Best Shower Curtain Rods in 2021: Recommended by DIY Expert

You are getting out of the shower, you grab hold of the curtain, pull, and BAM! The rod that was once holding your curtain is now broken and lying on the floor. Now what? You are going to have to get a new one, but which ones are the best? Don’t have any fears, we have you covered.

Shower curtains are a fundamental component of any washroom with a tub or shower. Regardless of whether you wish to refresh the look of your style or essentially need something dependable to repulse dampness and furthermore keep water off your restroom tile, the perfect shower curtain ought to be both useful and alluring.

This guide will enable you to limit your choices so you can pick a curtain that suits your specific needs.

7 Best Shower Curtain Rods 

1. Moen Curved Shower Curtain Rod

With its streamlined, adaptable plan and simple establishment, the Moen 5-Foot Fixed-Length Curved Shower Rod adds style and practicality to your restroom. This curved shower rod safely fits 5-foot tubs, encompasses, and gives you additional room while in the shower or bath. It highlights ornamental covers that loan a cleaned look to your space while concealing mounting equipment.Moen Curved Shower Curtain Rod

The shower rod has 180-degree turning mounting ribs for basic, secure establishment even on uneven dividers. This bent shower rod is accessible in three safe consumption completions: brushed nickel, chrome, and old world bronze. Moen’s Limited Lifetime Warranty upholds it.

Moen Settled Length Brushed Nickel Bended Shower Rod with turning rib gives a delicately brushed warm dim metallic look. It likewise accompanies a constrained lifetime guarantee. A certifiable Moen product. Moen is devoted to planning and conveying excellent products that endure forever.

Moen offers various determination of kitchen spigots, kitchen sinks, washroom fixtures and extras, and showering products. Moen products bring together style and practicality with toughness for a lifetime of consumer loyalty.

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2. RoomDividersNow Premium Tension Curtain Rod

The RoomDividersNow Curtain Rod is the chief provider of spring-stacked pressure rods available today. As industry pioneers, our center has been committed to building the most solid pressure rod structure accessible. We have made an assortment of strain rod sizes and hues to enable you to locate the ideal rod for your space. Our hardcore pressure rods present an inventive and simple approach to drape curtains in minutes.RoomDividersNow Premium Tension Curtain RodNo drills required. Essentially modify the rod to the span of your space and let the spring stacked strain wrap up!

The Premium Tension Curtain Rod comes in four different sizes: 28-50 in, 48-80 in, 80-120 in, and 120-150 in. The rods are an inch thick and have a tough one-inch wide spring that will not fit in the standard ¾ inch rod. What that means for you is that the spring will provide more quality and wall grasping force than your industry standard. The 1 5/8-inch breadth end tops cover more surface region than industry-standard end tops. The outcome: more grounded, dependable holding power. You do not need any tools or drills to install it.

To stretch out the strain rod’s width to accommodate your space flawlessly basically turn the rod until the point when it achieves your ideal length. Clear elastic end cushions enable the rod to hold solid and accommodates a perfect establishment process. 80 in-120 in pressure rods work extraordinary in spaces up to 10ft wide.

The rods are made with solidified, toughened steel for dependable grasping force and ultra-solid pressure. They are very easy to pack up and move to wherever you need them. All you need is the included Allen wrench to disassemble the rod quickly.

Easy to follow setup directions are included in the package, too. These curtain rods are perfect for use in a small bathroom, closet, studio apartment, the list goes on and on. It is the best shower curtain rod for hanging curtains, room barriers, blankets, and a whole lot more.

3. Adjustable Curved Shower Curtain Rod

The Adjustable Curved Shower Curtain Rod comes with a beautiful satin nickel finish. The curtain rod will mount securely and sturdy right to the wall. All the tools needed to install are included in the packaging.Adjustable Curved Shower Curtain Rod The curtain rod is a durable one inch in diameter and it can adjust from 58 inches all the way up to 72 inches. It also comes with Snap-Fit Easy Install brackets to easily and safely mount your curtain rod. It comes backed up with a lifetime limited warranty, just in case something happens to your curtain rod.

4. Zenna Home NeverRust Aluminum Double Curved Shower Curtain Rod

Rustproof your shower and include more breathing room in your shower with Zenna Home’s NeverRust Double Curved Shower Curtain Rod. Built from aluminum, these rods are ensured for life against rust.

The bend of this rod gives up to 12.5 inches of expansion breathing room (when reached out to 72″) giving your shower a progressively open feel. Simple no-cut, extending configuration introduces in standard 60-inch or bigger 72-inch tubs, yet fits in spaces as little as 45 inches.Zenna Home NeverRust Aluminum Double Curved Shower Curtain Rod

The screw-mounted sections enable you to introduce the rod to your restroom divider safely. Beautiful section covers finish the rod’s rich look. Aluminum is not only a rust-free metal, but it likewise weighs less, making establishment less demanding than run of the mill steel rods.

The rod is installed effectively with the included screws and grapples for drywall mounting. This shower rod works with all standard shower curtains and acclimates to fit tub openings from 45 to 72 Inches. Well-ordered guidelines are incorporated with each rod.

5. interDesign Cameo Constant Tension Shower Curtain Rod

Strong and reliable, the iDesign Cameo Shower Curtain Rod is the ideal choice for your bathroom. This steel shower curtain rod uses new, secured constant tension technology for quick and easy installation to support the rod in your shower or bathroom securely. interDesign Cameo Constant Tension Shower Curtain RodThe elegant bronze finish complements any decor style. The curtain rod is the perfect, modern finishing touch for stylish showers and bathtubs – also ideal for closets, windows, and blackout curtains. The iDesign Cameo Shower Curtain Rod adjusts from 43-75 inches to suit your space.

6. Ex-Cell Curved Shower Curtain Rod

The Ex-Cell Curved Shower Rod comes to you with the ability to extend from 40 inches all the way out to 72 inches, adding a seemingly large amount of room to your shower. It is easy to clean; all that is required is a damp cloth.Ex-Cell Curved Shower Curtain Rod

It is also very easy to install and set up. All you have to do is mount the brackets on the wall and pop the rod into place like previously stated, it is very easy to install. Even better, all the hardware is included for you to make everything all the easier.

7. LDR Exquisite Adjustable Curved Shower Curtain Rod

This is the beautiful, sought after LDR Exquisite Curved Shower Curtain Rod. The rod can be adjusted from 36 inches all the way up to 61 inches. Very easy to install, mount the brackets and then attach the curtain rod. With its curved design, it adds quite a bit of space to your shower.LDR Exquisite Adjustable Curved Shower Curtain Rod

Made out of heavy-duty steel, it will stand the test of time. With the beautiful chrome finish, it is the perfect addition to your bathroom furnishings. LDR has been supplying the nation with quality bath, plumbing, and other related products for more than 75 years.

How To Choose The Best Shower Curtain Rods

Best Shower Curtain Rod


You should always measure the amount of space the rod will need to cover so that way you can make sure you are getting the right one that will fit your shower.


Make sure you get one that you will not mind putting together. If you want something easy, then do not get a shower curtain rod that requires you to drill or install any other hardware.

What is it made of?

You want to make sure that you get a durable long-lasting rod that is made out of tough heavy-duty material. Look at stainless steel or aluminum curtain rods. These are the best for rust prevention.


Check the price, too. You do not want to overdraft your bank account just because of a curtain rod. Shop around and find the best price for you.

Shower Curtain Rod FAQs

Q: What size curtain rod do I need?

Ans: There are all different types of curtain rods that come in all different lengths. First, you will need to measure your shower or space that you will be using the curtain rod. Then select the appropriate rod to fit the space. Most rods come adjustable, so there is a little room for mismeasuring.

Q: How do I choose a curtain rod?

Ans: Well, that depends on a few factors. How big of a space you have. How strong of a rod do you need? Also, look at the aesthetics of each rod. Once you figured out all that, then you will know how to find the right curtain rod for you.

Q: How much does it cost?

Ans: That all depends on what rod you are going to buy. Usually, curtain rods generally stay around the same price. There are factors like ease of installation, included hardware (or lack thereof), and warranties that all affect the price. It really depends on how much you feel like doing and what kind of rod you are looking for.

Q: Will long curtains sag?

Ans: This is dependent on how heavy your curtains are and how long your rod is. The longer the rod, the more likely it is that it will sag, at least to some degree. This can be fixed by adding another bracket in the middle of the rod, but this could cause interference to the draw of the curtain.

Although that may happen, it is most important to have the proper weight distribution so your curtain does not come crashing down on your head.

Q: How long of a rod should I get?

Ans: A common question and one that is simply answered. The first thing you need to do is to grab a measuring tape and measure the space that you are going to be putting the curtain rod. Once you have your measurement taken down, you are all set. Just go to the store or go online and get your curtain rod.

Q: How many brackets am I going to need to buy for my curtain rod?

Ans: Some rods, like those used for showers, will not even require you to buy brackets at all, they come included in the package. I figured that would alleviate some of the stress from this question.

However, if you do need to purchase the brackets or extra brackets, you need to look at how much distance does the rod has to cover.

If it already comes with brackets, then good, you may only need to get one or two additional ones. If it does not, however, then you just might be looking at approximately three or four brackets. Really, it all depends on how much distance that rod needs to go.

Q: How do I stop my curtain rod from falling down?

Ans: First and foremost, the best way to keep it from falling down is to make sure you installed it correctly. Make sure you follow any instruction booklet if your rod came with one.

You also do not want to hang a curtain that is too heavy for your rod, either. Putting a too-heavy curtain on your rod is a sure-fire way of having that curtain come falling down, possibly on top of you.

Q: How far off the floor should my rod be?

Ans: When you hang your curtain rod, you want to know the measurement of your curtain. Most of the time, a shower curtain is ordinarily 72 inches in length, so the curtain rod ought to be introduced around 75 to 77 inches from the floor.

This allows for the curtain to be just off the floor, so it does not drag around and start to get dirty.

Q: Which is the best shower curtain rod for tile?

Ans: The best thing to do is to have a rod with rubber ends. The rubber will hold on to the tile better than just a regular rod end.

Q: Which is the best shower curtain rod?

Ans: This really all depends on what you need and want. There are many various shower rods out there, but if you go off of this list, then you will be picking from the best of the best.

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