Best Portable Camping Toilets – Unbiased Reviews & Comparison

In life, we never what adventures are waiting for us around the next bend. A lot of families spend their winters planning amazing adventures in the great outdoors, whether it is trips to the beach or extreme camping trips that take us way off the grid.

However, some families miss out on the adventures because they worry about privacy in the woods or on their boat. The privacy to answer “Nature’s call” is sometimes questionable. Before you let this concern hold back your family for another summer, we suggest you check out our best portable toilets review and buying guide.

10 Best Portable Camping Toilets

1. Camco Portable Travel Toilet

The Camco portable toilet measures 14 x 16 x 15.5 inches with a seat that is 13″ wide for your comfort and convenience while on the boat, campsite, or RV. Inside the bowl measures 8.5″ W x 9″ D. When empty, it weighs only 10.8 pounds and approximately 32 pounds when full.Camco Portable Toilet

The maximum weight capacity for it is 330 pounds to ensure that even the largest adult in your family can use it without the worry of damage or personal injury. It features a 5.3-gallon detachable holding tank and a 2.5-gallon flush tank to ensure you do not have to spend your weekend filling and emptying the tank. This flushing toilet system is also easy, with its bellows style pump.

After you flush, a sliding valve will seal the tank securely so that when not in use, you do not have to worry about leaks, odors, and other common concerns. Side latches secure the tank to the toilet. This toilet is also remarkably durable thanks to its polyethylene body.

There are even integrated handles on each side to help you carry it from one area to another as necessary. Included with the Camco toilet is also a packet of Camco’s TST biodegradable composting toilet chemical to further protect your RV from potential odors.

2. Palm Springs Outdoor Camping Toilet

The Palm Springs Outdoor is a self-contained best portable toilet for a campaign that is designed to meet all your recreational requirements, regardless of where your adventures take you. It features a 3-gallon freshwater tank and a 5-gallon waste holding tank. The tanks are made of high-density polyethylene to ensure that they are leak-proof.Palm Springs Outdoor Camping Toilet It comes with a full-sized seat and flushes away waste as well as your toilet back home does. Simply push the button and clean water rinses away waste efficiently. A sealed drain valve ensures that odors stay in the wastewater tank where they belong. It measures in at 16.5 inches high x 13.5 inches wide x 12 inches deep and weighs only 9.75 pounds when empty.

When the tanks are full, you can expect them to weigh in at around 30 pounds. On each side, you will find side locks to keep the two tanks secured and further protect you from a messy leak or spill. Everything is corrosion resistant for years of easy use.

As a bonus, to keep it usable for many years to come, it also has a matte finish to protect it from scratches and scuffs when you use it on camping trips, in your boat or while vacationing in your RV.

3. Thetford Portable Toilet by Porta Potti

When you want the fun of adventures, but you need a toilet you can depend on for your family, the Thetford portable toilet by Porta Potti is a fantastic option. It features a 4-gallon freshwater tank and a 5.5-gallon waste capacity to get you through days without worry while living off the grid.Thetford Portable Toilet by Porta Potti This toilet weighs only 10 pounds when empty and measures 18 x 18 x 16 inches. This gives it a comfortable toilet seat height for all family and friends. It also has a larger bowl size than other portable toilets. This “smarter” toilet also has an integrated toilet paper holder to keep it compact and user-friendly, but to take it further, it also features a battery-powered flush to ensure all waste is wiped away.

If you are worried about leaks from a portable toilet, this toilet prevents them from all. It is odorless and leak-proof thanks to a sealed valve leading to the waste tank. A tank level indicator tells you when it is time for dumping and Porta Potti has even made this more comfortable with a rotating pour-out spout that will ensure backsplashes on emptying will never be a matter for you or your travel companions.

4. Leopard Outdoor Products T-Type Portable Toilet

When portability matters, you may want to consider a portable toilet that comes with its own convenient storage bag for the off-seasons. The bag serves to not only protect your toilet when adventures are waiting to be had but as a way for you to cover your toilet when not in use on a camping or RV trip.Leopard Outdoor Products It is 100% waterproof and washable. That is the Leopard Outdoor Products, a 3-gallon holding tank, and a 5.3-gallon wastewater tank camping toilet. It has a new and improved T-type 3-way flushing system to provide a flush that covers the entire bowl, making it easy to clean.

This powerful flushing system is designed as a bellow pump and does not use much water. One tank full will provide approximately 50 flushes. The tanks are made with polyethylene to ensure they are durable enough for whatever your adventures may bring.

The waste tank has a sealed gate valve to ensure it does not let foul odors escape. The gate valve is removable to make cleanup easier. Dimensions outside are 13.6″W x 15″D x 16.6″H. Inside the bowl dimensions are 12.6 x 11.8″. It is also lightweight at only 11.5 pounds when empty.

5. Reliance Products Hassock Portable Toilet

Although not as flashy as some toilets, this porta-potty still gets the job done. It is a fully self-contained portable toilet by Reliance Products. This toilet enables you to camp or live off-the-grid without worry about the local facilities, which is ideal in many campgrounds with less than perfect bathrooms.Reliance Products Hassock Portable Toilet
It has a contoured seat for your comfort, but it also features an inner splash cover and a toilet paper holder that is contained within the unit. The inner bucket is removable for simple waste disposal. This portable toilet comes with one Eco-Fresh packet and a sample of Bio-Blue to ensure odors do not become offensive, even if inside of a tent.

You can also use a Reliance Double Doodie bag for even more natural waste cleanup. This toilet will not allow splashes or leaks, but if you are concerned about splashes when traveling, kitty liter is also an excellent option for keeping the bowl sanitary. One of the biggest benefits of this portable toilet is the size. It weighs in at only 5-pounds, which is very lightweight and easy to carry. The dimensions are 14.7″ x 14.7″ x 14″ to ensure you have a comfortable seat to “go” on.

6. Cleanwaste Go Portable Toilet

The Cleanwaste Go is a fantastic toilet for travel because you simply fold and “go”. It is a fully self-contained toilet that closes up into its own carrying case. The case has its own built-in carry handle and locks to keep everything inside. When you open the case, you will find your toilet seat and legs that fold into place.Cleanwaste Go Portable Toilet Your waste goes into a bag and you toss it in the appropriate place when you are done. It is best if you use a “Go Anywhere toilet kit”, but any bag can work as long as the net bowl is in place. Wipe down the seat, close it up, and you are ready to go on another adventure. This toilet can support up to 500 pounds though it weighs in at only seven pounds.

While folded, it is about the size of a standard briefcase. It is durable and strong, even on unstable ground, so that you can “go” when you need to, without dealing with tanks or chemicals. It is perfect for tents, campers, and even behind trees. Overall dimensions are 19 x 4 x 15 inches when opened, which puts it at a comfortable seat height for everyone.

7. Stansport Easy-Go Portable Camping Toilet

When camping out, we often miss the small comforts of home. This does not have to be something that keeps you from exploring the world around you. The Stansport Easy-Go camping toilet is made using only heavy-duty plastic construction for your heavy-duty needs while presenting you with the comforts of home.Stansport Easy-Go Portable Camping Toilet It features a full-sized seat and lid that is built durable enough to hold up to 350lbs while weighing only 9 lbs. Built-in handles make it comfortable to carry to your favorite camping spot, but the securely closing lid ensures nothing comes out if you have it on your boat or in the back of your truck. All you have to do is provide a sanitary, disposable bag, and cleanup is also easy to handle.

Just toss the bag and wipe the toilet down with soap and water after your adventures. Extra waste bags can be purchased separately. The overall size of this camping toilet is 14 x 14 x 14 inches, which means it will fit anywhere you want it to be the most. Even if you are not camping in the woods, this unit can fit in your vehicle while traveling with younger children, construction worksites, and so much more.

8. Cleanwaste Go Anywhere Complete System

When boating or camping, answering Nature’s call is not always a private affair. The Cleanwaste Go Anywhere Complete portable toilet system remedies that by providing privacy where it may be lacking the most. It is a tent that can be set up or torn down within a minute by most people.Cleanwaste Go Anywhere Complete System It is a very roomy 64″ tall, which is more than enough to hold your portable toilet and features a zippered privacy door. The open floor is 4-ft square and the entire tent folds down to 28in by 6in. As a bonus, it can also be used as a changing room, a shower stall, and more. The Complete Toilet System looks like a backpack when folded up, in both size and color.

However, inside of this carrying case, you will find the heavy-duty plastic Cleanwaste Go Anywhere portable, folding, toilet. The durable privacy tent, and 15 waste kits to provide you are also included to give you all the privacy of home no matter where you are going. It is also one of the most sanitary ways to go since even the bottom of the open tent will not trap germs. All total, this entire kit weighs about 20 pounds.

9. Domestic Porta Potty

The Domestic portable toilet is small enough for any space that you have available. Its dimensions are 13.5 x 15.5 x 12.5 inches, which makes it about the height of your home’s toilet. It also weighs in at 12-pounds, which makes it very portable and easy to use.Domestic Porta Potty This potty has a waste tank capacity of 2.6-gallons. You can easily see the tank level thanks to an easy-view prismatic indicator. Side latches lock firmly to keep the tank safe even when used in moving vehicles. This easy to clean toilet is made with high-density, extremely durable polyethylene construction with a matte, scratch-resistant surface.

This means that it can withstand even the harshest marine environments. This ensures that it can handle whatever adventures you may have in mind for yourself. Inside the toilet bowl, you will find a pressurized flushing system that washes away tough waste stains while using only about a pint of water per flush. All it takes to flush is the push of a button. As an added feature, if you want to install it permanently in your boat or RV, fittings are available but purchased separately.

10. SereneLife Portable Toilet

A SereneLife portable toilet is always there when you need it the most. It is best used when you are camping, boating, or RVing. This compact and very comfortable to use toilet features a bellows pump to flush waste away while using a three-way flush nozzle inside to wash away waste with ease.SereneLife Portable Toilet It washes the entire bowl with only a little bit of water so that you can feel good about using it. If you are concerned about tank size, it is equipped with a 3.2-gallon water tank that enables the toilet to flush approximately 50 times per filling. A 5.3-gallon waste tank then disposes of it easily using a large discharge opening.

A double-sealed drain valve protects against foul odors and potential leaks that can sometimes occur after use when discussing portable toilets. When you are on the go, you should lower the hard plastic toilet seat lid to further protect against accidents and to keep the toilet sanitary.

The SereneLife toilet is also made of high-density polyethylene to resist corrosion and ensure that it can handle a few dents and dings while on adventures with you. It weighs only 13-pounds and measures 16.5 x 14.6 x 16.9-inches.

How To Choose The Best Portable Toilet

When shopping for a portable toilet, you may have a lot of questions. For instance, which features do you really need while camping, boating, or living life in the great outdoors in other ways? Our buyers’ guide will provide all the answers to the questions you have yet to ask.

Portable Camping Toilet

One Bag Vs. Two Tanks

A very popular type of portable toilet is usually the one with two separate tanks. One for fresh water to flush away waste and another to hold wastewater. These two tanks are held together by a seal of some type that will prevent odors and spills from happening. Many of them also provide you with single button flushing systems or bellow systems. The concern for some is that emptying the waste tank is messy and not very pleasant. For that reason, most of these toilets have a larger sized hole to eliminate waste through. Weight is also a concern for some people because a full tank can mean that the toilet weighs approximately 30 pounds.

If you prefer to avoid waste disposal sites, you may opt for a single tank toilet. These self-contained units use chemicals, often biodegradable chemicals, to counteract odors, but they may also come with a little baggy that goes into and then toss into a trash bin. A downside to this is that you always have to buy more of the odor neutralizer and bags. If you have a toilet that can only use one type of bag, you will have to plan ahead for your trip to make sure you have enough of a supply.

Size Vs. Convenience

When you are camping in a small tent, do you really want your portable toilet to take up a lot of space? What if you are replacing a toilet in your RV? Most portable toilets are designed to be nearly the height of a standard toilet to ensure it is easy for you to get on and off of it. This is great and it is as it should be.

However, do you really want to lose a square space to the toilet if it takes up 15-inches of your tent space? A smaller, more compact, single tank toilet may be best for tight areas. They are also easier to carry in your vehicle or your boat.

Waste Disposal

We cannot stress this enough. You want to consider how you will dispose of your waste before you purchase any portable toilet. There are designated areas for you to empty your waste tank and even little bags of waste should be handled in the right way. You will need to check with your local area or wherever you are traveling to find out what regulations apply in that area.

Portable Toilet FAQ’s

It is here that we will answer some of the most common questions about choosing the right porta potty for your family’s needs.

Toilet FAQ

Where Will I Use a Porta Potty?

The answer to this question is frequently asked and the answer often amazes people. The short version is anywhere that nature may call you. Many people use portable toilets for their job site, camping trips, family vacations with small children, and even as a bedside potty for elderly or potty training kids. You can use them in areas where water or electricity is not available, or in your own backyard. The choice is yours.

Are Porta Potties Easy to Use?

Absolutely. The portable toilets that are available today are designed for easy use and comfort. They are the standard height for average toilets, flush away waste to remove odors, and remain sealed between the tanks to prevent spills. Some portable toilets can also be dumped into a regular toilet to clean them out as long as you have not put any additives into the waste tank.

How to Handle Cleaning the Portable Toilet?

A portable toilet at the county fair is not always clean. How do you know that your portable toilet will be clean and sanitary? The answer to this is easy. Most toilets available today provide a clean flush. However, if you start to notice odors or stains, you can always clean your toilet with a non-abrasive cleaning solution and a soft sponge. You should also rinse/wash the waste tank every time you empty it to ensure that it remains odor-free.

Are Bags Cleaner Options?

Some people are weirded out by the idea of holding a bag filled with their waste to the nearest waste disposal area. Other families feel that it is easier to deal with a bag than a tank. There is perhaps something to be said for disposing of waste with each and every use, but if you are traveling or enjoying your camping trip, do you want the burden of it? Most dual tank toilets are able to hold an entire weekend of waste from multiple people and they are designed in such a way that you never have to deal with rank odors or waste. This is where you have to choose what is right, or not so right, for your situation.


There are many great options available for families who want to get into the world and have the most basic comforts of home available. With a little searching, we feel confident that you will soon find the best portable toilets for your family’s needs based on where you plan to go on your future adventures into the great outdoors. These portable toilets are ideal for anything your family and friends want to do together, and no one will ever have to worry about visiting dirty rest areas or filthy public porta-potties.