The 10 Best Shower Clock – Check Our Top Picks!

As technology continues to grow, we as users continue to find new gadgets to make our daily lives more enjoyable. The best shower cloak that can be a great addition to bathrooms. These come in a variety of colors, shapes, and styles. Some are just analog hands, while others are interactive touch screens.

Waterproofing milestones now allow clocks to not only resist water but fog and humidity as well. Finding your perfect shower clock may seem complicated, but reviews can aide in learning how to compare and shop responsibly for your choice.

Below are the top 10 shower clocks on the market. After viewing these products, we will be able to make a great guess as to what the best shower clock is.

10 Best Shower Clock Reviews

1. Hito Waterproof Shower Clock

The Hito Shower Clock is small and compact. Ideal for showers, kitchens, bedrooms, pool, steam shower or sauna times etc. The Hito also offers multiple ways to install, including a hanging latch and a fold-out base to place on countertops.

It is powered by one CR2032 battery. The Hito bathroom clock is the real deal; it can be used for several months in the shower despite the humidity before going off.

When it goes off after months of using, you can still bring it life by just carefully cleaning and drying its power battery and within a short time. It will be back on after a short while just after it has completely dried.

You do not need to compromise for its safety in the kitchen where there is water, in a pool for timing, or when being used as shower alarm for kids. The best of it all, it displays the indoor temperature.

One final tip regarding the placement of the Hito suction cups with hooks can be purchased to make hanging the clock more eye appealing. Hito an excellent value for its cost.


  • Water-resistant (IPX7)
  • Shower alarm
  • Display date and temperature (Fahrenheit/Celsius)
  • 1,3,5 and 10 minutes short
  • Cut buttons


  • LCD goes blank after a few months
  • The unit cannot be immersed in water
  • Timer maxes at 99 minutes and 59 seconds.

2. KADAMS Digital Bathroom Shower Wall Clock

This KADAMS product comes with a variety of convenient features. Humidity and moisture-proof, calendar-style display, multiple mounting styles, and water spray protection make this shower clock a must-have.

This is made for almost everyone, as the displayed abbreviations range up to 7 languages. You don’t need to worry as it can display English, German, Italian, French, Netherland, Spanish and even Denmark languages.

It is designed to waterproof with a splash-proof rating of IP24; this is ideal use in not only the shower but also in the kitchen sink and laundry. The time figure display can be adjusted to your preference either in 12 or 24 hours and also helpful when there need to know the indoor temperature.

The temperature display can be adjusted to either Celsius or Fahrenheit. A well-improved design that is bigger to ease vision and a place with mounting options.

It is excellent for timing and such as, can save on water energy costs. The KADAMS Shower Clock measures 168 mm x 168 mm x 62 mm and is powered by 1 AA battery.


  • Water and splash resistant
  • Temperature thermometer (reads Fahrenheit/Celsius)
  • Weather monitoring clock
  • Switchable 12/24 hour with a seconds counter
  • Large LCD with bold letters that can be easily seen from a distance
  • Calendar style display customization to 7 languages
  • Includes 4 suction cups, mounting hole, and stand to make for easy placement


  • Suction cups sometimes not compatible with tiles.
  • LCD function can be affected by neglect to install a new battery
  • Not suitable for steam bath sauna areas

3. iDesign Forma Suction Clock

InterDesign offers a classic looking shower clock with this 1.3″ x 4″ x 5″ accessory. The white background makes for easy reading while running on 1 AAA battery.

Attached to the back are strong suction cups allowing easy installation on any non-porous surface. Purchasing the clock at this price is a good value for your money as it consists of suction cups that are made from plastic and can be used for a very long time.

The suction cups enable mounting of the clock in the small bathroom that is characterized by humidity. The round stainless steel device is covered by plastic on the front side; this enhances water resistance in the humid environment.

The clock made by InterDesign promise productions is finely brushed and smoothly finished for enhanced outlook. The background is white and the time display figures are large for easy visibility.


  • Sleek modern style
  • Easy to see the display


  • Suction cups fail over time, allowing the clock to fall.

4. White Bathroom Shower Rope Clock

Simple yet beautiful design, SANA offers this nice shower clock. Perfect for showers, the tile sized novelty is about the size of a standard tile. SANA also offers two placement options, installing a ring on the top for a nylon rope to hang it, or a base ring in the back to place on flat surfaces.

This is one of the best waterproof shower clocks that can be used in the shower. The clock is brightly colored in white and the time display figures calibrated in black to enhance the visibility even in humid conditions.

The clock consists of mounting options by hanging the clock from showerhead by using the PVC line, or you can also place it on a flat surface by using the base ring as the supporting stand.

The clock can be used in any environment where there is a need for a waterproof clock as it does not need a power connection. The device is powered by a battery that is acquired separately hence no need to worry as it can be replaced whenever there is a need.

The SANA bathroom shower clock would make for a great novelty present. It would also look lovely in a powder room, day garden, or bathroom mirror. I would not recommend it for the shower as advertised. Per site recommendations, the clock should only hang directly under the shower curtain rods.


  • Young town quartz movement
  • No power cords needed
  • No winding necessary
  • Popular design


  • Limited life span
  • Watch time becomes dysfunctional after replacing batteries

5. BALDR Digital Bathroom Shower Clock

This clock is perfect for use in the shower, bathroom, or even the kitchen sink. With a splash-proof rating of IP24, the BALDR bathroom clock consists of an extra seal that prevents water entry into the casing, which may cause damage.

It can be mounted onto slippery surfaces like a glass window, some tiles and even other non-porous surfaces smoothly finished by use of the four suction cups. With its designed shape, it can also be placed on a flat surface without mounting and can be read from a further distance since the time display numbers are bolded.

The design is simple and easy to place anywhere in the home. While the size may present to be a positive feature to the same, those wishing to hang it on a mirror should search further.

In relevance to prices, the overall number of features that the BALDR Digital Clock comes with is well worth it. Careful placement and attention to water exposure are all that’s needed to make this bathroom clock a favorite.

It also displays the indoor humidity levels and temperature display thermometer with a range of up to 50 degrees or 122 Fahrenheit.


  • Water and spray resistant (protected by spray as well as wet fingers)
  • The large display makes for easy sight from a difference
  • Hygrometer (protects against moisture and humidity)
  • Doesn’t require the use of plugs or wires
  • Fog resistant


  • The clock is heavy and not recommended for mirrors
  • The display has glass face creating an injury hazard if it breaks
  • Water-resistant not proof (water can still damage if it gets inside the clock)

6. KADAMS Digital Bathroom Shower Kitchen Wall Clock

This KADAM’s bathroom clock differs from the previous in a few improved ways. A little on the pricier effect of the list, it is packed with all the features that the previous clocks offer.

In addition, it runs off 2 AAA batteries, so there is no aggravation of cords. Unique features include an alarm that can be heard from another room, unbreakable glass, and toothbrush timer. The KADAMS black clock finishes its ultimate package with 3 mounting options, including suction cups, hanging hole or stand.

Its splash-proof rating is IP24 and is suitable for use in humid environments. The clock, which is touch screen sensitive, can be handy, especially to people with mild hearing problems as its alarm is louder.

It can display both 12hr/24hr time figures and indoor temperatures of up to 50 degrees Celsius. It also uses 2 AAA batteries, which are replaceable and have three mounting options; hanging, use of suction cups and standing on a flat surface. The screen cover is shatterproof to make it more rigid and durable.

The KADAMS Black Digital Clock looks like a fantastic buy. A very modern look and jam-packed full of features would lead someone to think this would be the best bathroom shower clock. Overall, the display of technology alone places this in the list of best shower clocks.


  • Water, spray (IP24), and fog-resistant
  • PET shatterproof screen cover
  • Green display color (increases visual range of angles making screen clearer)
  • Countdown timer


  • Touch screen sensitivity imposes a risk to heavy water spray Interfering with clock timer
  • Suction cups don’t remain stuck to the wall

7. Cirbic Large Shower Clock with Suction Cups

The waterproof shower clock consists of a multi-functional LCD screen that displays time in either a 24hr/12hr clock system. It also includes an inbuilt thermometer that measures indoor temperature and hygrometer that measures moisture content.

The clock comprises three mounting options; suction cups, a hole for hanging on the wall and can also be placed on a flat surface and can indicate during low battery mode.

The large Cirbic Shower Clock measures approximately 6.8” x 6.8″ x 3”. 4 strong suction cups are provided to allow easy mounting to most surfaces. This clock can be used in many rooms including but limiting to showers, bathrooms, kitchens, vanity rooms and more.

The display offers easy to read numerals including time, date, day, and temperature. Its modern silver look makes it a great addition to any room you so desire.


  • Water-Resistant
  • Digital LCD
  • Suction cups are removable allowing access to a hole for wall hanging
  • Large, Easy to See numbers


  • Does not automatically incorporate daylight savings time
  • Doesn’t host as many features as another clock

8. Large Waterproof Bathroom Wall Clock

This shower clock is indeed quite large. Nearly 6.5″ square, this beast houses a ton of features. From waterproof to thermometer, if you want it, this clock has it. The large digital display on a clear LCD screen gives you the time, temperature, and humidity in one quick glance.

Perfect clock for use in the bathroom or kitchen where there might be humid conditions within. The time display figures are bolded hence big enough to see from a distance.

The clock consists of 4 suction cups that are used for mounting on glass or slippery bathroom tiles and a hanging hole to facilitate hanging on walls. The inbuilt thermometer and hygrometer help in monitoring indoor humidity and temperature respectively. Suction cups made for mirror hanging are only one of three ways to install this clock.

The clock can be adjusted into a 12hr/24hr clock system and the temperature range measurements are up to 50degrees Celsius or 122Fahrenheit.


  • Water and Splash Resistant
  • Thermometer (Celsius/Fahrenheit)
  • Hygrometer
  • Can handle harsh wet, humid


  • More expensive end of the list

9. Hito 6.8: Large Waterproof Bathroom Shower Clock

The bright shine of this Hito clock helps to put it above the rest. A single AA battery powers the 6.8″ x 6.8″ x 3″ waterproof clock. Aside from large digital numbers the Hito also provides the viewer with a quick update to time, date, day, and temperature.

The clock is big hence its calibrations can easily be read in the bathroom or shower from a distance. The clock does not require a power wire cable connection as it is powered by AA battery hence can be used in several places when required.

The clock displays indoor temperature and can indicate the day of the week. It has three mounting options; suction cups, hanging hole and a stand to support it when places on a flat surface.

It can be installed in three different styles, which include suction cups, wall hanging, or flat stand an efficient addition to any room.


  • Waterproof
  • Thermometer (Celsius/Fahrenheit)
  • No cord
  • Aluminum casing


  • Heavy (weighing 380g) May is not suitable for mirror installation
  • Suction cups do not hold adhesion long

10. BALDR Waterproof Analog Bathroom Clock

Is one of the best analog bathroom or shower roam clocks with large time display figures for easy reading? The clock displays indoor temperature range in degrees Celsius and has three mounting options.

It is essential to consider the best mounting option for the bathroom clocks. Some may be bigger hence the suction cups are very helpful as compared to using a stand.

This colorful clock from BALDR can offer easy reading in the bathroom, kitchen, deck area, or many other locations. It features 4 suction cups for smooth surface installation. The clock also offers waterproof protection and displays digital temperature readings.

If the time display figures are bolded, you can hang the clock on the wall as they can be noticed and if the wall isn’t made of slippery glass or tiles. The digital shower room clocks have been improvised with a touch screen to ease operations in case of need to change any calibrations of the clock.


  • Waterproof
  • Contrasting Second-Hand helps make telling time easier.
  • Suction cups can be removed to install as wall mounted
  • Fun design choice
  • No cords


  • The small print may be difficult for visually impaired.

Final Verdict

This article may have answered some of your questions regarding the research of a shower clock. A customer must keep a lot of factors in mind including features, visibility, water-resistance, or even the composition of the screen itself.

All these components will ensure a quality shower clock to use for years to come. Upon reviewing this list and comparing all the top contenders, my choice would be the KADAMS Digital Shower, number 2 on the list.

It was backed by great satisfactory reviews as well as features that would benefit me. It was also much cheaper than some competitors that lacked all the features. The style was complementary to the room I would use, and the splash protection provided would allow it to be safe. All these decisions make it easy for me to name KADAMS the best shower clock to purchase.

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