal noise, and since you can install it behind the wall, the whole system can pass by completely unnoticed.

The known 10-5/8 H x 20 W x 7 D dimension can ensure that you will be able to install with the help of a plumber in most bathrooms, except those that have extremely limited space and are best suited for the smallest available systems in the market.

Naturally, it comes with the eco-friendly consumption which characterizes Saniflo, operating with about 1.6 gallons of water in every flush and thus ensuring minimal water waste.


Saniflo Saniacces 3 is considered as one of the most if not the most advanced upflush and macerator system available in the market, being one of the best solutions to cover all the needs of a new bathroom. It might not be the industry standard of Saniplus and due to its greater strength, it can be considered as too much for the needs of just a small bathroom installation.


According to the manufacturer, this system has a slightly increased tank volume of 3.1 gallons, being able to handle not only sink and shower water but also bathtub and additional urinals, making it a perfect solution not only for a new large home bathroom but even for the needs of a business that expands the sanitary installations.

This macerator and pump model can sufficiently flush water for 15 ft vertically and 150 ft horizontally, following the standard of operation dictated by Saniflo, even when dealing with the possibility of increased wastewater compared to other models. The noise also follows the standards of the company, being comparatively silent and it has slightly smaller dimensions of 10 3/4 H x 18 3/4 W x 6 3/4 D. These guarantees ease of installation even in tight bathrooms or walls that have limited available space for such units.

Finally, Saniaccess 3 of Saniflo has the well-known eco-friendly water consumption which is crucial for the proper function of such systems and at the same time lowers the overall unneeded waste of water. Such designs are crucial for the areas that suffer from a lack of stable and reliable water supply, or a chronic problem of water pressure.

5. Macerating Upflush Toilet Kit with Standard Bowl

Silent Venus is a company that operates successfully in the upflush toilet systems and can be considered as one of the main competitors of Saniflo. Despite having a much more limited collection of available choices for your bathroom, it manages to deliver a reliable and strong all-rounder that can be installed in most cases and provides services comparable to those of the high-end models of other companies.

Macerating Upflush Toilet Kit with Standard Bowl

At the same time, this company has very competitive prices, managing to create an overall attractive offer for those who want to create a new bathroom in their basement or any place where a gravity toilet is not possible to install.

It is also noteworthy that this upflush system can manage the wastewater produced not only by the toilet but also by a sink, a shower, and a bathtub as well, making it a solid choice for a complete bathroom with all possible sanitary appliances.

The silent venus has an exceptionally potent pumping power, being able to flush water 19 ft vertically and 197 ft horizontally, thus having a potentially 20% greater reach than the Saniflo pumps, managing to successfully handle within this length both the wastewater generated by the toilet use and the other appliances.

At the same time, according to the manufacturer, it has a very quiet operating, being estimated at around 39 dB, but it has to be noted that some users have complained about a bit louder operation. It is also slightly larger than the previous models mentioned, as it measures 12 H X 20 W X 8 D, which is not a considerable increase in terms of volume, but it can make it harder to fit in some very small rooms or thinner walls.

The water consumption is low, as it is the norm of upflush toilets, but is not precisely specified by the manufacturer. Considering the tank volume, it is estimated to be lower than 2 gallons of water, thus having a decent eco-friendly toilet, and reduces the waste of water.

6. Bathroom Anywhere Macerating Elongated Toilet Bowl

A final, but excellent, choice in the market of upflush toilets is offered by Bathroom Anywhere, with a sleek, elongated toilet bowl and a macerator & pump system operated by a 0.8 hp motor. As a choice, it is considered a very good alternative that can handle the wastewater by multiple sources, like a sink, a shower, and a bathtub.

Thus, it is a unit that can be used in almost any new bathroom design, being easy to install and able to handle most situations. At the same time, it is arguably one of the toilet systems with the best design in the field, having a luxury feel which is enhanced by the addition of features like a chrome lever instead of a plastic one.

Bathroom Anywhere Macerating Elongated Toilet Bowl

Due to its strong motor, it has a very competitive reach of 28ft vertically and 150 ft horizontally, ensuring that it can be installed even in relatively deep basements or places far away from the main pipes.

The problem is that the manufacturer has not specified an exact number of dB ratings for the motor, but it is generally quiet and will not be an issue in most cases. The pump and macerator measures around 11 3/8 H 18 5/8 W, 7 1/4 D, meaning that it has a normal size compared to models from other companies and it is possible to be installed in almost any situation.

One of the most impressive highlights of this upflush toilet is that it has a very low water consumption, despite its very strong motor. Being rated around 1.28 gallons per flush, it is one of the best macerating toilets in the market and it ensures a great economy in water consumption and overall eco-friendly operation. For all the above reasons, this model is also considered an exceptional one and one of the best available choices in the market.

Best Macerating Toilet Buying Guide

There are a few main things to consider when searching for the ideal upflush toilet & macerator system. If you want to make sure that you make the best possible choice according to what you need, check them below:


You need to be concerned when considering the upflush system and you should make a rough measurement to the closest pipe that you can connect to the toilet. Should it be exceeding the industry standard of 15ft, you might need to search for models that have stronger motors, but this usually comes with an increase in wattage and noise.

Water Consumption

As there are different ratings according to every manufacturer, it is best to check them and decide based on a model that saves water compared to the normal flushing toilets. Generally, upflush toilets tend to consume 1-2 gallons of water with every flush.

Upflush Toilet Reviews

Measure and Prepare your Space

First of all, you need to find a room that already has a water and power supply, as both are needed for the function of the pump & macerator. Additionally, remember to carefully measure the available space and choose a toilet system that can be fitted easily within the available room.

FAQs About Upflush & Macerator Toilet

How do they work?

These toilets work by processing the wastewater through a macerator that shreds every solid to pieces, like toilet paper, and then pumps it to the existing pipes above.

Do they consume much energy?

Depending on the motor, they usually consume around 400 to 600 watts, but only when they operate. Thus, their energy consumption is generally low.

Do they need maintenance?

In most cases, they are sealed and can operate for years without any issue. Should a problem arise, the user manual will usually contain information and advice about any maintenance needed.

How long do they last?

This depends mostly on the use, but most of them come with a guarantee of 1-3 years and are expected to work without any issue for 10 years, or even more with light usage and maybe occasional maintenance.

Is the installation easy?

A plumber can install easily such a toilet within a day, as it is not a very difficult task. This also keeps installation costs at a minimum.

Is there a need for other works, like drilling, etc.?

Generally no, except if you want to hide the pump within the wall to keep it completely out of sight. This might require a bit of work there, but nothing compared to the needs of conventional bathroom installation.

Final Verdict

Choosing the best upflush toilet with a macerator system is not something easy, due to the numerous different factors that dictate such choices. In essence, we have showcased some of the best contemporary systems available in the market and we hope that this has been helpful in your search for a new and innovative toilet system. It is a choice that you will not regret, as it will let you have a bathroom literally everywhere that you might wish, while it will also save you from the hassle of installing a normal gravity flush bathroom system and all the secondary works related to it.

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