The 10 Best Non Slip Bath Mat – Check Our Top Picks!

The shower has a fair share of accidents. Thanks to the smooth, wet bathtub surface, the risk of slipping and falling is quite high. To stay on the safer side, you need the best non slip bath mat.

Well, an anti-slip bath mat provides sure footing, even on the most slippery of surfaces. Even better, you do not have to spend a fortune. Apparently, bath mats are laughably affordable. So, why wait for an accident to happen and incur expensive medical bills?

However, you do not get the same level of safety and comfort in all slip-resistant bath mats. There are those bath mats that pretty much outperform the rest. So, here is a list and comprehensive review of the best non slip bathtub mats to consider.

 Best Non Slip Bath Mat Reviews

1. Epica Anti-Bacterial Bath Mat

Epica bath mats undergo a rigorous manufacturing process. For that, it offers proven strength and safety with a stylish design to match.

This bath mat has the full benefits of natural rubber. It is super-strong, anti-bacterial, and latex-free. The anti-bacterial design, in particular, makes it an easy-to-clean bathroom accessory. It repels mold, mildew, and bacteria. Hence, it is well-equipped to fight odors and stains.

As mentioned, this signature bath mat promises ultimate safety, thanks to hundreds of high-strength suction cups. It provides an octopus-like grip, more than your average non-slip bath mat. Aside from the suction bottom, it has a textured upper side that gives your feet extra traction.

Well, that is not all. This bath mat also goes out of its way to repel slippery soap. So, you can as well say goodbye to bathroom injuries.

Epica anti-bacterial bath mat is not the largest on the market. Nonetheless, it is large enough to provide full coverage in your bathtub.

The anti-bacterial treatment is not all that offers an easy cleaning experience. Apparently, the Epica bath mat is machine-washable. So, it saves you the energy that cleaning demands.

This bath mat comes in a stylish neutral color. Hence, it will not clash with your bathroom décor, no matter your style.


Epica bath mat offers an innate grip that rivals other shower mats. So strong is the suction that it is likened to the grip of an octopus. It is easily the best non slip bath mat overall.

2. Gorilla Grip Original Patented Bath Mat

Gorilla is one company that boasts a premium bath collection. Take its original patented bath mat, for instance. It offers benchmark performance and ultimate user safety.

Unlike the Epica bath mat, the Gorilla grip does not come in natural rubber. Still, the soft, flexible plastic material offers one of the highest quality in a bath mat. In fact, the 10-year warranty coverage says it all. Not only is it ultra-durable, but also anti-bacterial and non-toxic.

As the name implies, the Gorilla bath mat excels in providing the ultimate grip. It has 324 suction cups that help it to stay put. So, it guarantees your safety, even on the most slippery bathroom surfaces.

A lot of thought goes into manufacturing this bath mat. Take the hundreds of drainage holes, for instance. They help circulate the water to keep your tub clean and prevent mold growth.

At 35 x 16 inches, the Gorilla bath mat is generously-sized. Indeed, it dwarfs most bath mats on the market. Hence, it fully covers your bathtub.

It does not take much effort to uphold the fresh appearance of this bath mat. It is machine-washable and safe to use with a gentle detergent. Thus, you can easily do away with oil and soap buildups.

Gorilla grip bath mat stands out in its wide range of colors. It is available in 21 colors to match any bathroom style.


The Gorilla grip bath mat is excellent for your health and the environment. It has the most suction in a bath mat and also boasts the most durable construction. Though only best for perfectly smooth surfaces, the premium quality outweighs its weaknesses. If you want the best anti-bacterial bath mat, look no further than Gorilla grip.

3. Simple Deluxe Anti-Bacterial Slip-Resistant Bath Mat

Do not let its name fool you. Simple Deluxe bath mat offers cutting-edge features to guarantee your safety in the bathroom.

This bath mat excels when it comes to size. At 16 x 39 inches, it provides 30% more coverage than your average bath mat. It is the type of bath mat you should consider for long bathtubs.

Simple Deluxe bath mat comes in crystal clear vinyl material. It is not as stain-resistant. Nonetheless, it offers high-quality performance. This bath mat is anti-bacterial, allergen-free, and non-toxic.

As mentioned, this bath mat offers much-needed safety. It has 324 heavy-duty suction cups that keep the mat firmly in place. So, it offers sure footing and does not move an inch, even on the slippery floor. Also, the ability to work on all non-textured surfaces makes it a versatile choice.

Well, Simple Deluxe understands how difficult it can be to clean a bath mat. Hence, it rewards you with a machine-washable design.

This bath mat is available in five colors. Thus, you can choose a shade that suits your bathroom style.


It is not as popular as other bath mats. Neither does it provide stain-resistant performance. This bath mat, however, offers decent quality and anti-bacterial treatment. If you are ready to deal with some bit of stain and want a sizeable bath mat, the Simple Deluxe shower mat is for you.

4. SlipX Solutions Extra-Long Bath Mat

Peace of mind is one thing you are assured of in this bath mat. Should you have any concerns, SlipX has your back.

Well, this bath mat does promise peace of mind and for valid reasons. Indeed, it offers high-quality construction that is safe, comfortable, and effective.

SlipX bath mat comes in vinyl. It has a textured upper side to provide better traction. Also, it has more than 200 suction cups at the bottom for non-skid performance.

This bath mat is not anti-bacterial. It does, however, provide a hassle-free cleaning experience. You can put it alongside your everyday laundry in the washing machine.

SlipX bath mat comes complete with drainage holes. It improves water circulation and promotes fast drying after use.

This bath mat not only combines user safety and comfort. It also provides 30% more coverage for your full-length bathtub.

As far as color goes, the SlipX bath mat gives plenty of options. You have a choice of 14 colors.


SlipX bath mat does not provide anti-bacterial properties. It, however, excels in providing more coverage. And if you want a bath mat that gives you confidence, SlipX has you covered, thanks to its peace of mind promise.

5. Tike Smart Extra-Long Bath Mat

Tike Smart is one bath mat that promises a lifetime of service. It provides not only serious durability but also ultimate safety and comfort.

This bath mat comes in heavy-duty vinyl to provide hard-wearing performance. Indeed, it is the kind of bath mat that will withstand frequent daily use.

Notably, the Tike Smart bath mat has large dome-shaped pimples on the upper side. It not only maintains foot grip but also provides cushioned comfort. It pretty much offers the sensation of a foot massage.

This bath mat has 200 powerful suction cups at the bottom for non-skid performance. Hence, you are well-protected from slip and fall accidents.

Tike Smart bath mat claims to be one of the cleanest. It has 174 drainage holes that keep the water flowing. Also, it is non-toxic and allergen-free.

At 16 x 39 inches, this bath mat offers superior coverage. It is 33% large than your average bath mat. As such, it covers the most extensive baths.

I like the packaging of this bath mat. It keeps the mat curl-free, allowing it to unravel into a flat shape. So, unlike other bath mats, you can use them right out of the box.

There are 23 color options for this bath mat. Such a full range of colors appeals to anyone.


Tike Smart bath mat comes longer than most tub versions. Also, it offers serious durability and comes in curl-free packaging. The large pimples, in particular, make it one of the best in terms of comfort.

6. AmazerBath Bathtub Mat

The AmazerBath bath mat promises a safer, more sanitary bathing experience. Even more, it is versatile enough for different living facilities.

This bath mat comes in heavy-duty PVC material. It does not have anti-bacterial treatment. It is, however, safe to put in the washing machine.

The AmazerBath bath mat has 176 holes. Hence, it offers excellent drainage and quick drying time. The bottom has 200 super-suction cups to maintain grip. And as for the upper side, it has soft slip-resistant pimples for user comfort.

Size is quite crucial in a bath mat, and the more the coverage, the better. For this reason, AmazerBath rewards you with an extra-large mat. At 39 x 16 inches, it covers the entire length of most bathtubs.

This bath mat is pretty much for smooth, non-textured surfaces. Also, I recommend washing it with a mild detergent regularly.

Well, this bath mat is not short of color options. It is available in 10 colors to match any bathroom style.


For a PVC bath mat, the AmazerBath shower mat puts up an impressive performance. It scores pretty well, both in size and quality. If you want a sizeable PVC bath mat that is easy to wash, I recommend AmazerBath.

7. OTHWAY Soft Rubber Bathroom Bath Mat

OTHWAY bath mat promises 100% satisfaction. Whereas it lacks features, such as drainage holes, this bath mat is thoughtfully designed to deliver its promise.

This bath mat comes in natural rubber. Unlike most plastic counterparts, it can stand up to heavy-duty use.

I like the cobblestone pattern on the upper side of the mat. It provides soft, tiny feet traction. Also, it goes further to provide a mini massage for tired feet.

This bath mat has large, strong suction cups. It clings very well to your bathroom floor, keeping it in one place at all times.

At 15.5 inches, this bath mat is not as wide as most models. It is, however, longer at 31.5 inches. So, it offers sufficient coverage on most bathtubs.

This bath mat is non-toxic to guarantee your safety and that of your family. Also, you get it in five different colors to match your taste.


This bathtub mat provides the invaluable benefits of natural rubber. It offers superior durability and suction power. The cobblestone upper surface, in particular, puts it one step ahead. For those with sore, tired feet, this bath mat offers a more rewarding experience.

8. Vive Shower Mat 22 x 22 Inches

Vive shower mat adopts a minimalist design. Still, it is a high-performance bath mat large enough to fit most showers.

This shower mat comes in latex-free natural rubber. It is safe for your health and rugged enough for frequent heavy-duty use.

The upper side is slightly textured to provide safe, comfortable footing. And with 116 high-strength suction cups at the bottom, it offers much-needed stability and traction.

Instead of numerous small drainage holes, this shower mat has one sizeable center drain. At 6 inches, the center drain is large enough to fit around any shower drain. So, it drains water directly into the drain, making it more convenient.


Vive bath mat is a bit on the lower end of the aesthetics scale. It lacks color choice and is only available in opaque. Despite the reserved design, it offers superior performance, particularly in drainage. Even more, it offers substantial coverage. If you want the best-understated shower mat that does not shout for attention, this is for you.

9. Sultan’s Linens Foldable Rubber Bath Mat

It is not nearly as large as other bath mats. Still, this shower mat costs slightly more, and for valid reasons.

Apparently, this bath mat boasts a more ingenious design. Instead of suction cups, it uses a honeycomb texture. Unlike suction cups that work only on smooth surfaces, the honeycomb design works on all textured surfaces.

The honeycomb texture works in tandem with deep lines to provide a foldable design. So, this is one bath mat that offers space-saving storage.

Well, this shower mat pretty much has all the bells and whistles of a high-end mat. For instance, it has drainage holes for quick drying time.

This bath mat comes in 100% rubber. Hence, it is non-toxic and latex-free. And like most rubber shower mats, it provides hard-wearing performance.

The mat comes in smart packaging with a hanging rope. Hence, you can keep it and use it for storage purposes.

There are five color choices for this mat. So, it is easy to get one that fits your style.


It is the only bath mat that does away with suction cups. Instead, it has a honeycomb design, making it the best for textured and re-glazed bathtubs. But that is not all. It also has a folding design, making it the best space-saving bath mat.

10. YINENN Bath Tub Shower Mat

Well, there is a ton of decent bath mats out there. Some excel in quality and user comfort. Others reign supreme in terms of size. For the YINENN shower mat, it combines all without the hefty price.

At 40 x 16 inches, it dwarfs all the other shower mats on the list. It offers excellent coverage in pretty much any bathtub. The vinyl construction does not have the durability of rubber counterparts. Yet, it is chemical-free and of decent quality. Again, it offers rugged durability for heavy-duty use.

This shower mat has a pebble-like design on the upper side. For that, it offers a massage-like experience. Also, it has 200 suctions cups at the bottom for superior grip. Well, this bath mat offers excellent drainage, thanks to the 176 drainage holes. The drainage holes also reduce the drying time dramatically.

Apparently, this bath mat incorporates anti-bacterial treatment. Hence, it stays odorless and mildew-free.

There are 14 colors available for this shower mat. So, you have limitless options to suit your style.


The YINENN bath mat does not have as many suction cups. Still, it provides a firm grip. I, however, like it most for its size. It is one of the best non slip bath mats for extensive bathtubs.

Best Non Slip Bath Mat: Complete Guide


Shower mats are mostly of rubber and plastic. Though not as popular, you can also get them in teak.

Rubber bath mats are durable, flexible, and easy to clean. Also, most have natural anti-bacterial properties. However, try your best to choose a latex-free rubber mat. It is a good consideration, particularly for those that suffer from allergies.

You might have to choose between synthetic and natural rubber. I recommend the latter for its natural anti-slip benefits. Also, it is entirely chemical-free, making it safe for you and the environment.

Plastic bath mats come in different varieties. PVC and vinyl shower mats are the most popular in this category. Well, most are anti-bacterial and pretty durable. However, they do not have the natural anti-slip benefits of rubber.

Though wood, teak bath mats offer water-resistant performance, more like bamboo. They are, however, more expensive. Teak bath mats are ideal for creating a luxurious look.


Not all showers are the same. Some are housed in stalls, whereas others are placed over bathtubs. So, you need to get the sizing right to ensure your chosen bath mat will fit.

Overall, aim for a shower mat that covers substantial floor space. It, however, should not spill over the sides. After all, an overhanging bath mat can be hazardous when tripped on.

Aside from size, choose a shape that works best for your bathroom space. Generally, bath mats come in rectangles or square shapes.

Drainage Holes

Drainage holes are quite crucial, not unless you have an anti-bacterial bath mat. They keep the water circulating, hence preventing mold growth. Generally, bath mats with more holes promote faster drainage.

Opaque or Translucent

Depending on how regularly you plan to clean your bath mat, you will have to choose between opaque and translucent bath mats.

Well, there is a high chance of mold appearing, particularly on those bath mats that lack anti-bacterial treatment. So, most shower mats are translucent, making it easier to spot the growth. Translucent mats are, however, more unsightly than opaque versions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: What differentiates a bath mat from a bath rug?

Answer: Well, bath mats are pretty much on the functional side. Bath rugs, on the other hand, are plush and absorbent. They are mostly for aesthetics purposes, adding a more luxurious look to your space.

Question: How regularly should I wash my bath mat?

Answer: Well, it entirely depends on the type of matter. Anti-bacterial bath mats that come in natural rubber, for instance, can go long without cleaning. But for other non-anti-bacterial mats, I recommend cleaning them after every 3-5 days.

Question: Why are anti-bacterial bath mats more preferred?

Answer: Well, bath mats with anti-bacterial treatment are generally more sanitary. They resist mold and mildew and limit the number of times you have to scrub your floor. Also, they do not expose your feet to gross bacteria, making them excellent for your health.

Question: How do you wash a non-slip bath mat?

Answer: Well, you can wipe them clean with a mild detergent. However, most are machine-washable to save you energy.

Question: Aside from traction, what other benefits can I reap from a non-slip bath mat?

Answer: Bath mats are more than just for traction. Depending on the model, it can ward off bacterial to keep your shower smelling fresh. Also, some have soft lumps on the upper side to provide a mini foot massage.


That is all for the best non slip bath mat. Should you not have one, you are missing a lot and risking your life as well. Indeed, it makes sense to spend a few bucks on an excellent slip-resistant shower mat than risk broken limbs. Whether you want the best non slip bath mat for elderly patients or any age, this list has it all. And there is even more color variety, at least in most models. So, whatever your need and bathroom style, this review has you covered.

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