The 10 Best One-Piece Toilet Reviews of 2021

The one-piece toilet is one of the most popular types of toilets out there thanks to its easy installation, long durability and also the way it is designed in order to allow for fast and effortless cleaning and maintenance. Furthermore, one-piece toilets are known for being small in size, so regardless of how big your bathroom is, it will fit comfortably.

In this article we are going to be taking a close look at ten of the best one-piece toilets out there, from the outset we will have to recommend the Woodbridge T-0001 and the Toto UltraMax II One-Piece Elongated who are some of the highest-rated and most purchased one-piece toilets on this list and highly recommended.

10 Best One-Piece Toilets Reviews

1. Woodbridge T-0001

Part of the well-known Woodbridge Bath brand that specializes in high-quality kitchen and bathroom products and appliances with the company being based out of Cerritos, California. Woodbridge T-0001 one-piece toilet comes with an easy-clean design that has dramatically reduced all the crevices and hard to reach areas.

Woodbridge T-0001

Furthermore, the Woodbridge T-0001 employs a siphon flushing design, which allows for an extremely quiet yet powerful flushing action that allows the toilet to stay super clean as well as not waking up people at night as it does not make a lot of noise.

What makes this product potentially one of the best one-piece toilets on this list as it comes with a 5-year warranty on the ceramic parts of the toilet with a 1-year warranty on the flushing mechanism on the toilet.


This model from the Woodbridge range currently weighs in at 119 Ibs or 53.9 kg, which is pretty average for a one-piece toilet which on average, weight between 120 to 90 pounds.


The measurements of this product are 28.5 x 14.5 x 27.5 inches which are again average for one-piece toilets and allows for this toilet to be easily placed in bathrooms of all sizes.


This is a ceramic toilet that has a lot of benefits such as it is being easy to clean and also the bathroom itself not being attractive to bacteria and mold.

Proper Uses:

According to the supplier, this one-piece toilet is made for bathrooms and restrooms.

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2. Toto UltraMax II One-Piece Elongated

Toto is another well-known brand, the company was first founded in 1917 and for over one hundred years, has specialized in creating the world’s best one-piece toilets among other bathroom appliances. The UltraMax II One-Piece Elongated is currently available in three colors: Bone, Colonial White and Cotton White.

Toto UltraMax II One-Piece Elongated

By buying this one-piece toilet you are promised high-efficiency performance with a 1.28 gallons per flush, allowing your toilet bowl to stay squeaky clean while also saving you a lot of money with the toilet not using up that much water. This is coupled with the easy clean build that is at the core of the overall design and the ‘tornado flush’ technology that ensures that every single part of the toilet bowl is reachable by the water and can thus be cleaned.

Currently, this one-piece elongated toilet comes with a 1-year warranty, which is a good perk and ensures that if the toilet comes with defects, you will be able to get a full refund.


This toilet weighs in at 99 lbs or 44 kg, which is at the lower end of the scale for the average weight of one-piece toilets.


The total dimensions of this toilet are 35 x 33 x 23 inches which are no surprise as the toilet is elongated after all.


Made from Vitreous China, which is a higher quality toughened version of basic ceramic.

3. American Standard Champion 4 One Piece Toilet

Champion-4 one-piece toilet is another product built by a well-known brand, American Standard is a plumbing and furniture manufacturing company based in New Jersey, the United States. Every single toilet from this company is flush tested to ensure that they all work to the promised efficiency and performance.

American Standard Champion-4

Moreover, this toilet incorporates ‘Ever Clean’ surface technology that makes it much hard for mold and bacteria to grow and multiply on any surface of your toilet. The toilet is also designed to be the optimal height for the average person allowing you to be much more comfortable when using this toilet.

The American Standard Champion-4 currently comes with a massive 10-year warranty; however, it is essential to note that this warranty is limited and you will only get compensation in certain situations that are pointed out in the terms and conditions dispatched with the product.


This toilet weighs in at 119 lbs or 53.9 kg, which is pretty average for a one piece toilet.


The current measurements of this toilet are 29.8 x 17.8 x 29.5 inches.

4. Toto Neorest 1.0 GPF

A state of the art luxury remote and button controlled one piece toilet that comes with a lot more extra features than you would expect the average toilet to have such as multiple water flush options, cleansing features with adjustable user settings and even an in-built dryer to name just some of the features.

Toto Neorest 1.0 GPF

The design of this toilet incorporates an elongated front bowl with a ‘SoftClose’ seat for maximum comfort for the user of the toilet, the seats can also be warmed up offering even more comfort. Furthermore, there are in-built sensors on the toilet that allows for automatic flushing as long as that feature is turned on.

Best of all this toilet comes with a 3-year warranty if used at residential properties and a 1-year warranty if used at commercial premises giving you the peace of mind that if there are any problems with this expensive toilet then you can easily get a refund or a replacement.


Weighs in at 124 lbs or 56.2 kgs, which is heavier than the average one piece toilet but it is not really surprising when you consider all the extra features included in this toilet.


The Toto Neorest 1.0 GPF dimensions are 32.5 x 15.5 x 21.5 inches.


Made out of Ceramic with SanaGloss which allows for a long-term sleek and clean look as well as mold and scratch protection.

Proper Uses:

It can be used at both residential and commercial properties.


A high end one piece toilet that comes with a sleek and modern look that can easily be incorporated in a variety of property design styles and choices. This toilet is built with high-quality materials that allow for it to be easily cleaned as well as preventing the toilet from being a safe haven for mold.


Additionally, the inside of the toilet bowl is glazed to allow for higher performance flushing that is also very quiet, allowing you not to wake up anyone when using the toilet at night.

This one piece toilet currently comes with a 5-year warranty on the porcelain parts as well as a 1-year warranty on the flushing parts on the toilet.


This toilet currently weighs in at 118 lbs or 53.5 kilograms allowing for the toilet to be easily transported and placed anywhere you want.


The Woodbridge T-0019 measures in at 28.5 x 14.5 x 27 inches which ensures that you can fit the toilet in nearly all sized toilets and bathrooms.


Made out of ceramic, making this toilet very easy to clean and allowing for it to be very durable.

Proper Uses:

It is recommended to read the installation instructions when putting together this product to avoid any potential problems.

6. Toto Ultramax Elongated One Piece Toilet

A competitive toilet with despite the Ultramax design being first released many years ago still possesses some very attractive features such as a sleek, neutral design that allows it to be a suitable choice in all types of properties. The toilet is also created to be eco-friendly by not using as much water for flushing allowing you to save money as well as help the environment.

Toto Ultramax Elongated One Piece Toilet

Despite its eco-friendly features, this one piece toilet is still very powerful, allowing for the toilet to be easily cleaned while also being quiet, the flushing is described as ‘commercial grade’.

The Toto Ultramax Elongated One Piece Toilet is also built to be comfortable for the average-sized person and the one piece toilet is currently available in four distinct colors.

Currently, this one-piece toilet comes with a 1-year warranty on everything, protecting you from any problems due to faulty manufacturing or delivery accidents.


This toilet weighs 89 Ibs or 40.4 kgs making it extremely light and easy to move around allowing it to be installed with ease.


The Toto Ultramax has a total dimension of 28 x 17 x 28 inches.


This one piece toilet is made out of Vitreous China which is ceramic with an enamel coating applied for extra shine and durability.

Proper Uses:

This toilet needs to be floor mounted with no suitable holes for it to be wall-mounted.

7. Kohler Santa Rosa Comfort Height Elongated

The Kohler Santa Rosa is built with comfort as the name of the toilet itself states, apart from having an extra comfy seat, this one piece toilet is built to be at the recommended height for the average adult providing increased coziness when sitting and getting up from the toilet.

Kohler Santa Rosa Comfort Height Elongated

The elongated design of the toilet seat allows for additional space for you to sit on. Apart from being designed for extra comfort, this toilet is created to use gravity to focus the water when flushing towards one area allowing for a more powerful and effectively clean without having to use a lot of water. A one year warranty is included when buying this one piece elongated toilet with every part of the toilet being included in the warranty.


The Kohler Santa Rosa Comfort Height Elongated weighs in at 102 lbs or 46.2 kg allowing for it to be installed fairly easily.


The dimensions of this product are 31 x 20.8 x 29 inches.


China/Porcelain is the material used to create this one piece toilet. It is a form of ceramic created by heating the material to high temperatures.

Proper Uses:

Currently, this elongated toilet can only be floor mounted with no in-built features allowing for safe wall-mounting.

8. Saniflo Sanicompact Self-Contained Toilet

The Sanilfo Sanicompact Self-Contained Toilet is a luxury toilet. This toilet is built with residential use in mind according to the sellers with the one piece toilet having the ability to be connected to a sink allowing you to conserve water when using, estimated to use just 1 gallon of water per flush.

Saniflo Sanicompact Self-Contained Toilet

When creating this toilet, the designers wanted to make it as stylish as possible by using a nuance design coupled with only the highest quality materials available. A two-year warranty is also included with this product on all features, including the flushing mechanism, which is a pretty good opportunity, considering that the majority of the toilet only offers a one year warranty on the flushing mechanism.


This toilet weighs just 62.2 lbs or 28.2 kgs, making it one of the lightest one piece toilets on this list.


The measurements for this toilet are 18.2 x 14.5 x 15.8 inches making it one of the smallest toilets in total dimensions on this best one piece toilets list.


The Sanilfo Sanicompact Self-Contained Toilet is made from high-quality porcelain that allows it to be very easily cleaned and durable while retaining that luxury look.

Proper Uses:

This toilet can be installed in all kinds of rooms from garages, lofts, and basements mentioned.

9. Swiss Madison Ivy

Despite being one of the cheapest toilets on this list, it does not compromise on quality features. This one piece toilet couples a sophisticated design that uses gravity, dual tornado flush technology with a 1.28 gallon per flush that is very eco-friendly.

Swiss Madison Ivy

The seat of this toilet is also created to be very soft, allowing it to be that bit extra cozy. Furthermore, the lid of the toilet comes with hinges that ensure that it can always be closed quietly.

A limited lifetime warranty is also offered that covers only a few aspects of the product; more information can be found by getting in contact with the seller.


This one piece toilet weighs in at 90 lbs or 40.8 kg, which is fairly light for a one piece toilet. Measurements:

The Swiss Madison Ivy measures in at 26 x 14 x 29 inches making this toilet very easy to place if you are space constrained.


Ceramic is the main material used in this toilet, very popular due to how durable and easy to clean it is.

Proper Uses:

This one piece toilet needs to be floor mounted with no features allowing for the toilet to be safely wall mounted.

10. American Standard Champion-4 Elongated One-Piece

This American made one piece toilet comes with an elegant design and finishes at a fair price. Moreover, this toilet comes with a 4-inch piston and American Standard claims to be the industry’s largest flush valve and trapway that allows for a much more powerful and quieter flushing action.

American Standard Champion-4 Elongated One-Piece

An ‘EverClean’ surface is also a feature of this elongated one-piece toilet which allows for more natural flushing inside the bowl of the toilet as well as stopping the growth of bacteria and molds on all surfaces of the toilet by not providing them with any food to grow and multiply.

A limited ten-year warranty is featured with this elongated one piece toilet that covers residential and commercial premises as well as surfaces inside and out.


The American Standard Champion-4 Elongated One-Piece weighs in at 117 lbs or 53 kgs, making it very easy to carry around and install.


The dimensions of this one piece toilet are 29.8 x 17.8 x 28.1 inches, so you should be able to fit this toilet even if your property does not have that much space.


Made out of porcelain, a luxury material that has excellent durability and cleanliness properties.

Proper Uses:

Like the vast majority of toilets on this list of the best one piece toilets, you are only able to floor mount this toilet.

Best One Piece Toilets

One-Piece Toilet FAQ

Do the Manufacturers sell all of the Toilet?

Yes, the majority of the one piece toilets on this list are sold by the manufacturers themselves and the ones that are not being sold by trustworthy suppliers. You should have no worries about the quality of the customer service and the products, regardless of all of the products for sale on this list have a lot of highly rated.

How Do These Toilets Get Attached to the Floor?

The majority of the toilets on this list are attached to the floor using a wax ring and bolts that ensure tight water and air sealed grip preventing dirt and grime from going inside and allowing for mold to grow.

Do I Need to Purchase Additional Products for the Installation?

Generally, no special tools or additional products are needed. However, some customers have reported that they needed to buy replacement wax rings due to the wax rings provided not always being of the highest quality.

Is It Possible to Order an Installation Service or Assistance?

No, it is not possible an installation service or assistance on any of the products included in this best one piece toilets list. However, the majority of the one piece toilets in this list do come with a detailed instruction manual and very similar design, so you should be able to find a lot of free content on Youtube and Google that shows you how to install it.

How Do I Buy Spare Parts?

Spare parts can potentially be bought if you send a message to the merchant on Amazon or by ordering from the website of the product’s manufacturer.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, one piece toilets are undoubtedly one of the most popular types of toilets in the world thanks to how easy they are to install and how durable they can be if well made.

When looking for the best one piece toilets for you, you need to make sure that you are looking out for the features that are the most important to you, for example, if you are a tall individual then go with a one piece toilet that is designed to be much taller as well as also having an elongated toilet seat.

A quality one piece toilet is an important investment, so you need to make sure that you make the right choice. Therefore we hope that our list of the ‘Top 10 One Piece Toilets’ helped you along the way.

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