The 10 Best Shower Filter Reviews in 2021

When you take a shower, the water must be as clean as possible. The water you bathe in must be free of harsh elements and deadly toxins. You do not want to wash in an unhealthy environment with chlorine or harmful bacteria. Showering in water that is not purified can cause health problems and make your hair, nails, and skin dry and brittle.

Dangerous microbes and chemicals are sprayed onto your body and enter your home when you take a shower in unpurified water. To protect your health, it is essential that you purchase the best shower filter available. A water filter will reduce the number of airborne contaminants and pollutants in your shower and home.

10 Best Shower Filter Reviews

1. AquaBliss High Output Universal Shower Filter

The AquaBliss shower filter removes chlorine and heavy metals, including lead, mercury, nickel, and chromium from water. This filter purifies your shower water by eliminating bacteria, pesticides and inhibits the growth of scale, algae, fungi, and mold.AquaBliss High Output Universal Shower Filter Clean water revitalizes your body and reduces dry, itchy skin, dandruff, and the symptoms of eczema. The multi-stage filtration system contains a unique blend of KDG 55, calcium sulfite, and activated carbon. It ensures maximum filtration in both hot and cold water.

This AquaBliss universal unit is the best shower filter for hard water. The installation only takes five minutes, and it has universal connections that work on all types of showers. The filter fits onto fixed, rain, and handheld showerheads.

The shower filter has a replaceable filter cartridge. It purifies water at any temperature and makes the water feel softer and provides you with more lather. The chlorine added to water by utility companies to get rid of bacteria creates water hard and makes skin flaky and hair brittle.

When you take a shower with steamy hot water the chlorine, it enters your pores and can lead to respiratory illness and skin disorders. The activated carbon charcoal extracts chlorine, microbes, and other impurities in hot and cooler water temperatures. The shower filter weighs 3.7 x 3.7 x 5.4 inches and weighs 14.9 ounces.


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2. AquaHomeGroup 15 Stage Shower Filter

The Aqua Home Group shower head has a multi-stage water filter with two cartridges. It eliminates impurities in water that are harmful to your health. The filter removes chlorine, heavy metals, ammonia and sulfur to provide you with cleaner water. The risk of developing eczema, asthma and bronchitis decreases.AquaHomeGroup 15 Stage Shower Filter

The filter eliminates bacteria, pesticides and sediment as well, which makes your hair, skin and nails softer. The purified water also stimulates your immune system and reduces fatigue. This filter also removes Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli from tap water. It weighs 1.35 pounds and is 7.8 x 3.5 x 3.4 inches in size. The unit is compatible with overhead, handheld, rainfall showerheads.

An Aqua Home Group unit is a high-performance inline water filter that improves your existing water flow. It is an appropriate choice for people with sensitive, dry skin because the softened water helps your body retain moisture.

This water filter has 10 levels of filtration that include the following: granulated activated coconut carbon, polypropylene cotton, kinetic degradation fluxion, calcium sulfite, energy ceramic balls with ions and steel mesh fibers.


3. Culligan WSH-C125 Wall-Mounted Filtered Shower Head

A Culligan WSH-C125 has two wall-mounted filter heads that thoroughly cleans your water. This unit meets EPA water sense certification requirements and contains a WHR-140 filter cartridge. The system has been tested and certified by NSF International against ANS Standard 177.Culligan WSH-C125 Wall-Mounted Filtered Shower Head

The patented media bacteriostatic design prevents the passage and growth of bacteria. The filter removes odors and makes water chemical-free. The filter extracts chlorine, microbes and harsh elements added to your water by utility companies.

This filter removes impurities from water and strengthens your hair follicles. The water filter also reduces the amount of scale and creates hydrating water that nourishes your skin and scalp.

The showerhead has a chrome finish, is lightweight and not difficult to install. Just apply it to your shower arm with the included Teflon tape. You do not need tools to attach the heat, and it only takes a few minutes to set up.

There are five spray settings on the unit to choose from that delivers a full-body spray and invigorating pulse massage. It weighs 1.5 pounds and has 4.8 x 8.5 x 12.2 inches in dimensions.


4. Aquasana AQ-4100 Deluxe Shower Water Filter

An Aquasana AQ-4100 deluxe water filter has adjustable features and a flow designed filtration system that provides you with purified water. The coconut shell carbon and copper-zinc filters remove chlorine, lead, mercury and iron from your shower.Aquasana AQ-4100 Deluxe Shower Water Filter The showerhead has multiple shower settings that allow you to adjust water pressure and massages. This water filter has an oxidization process that expels volatile organic compounds from water for up to six months. You can choose between a premium massaging shower head or massage handheld wand for a unique experience.

The filtrated water is gentler and nourishes your skin, hair and nails because it expels harsh elements. When you take a shower, you will breathe better, and the air quality is healthier. Installing the unit is easy and can be attached to your existing shower line.

The coconut shell carbon gives water an aromatic scent and pleasant taste when showering while the KDF copper/zinc components expunge debris. Your family will look forward to taking steam showers and enjoy the health benefits that come with this filter.

When you use this Aquasana’s deluxe showerhead, you will see and feel the difference immediately. It weighs 2.6 pounds and is 8.5 x 7.2 x 3.2 inches in size.

5. Eco Shower Filter with 2 Replacement Cartridges

An Eco shower filter comes with two replacement cartridges and a shower curtain. The filter has a chrome-plated ABS and the capacity to clean water under any pressure. It is made of sturdy materials and built to resist rusting.Eco Shower Filter with 2 Replacement Cartridges
The filtration system contains five washers with substances that include granulated copper and zinc, calcium sulfite and activated carbon. It also contains biocera ceramic balls, polypropylene cotton fiber and main fan balls. These components extract impurities for up to 6 months or 10,000 gallons of water.

The Eco shower filter has a 10-stage filter that removes water-soluble heavy metals, controls the scale and gets rid of bacteria. The inflow and outflow structure accurately reduces the number of algae, radioactive iodine 131 and trihalomethanes from the water.

The best shower water filter improves water quality and removes the risk of respiratory issues from inhaling chlorine. Your hair is softer and stronger when you have cleaner shower water. Before using this filter, allow water to run through it for 5-10 minutes to eliminate carbon dust. The filter works under low or high pressure and fits standard showerheads.

Once installed properly, your experience with taking showers will become more enhanced. Your skin and scalp will be relieved from itchiness and dryness and retain moisture. The unit weighs 1.35 pounds and is 7.8 x 3.8 x 3.7 inches in size.

6. Rainshow’r – CQ 1000 MS Shower Filter

The Rainshow’r shower filter has a massaging showerhead and a water filtration system that holds particulate matter. It also expels harmful chemicals and debris. The KDF-55 filter clears away more than 90 percent of chlorine from water. It is NSF certified, and the CQ-1000 has been tested and certified by the Water Quality Association.

Rainshow'r - CQ 1000 MS Shower Filter

This unit meets NSF Standard 177 for the reduction of free chlorine. Since the filter lessens the number of heavy metals, bacteria, and dirt from water, your skin and hair maintain more moisture. If your hair is color-treated, the color will not fade as quickly as with regular water. The health of your scalp improves, and the skin becomes supple and younger-looking.

The Rainshow’r filter lasts for nine months or up to 25,000 gallons of water. It destabilizes free chlorine and changes it into chloride while you’re in the shower. The polyester pre-filter traps chloride. The crystal quartz energizes water and reduces surface tension.

The filter weighs two pounds and has 3.8 x 4 x 8.2 dimensions. The installation process is simple, and there are no additional tools needed for setup. It also comes with a product warranty.

7. WaterChef Premium Shower Filter

A WaterChef premium shower filter system has a high impact on plated ABS and metal fittings. It contains a durable two-stage system with ThermalGuard that provides superior chlorine removal. The natural oils in you are replenished after taking a shower with this filtering system.WaterChef Premium Shower Filter The shower wand is versatile and can be handheld or placed in a stationary position. There are five adjustable spray patterns and pulsating massages to choose from that deliver an exceptional showering experience. The anti-clog rubber spray nozzles keep water running smoothly without interruption.

WaterChef shower filters systems have a 60-inch stainless flex hose that does not become tangled when showering. It has a non-toxic silicone line and does not contain PVC’s. Taking a shower with this filter leaves hair shinier, and skin is invigorated. The filter expels harsh chemicals from water and rehydrates your skin.

This filter is tested and certified by NSF International and comes with a three-year product warranty. The unit weighs 2.35 pounds and is 3.5 x 12 x 12 inches in size. Installation is simple and does require any tools.

8. Sprite HO2-WH-M Universal Shower Filter

With a Sprite shower filter, you get a reversible cartridge that eliminates chlorine, heavy metals and microbes from water. The unit lasts up to one year and is not difficult to operate or maintain. It is made of durable materials and has a dependable filter. The filter removes chlorine and dangerous chemicals added to your water by utility companies.Sprite HO2-WH-M Universal Shower Filter When you inhale chlorine, it can exacerbate asthma symptoms and cause respiratory illnesses. This filter’s Chlorgon patented design contains non-carbon media. It is the best shower head for hard water and clearing away chlorine in all temperatures. Chlorine harms your health and makes skin and hair dry.

Besides preventing the inhalation of chlorine, a Sprite shower filter will improve the condition of your hair and skin. The reduction of chlorine in your shower protects your entire home from the dangers that come along with this chemical. This unit comes with a product warranty, is 8 x 3.2 x 3.2 inches in size and weighs 2.45 pounds.

9. New Wave Shower Filter

The New Wave shower filter has an aromatherapy diffuser ring that allows you to add an aromatic scent to your shower. This filter is available in two designs. If you want to add your favorite scent to the shower, just place a few drops of essential oil onto the ring. The oil will fill your shower with a pleasant scent and create a wonderful spa experience.New Wave Shower Filter

The filter heats up when the water temperature rises in your shower to deliver an aromatic scent. The water filter lasts for up to one year without requiring a replacement and fits onto standard showers.

This New Wave shower filter also expels chlorine and harmful chemicals from your shower water. Removing chlorine increases hydration in your skin, hair and reduces the signs of aging. It helps your body maintain natural oils and prevents dry, brittle skin from developing.

New Wave filters are made to last a long time and provide you with a healthier alternative. It comes in a sleek white finish or chrome design and replacement cartridge. The unit weighs 1.2 pounds is 3.6 x 3.6 x 8.6 inches in size and comes with a product warranty. There are no tools needed for additional plumbing necessary for installation.

10. Pelican Water PSF-1 3-Stage Premium Shower Filter

The Pelican water shower filter removes harsh toxins from tap water with three stages of filtration. It eliminates chlorine, chloramines and heavy metals from your shower water without affecting water flow. It gets rid of unpleasant odors are and has a refreshing ocean breeze scent bar included for aromatherapy purposes.Pelican Water PSF-1 3-Stage Premium Shower FilterThis shower system is available in three models and has a dual flow showerhead with a water conservation option. Your hair becomes less brittle, and skin is softer because the filter extracts up to 96 percent of chlorine. If you have color-treated hair, it will not fade or lose color quickly.

The filter is easy to change, and it comes with an accessory clip. Your shower is turned into a spa experience with the scent bar and massaging shower wand. This filter lasts for up 750 ten-minute showers or 15,000 gallons of water.

There are several designs to choose from, including a unit without a shower head, with a showerhead and a massaging wand. The filter weighs 2.7 pounds and is 3.8 x 3.8 x 6.2 inches in size.

Things to Consider Before Buying The Best Shower Filter

Best Shower Filter

Advanced Filter Technology

A unit with new filter technology has a higher water flow rate and removes chlorine and heavy metals more effectively. The best shower filter heads will process water at a rate of 2.0 gallons per minute. It eliminates hundreds of contaminants and targets pesticides, herbicides, pharmaceuticals, and micro-organisms.

These filters expel chloramines, lead and fluoride. They purify shower water and promote cleaner air in your home. An older filter does not eliminate chloramines or microorganisms from shower water. A filter with advanced technology removes fluoride, disinfectants, inorganic non-metallic and heavy metals.

The Type of Filtration System

There are three types of shower water filters that include kinetic degradation fluxion system, carbon or vitamin C units. They all remove chlorine, microbes, and pollutants from shower water. A KDF system uses a positive and negative charge to trap chlorine and debris. Impurities are trapped and expunged, leaving you with healthier water.

On the other hand, a vitamin C filter contains ascorbic acid. Vitamin C neutralizes chlorine and chemicals to deliver a higher quality of water. These cartridges kill germs and prevent the spread of bacteria. It also moisturizes your skin and keeps hair strong.

A carbon filter uses an activated bed of carbon to effectively remove harsh chemicals, including chlorine, benzene and radon from water. The large pore structure of carbon absorbs and traps pollutants, which provides you with cleaner water. This filter works best when taking cold showers because heat makes the carbon clog.


Many water filters are not difficult to install, and you do not require additional tools. Replacing the cartridges on units is simple and can be completed in one step. Some water filters only work with cold water, but there are many that filter hot water as well. The filters typically last in between six months to a year and come with replacements.

Your Bathroom’s Water Condition

The water filter should fit well into your bathroom so you can shower comfortably. Decide if you require a handheld unit or a stationary model. The height of the unit should be taken into consideration as well.

The Cost

Decide how much you want to spend on the filter. Do some research and find the water filter that offers the features you need and has the best reviews.

Benefits and Tips

Cleaner Water

A shower water filter purifies your shower and creates a cleaner environment for you and your family. It expunges chlorine and heavy metals that include lead, mercury, and nickel from dirty water. They also remove microbes such as fungi, algae, and mold.

These units improve the texture of your hair and skin because they retain moisture and nutrients. Harmful toxins are taken out of your shower leaving you with cleaner skin. They also reduce the chance of developing respiratory problems.

Removing Chemicals and Microbes

Water filters take out chlorine, pesticides, and sediment from your water. They reduce the number of bacteria and get rid of Staphylococcus and Escherichia coli too. The chemicals in unpurified water are hazardous to your health.

When breathed in they cause damage to your internal organs and dry out your skin. Unfiltered water also contains disinfectant byproducts and trihalomethanes and is absorbed into your bloodstream through your skin.


When toxins are not present in water, you will breathe easier in and out of the shower. Synthetic chemicals are removed and reduce the risk of developing respiratory illnesses. If you suffer from asthma or allergies, a water filter eliminates the pollutants that increase these symptoms.

Even though utility companies add chlorine to tap water to kill microbes, it is bad for your health. The steam in your shower contains chlorine that you inhale into your lungs and contributes to medical conditions.

When you take a shower with unpurified water, the air in your home becomes contaminated, and your breathing is affected. Besides creating a healthier bathroom, purified water cleans the air in your entire home.


A shower filter decreases your chance of developing bladder and breast cancer. The water is no longer toxic and does not contain chemicals that can cause harm to your body. Conducted studies show that taking a shower in chlorinated water is linked to cancer.

When water unpurified water is vaporized into the shower, it is more harmful than drinking unfiltered tap water. During a hot shower, chlorine is combined with ammonia and becomes chloramine. This is a dangerous substance that also causes problems with your kidneys and rectum.

Chlorine Removal

Chlorine is an airborne chemical that is absorbed into your pores when showering with hot water. Even though you feel clean, the chemicals present in the water are damaging your internal health.

Water filters extract chlorine out of tap water, so you are not exposed to the dangers of harsh chemicals. Showering with filtered water leaves you more refreshed and reduces the fatigue caused by impure water. Filtered water gives you higher energy levels and better health.

Skin Health

Chlorine and heavy metals dehydrate your skin. This makes your skin dry and flaky. That is why you need to apply moisturizer after a shower in hard water. It also strips your hair of nutrients causing brittleness. Filtered water rehydrates your skin and helps it retain moisture.

Using a shower filter reduces the drying effects that chlorine has on hair and skin. The removal of chlorine makes skin and hair softer. Getting rid of chlorine lessens the occurrence of skin diseases and eases the symptoms of eczema and psoriasis.

Kills Bacteria

Showerheads harbor microbes and unhealthy bacteria that can make you sick. There are millions of microorganisms living inside of an unfiltered showerhead.

Studies show that 60% of showerheads tested the Mycobacterium avium a pathogen that causes the pulmonary disease is present. There are also cancer-causing bacteria living in your shower head. A water filter expels microorganisms and creates a shower environment that does not spread disease.


Chlorine can affect the health of fetuses and expectant mothers. The chemicals present in unfiltered water are inhaled and absorbed through your skin and passed on to your baby.

This can lead to complications with pregnancy that includes low birth weights and premature delivery. The toxins in unpurified water can also cause birth defects such as nerve damage and heart abnormalities.

Harmful toxins in unfiltered water can affect children and their development. Chlorine causes lung permeation and asthma in young children when absorbed into epithelial tissue contained in the lining of the lungs.

Final Verdict

As you can see, there are many benefits to using a shower water filter. They remove toxins and chemicals from your shower and provide you with cleaner air. Using a water purifier can improve your health and make you feel more energized.

A water filter reduces heavy metals, microbes and chlorine from your shower water. Your skin does not dry out, and nails are enhanced. Your hair is rehydrated and moisturize returned. The soft water does not strip your hair or skin of nutrients. Besides making you look and feel better, a water filter improves the quality of your health.

When selecting a shower water filter, make sure you choose the right one. You should obtain the best shower filter to makes sure you have a pleasant experience in the shower.