The 10 Best Shower Grab Bars – Check Our Top Picks!

Though a simple bathroom fixture, choosing the best shower grab bars can be quite demanding. Well, I am here to ease the process and help you pick a grab bar that meets your needs and budget. Even more, one that meets industry standards for quality, safety, and comfort.

Well, the bathroom is pretty much the most accident-prone room in the house. Many a time, you will stumble upon a slippery shower floor, bathtub, or bathroom floor. Hence, you want something that provides extra security to help you steady yourself.

Such is the work of shower grab bars. It is a functional yet aesthetic solution that makes the bathroom a safer place without sacrificing elegance. They are even versatile enough for use in the bathtub, shower, toilet, and sink areas.

But it is not every shower grab bar that meets the high specs that the industry demands. So, to help you get it right, I will be rounding up the best grab bar for showers.

10 Best Shower Grab Bar Reviews

1. Moen Home Bathroom Grab Bar

How many times have you perused the internet for the best bathroom and toilet safety accessories? Well, you will agree with me that Moen is one name that is hard to miss on the list. Indeed, it is one brand that never ceases to amaze.

Moen is also high on the list of the best shower grab bars. It opens our list, courtesy of Moen 8724 bathroom grab bar.

Well, this shower grab bar comes in 304 stainless steel, probably the highest quality in a stainless steel grab bar. It neither rusts, corrodes, nor tarnish. So impeccable is the durability of this grab bar that Moen offers a lifetime warranty.

Again, the grab bar is a beefy 1.25 inches in diameter. And with a 20-gauge size, it provides a more supportive built. Provided you mount it right, it can support a massive 500 pounds. Such weight capacity makes it an ideal shower grab bar for anyone.

Moen 8724 is a wall-mount grab bar that requires drilling work. It is not as quick and easy to install as suction grab bars. It, however, provides a more secure and permanent anchorage. Also, the screws are concealed for a seamless appearance.

Hollow walls, where stud mounting seems impossible, is no hindrance. The secure-mount anchors do an excellent job in providing solid support on hollow walls.

I like how the stainless steel finish lends a brushed, warm-grey metallic look. It creates a bold statement and coordinates well with modern bathroom fixtures and accessories.

Not only is this grab bar long-lasting. It is also ADA-compliant. Hence, it guarantees your safety while in the bathroom.


Moen 8724 is the perfect definition of a shower grab bar at its best. It is pretty much flawless in every way and, indeed, the best-rated shower grab bar on the market. For a permanent shower grab bar, Moen 8724 is second to none.

2. Medline Bathtub Safety Grab Bar

The name Medline is almost synonymous with bathroom safety. And why not? After all, Medline Bathtub is one of the pioneers of mobility and bathroom-assist equipment. And for the long that I have known it, it has been of tremendous help, especially to the elderly and people with disabilities.

For a pioneer of bathroom-assist products, it was only a matter of time before Medline makes it to our list. It is the brand behind this high-quality bathtub safety grab bar.

Well, this tub grab bar comes in stainless steel. It pretty much lasts a lifetime, providing much-needed stability for getting in and out of the bathtub.

I like the clamp-on design. It is entirely tool-free and has rubber pads that are gentle on the tub surface. Hence, you get a strong grip that does not leave as much as a scratch.

The clamping system uses a crank mechanism to lock the grab bar in place. Even more, it provides an adjustable fit for tub walls that are 2.75-6.25 inches thick. Thanks to the clamp-on system, you can install or remove the grab bar with ease. Even more, you get to do it in a matter of seconds.

Again, this grab bar offers much-needed flexibility. It provides non-slip, multi-level hand grip positions. Hence, it is safer, more comfortable, and provides additional stability.

Another notable feature is the step-through design. This is one tub grab bar that offers no obstruction. Hence, it does not come in your way when getting in and out of the tub.

For a clamp-on bathtub safety grab bar, it provides sturdy support. It can withstand up to 250 pounds, providing a more sure grip.


Many can attest to the quality of this bathtub safety grab bar. It has a no-frills design but extremely durable and customizable. Should you want the best bathtub grab bar that you can install and remove at will, Medline is a good choice.

3. Changing Lifestyles Safe Bath & Shower Handle

Many a time, you come across brands that sound quite unfamiliar. And you will be forgiven, should you have doubts regarding its credibility.

But for this shower grab bar, it is pretty much a different case. Though not as popular as Medline and Moen, it has proven itself beyond doubt as one of the most trustworthy brands. No wonder this shower grab bar sells like crazy, leaving behind satisfied users.

Well, it does not boast the stainless steel construction you find in other models. Still, the heavy-duty plastic construction holds up well. It is pretty sturdy and handles wet environments much better.

Changing shower handle attaches to the wall via a suction cup device. It does, however, require smooth, flat, and non-porous surfaces for ultimate non-slip mat grip.

The suction cup device demands that you re-attach it before each use. But while super-grippy, it is not recommended for full-body support. Instead, it comes in handy to provide stabilizing support.

I cannot help but appreciate the suction mechanism. You only need to flip the tabs to install or remove. So, while it calls for re-attachments before each use, the process is effortless and straightforward.

Also, this shower grab bar has a textured hand grip. Hence, it provides a non-slip grip for better support and balance, even when wet.

Well, this shower handle works on any non-porous shower wall. Also, it is an excellent choice for smooth 4×4 tiles.


It does not have the bells and whistles of other suction shower grab bars. Still, it provides more than enough grip to steady yourself. For an affordable, basic suction shower grab bar, I cannot think of a better choice than this.

4. Moen Home Bathroom Grab Bar

Impeccable quality is one thing that puts Moen shower grab bars ahead of the competition. And it is satisfying to see how its lineup of bathroom grab bars gets flawless ratings. Indeed, Moen shower grab bars are the best-rated out there.

If you find the 24-inch version a bit longer for your satisfaction, you can as well settle for this 12-inch grab bar. It is an authentic, certified product that exudes quality craftsmanship and unmatched durability.

Like the 24-inch version, it comes in 20-gauge 304 stainless steel. And at a beefy 1.5 inches in diameter, it provides ultimate durability and support.

Well, the stainless steel is further finished in brushed nickel. It pretty much creates a warm, inviting look that blends seamlessly with most interior décor.

Moen 8912 shower grab bar attaches to the wall via secure-mount anchors. And the good thing is that it works on both solid and hollow walls.

Again, the secure-mount anchors are thoughtfully designed for secure installation at any angle. Also, it keeps the bar perfectly aligned and the screws concealed for a sleek appearance.

The secure anchorage and high-quality stainless steel support 500 pounds. It is indeed one of the best weight capacity in a shower grab bar. And it is even more reassuring that this grab bar is ADA-compliant.

For a genuine Moen product, you cannot expect less regarding the warranty. That said, Moen stands behind this shower grab bar with lifetime warranty coverage.


Moen shower grab bars are indeed the best-rated out there. Well, Moen 8912 shower grab bar follows the trend. Alongside Moen 8724, I consider it the best shower grab bar for permanent installation.

5. Stander Security Pole and Curve Grab Bar

Stander bathroom-assist products focus on providing ultimate freedom. Indeed, it is one brand that lets you live your life without limits.

This 2-in-1 security pole grab bar is perhaps its best invention in the world of bathroom-assist products. I like it and for a ton of reasons.

First, it demands no home modification. You do not need any wall mounts or screws. As such, it does not alter your home permanently.

Instead of screws and mounts, this security pole and grab bar mounts on the floor and ceiling via tension, thanks to the adjustable height. You can set it from 7-10 feet tall to get the right tension. Notably, it is designed to fit flat ceilings.

The grab bar offers even more flexibility. You can set the handle height at 32-52 inches from the floor. Even more, it rotates 360 degrees, locking at every 45 degrees.

Such flexibility offers four natural hand positions. Again, the 2-in-1 design suits different purposes. Besides a bathroom grab bar, you can use it as bedside support, wheelchair transfer pole, and chair standing rail.

This security pole grab bar has rubber pads, both on the ceiling and the floor. Hence, it will not do any damage. Also, installation is entirely tool-free, taking only minutes.

Stander pole grab bar comes in powder-coated steel, available in iceberg white or metallic black. It is pretty sturdy, providing a load-bearing capacity of 300 pounds.

But it does not only provide durable, sturdy support. It has a slim design that lends a modern appearance.


I like the ease of installation that this pole grab bar provides. Also, I like the fully-adjustable design that provides the ultimate comfort. However, what I appreciate the most is its versatility. Indeed, it is the best multipurpose, high-end curved grab bar on the market.

6. Carex Ultra-Grip Suction Shower Grab Bar

Carex is no short of a veteran in the world of bathroom-assist products. Carex Ultra-Grip makes one of the most innovative suction grab bars on the market. Here, we will look at the 12-inch suction shower grab bar.

When you compare it to other suction grab bars, this Carex ultra-grip bar is one step ahead. Indeed, it is the best suction grab bar for showers.

Most notable is the safety indicator lights. Well, you rarely find such a feature in other suction shower grab bars.

A green light indicates the grab bar is secure and locked to the wall. Red light, on the other hand, suggests the bar is not secure. So, user safety is high on the list when it comes to this shower grab bar.

Again, the Carex grab bar uses tabs to lock or release the suction cup device. And once mounted on a smooth, flat, non-porous surface, it provides an extra-strong grip. So strong is the grip that it can support 300 pounds. All the while, the process is fuss-free and needs no tools.

I like the extra-wide handle. It works exceptionally well to provide a non-slip grip and assist with balance.

I cannot say it has the durability and sturdiness of stainless steel. However, heavy-duty plastic construction can take a beating and withstand daily abuse. And under good care, it can last for many years.

Another upside to plastic construction is the lightweight built. At 0.75 pounds, it offers much-needed portability, allowing you to take it anywhere.

Even more reassuring is the ADA-compliant design. It meets industry standards for people with disabilities.


The grip, and the safety level of this grab bar, are one step ahead of basic suction shower grab bars. It is indeed one of the best ultra-grip suction shower grab bars with visual indicators.

7. Vive Grab Bar Suction Shower Handle

Indeed, Vive Grab Bar is one brand that has come a long way. It is so dedicated to what it does, so much that time and again, it pops up in the list of the best bathroom-assist products.

Well, Vive also has the superior hand in the world of suction shower grab bars. Alongside Carex, it has the best suction grab bar for showers.

Like Carex, this grab bar adopts an innovative design. It displays a green light for a bar that is secure and ready to use. However, for one that is not airtight, it gives off a red indicator light.

Also, this suction grab bar comes with levers. You flip them down to lock the suction cup device to the wall or flip-up to remove the grab bar from the wall. Hence, you can re-position the grab bar easily to get the best hold.

Well, the levers lock in place to provide a secure, airtight seal. It does, however, require 10 pounds of pressure. Even then, it is not so much to ask for.

Once mounted in place, the gentle curve on the grab bar gives a 3.25-inch clearance. Hence, it gives your fingers ample room to grasp the handles securely.

Again, the handle has textured, non-slip rubber. And with a contoured design, it allows for a comfortable, secure grasp.

Well, this suction grab bar comes in heavy-duty plastic. It is sturdy enough to bear 300 pounds yet light and compact enough for easy portability.


Carex and Vive suction grab bars pretty much score level points. But I like best the contoured, non-slip rubber grip on the Vive suction bar. For that, I vote it the best overall suction shower grab bar on the market.

8. Drive Medical Adjustable Height Bathtub Grab Bar

Medline and Drive Medical are two brands that make the best bathtub grab bars. And with the same quality and pricing, it often gives me a hard time choosing between them. Hence, I see it fit to include both on the list.

Well, I have touched on the Medline bathtub grab bar. Now it is time to introduce the Drive Medical bathtub grab bar.

While the two grab bars pay close resemblance, they are not as identical as you think. Drive Medical grab bar pretty much has the upper hand, thanks to the adjustable height. It allows you to set the handle height from 14-17 inches. Hence, you can dial in the perfect height for your needs.

This bathtub grab bar is designed to clamp onto the side of your tub. It provides a superior grip, supporting 300 pounds. Yet, it is gentle on your tub surface, thanks to rubber pad contact points. However, this bathtub grab bar is not recommended for fiberglass tubs.

Besides the adjustable handle height, you can also adjust the width between the clamps from 3-7 inches. Hence, it can accommodate just about any bathtub style.

Clamping this grab bar on the tub requires no tools. All you do is turn the locking mechanism to tighten to get a hold of the tub wall.

This grab bar comes in white but with black accents that lend an aesthetically pleasing design. Also, it is one product that is built to last. It comes in powder-coated steel that is sturdy and resistant to rust and corrosion.


For the best bathtub shower grab bar, you will have a hard time choosing between Medline and Drive Medical. But in close inspection, the Drive Medical bathtub grab bar proves a more feature-rich option, thanks to the adjustable height. Hence, I vote it the best adjustable bathtub safety grab bar on the market.

9. Franklin Brass Concealed Mount Shower Grab Bar

I do not think Franklin Brass grab bars have the reputation of Moen shower grab bars. Surprisingly, Franklin Brass displays the same level of quality, durability, and craftsmanship you get in Moen grab bars. And you get it at a bargain price.

Well, Franklin Brass 5612 shower grab bar is one good example. It is a testament that you can get the same level of quality at a slightly lower price.

This shower grab bar boasts 304, 20-gauge stainless steel construction. And with a 1.5-inch diameter, it can withstand heavy-duty use.

Such durable construction provides extra security and support. Indeed, this is one shower grab bar that exceeds ADA and ASTM standards.

Well, this shower grab bar provides secure anchorage. But unlike Moen grab bars, it only installs on solid walls. Also, it keeps the screws concealed, providing a sleek, trendy look.

Once in place, this shower grab bar provides sturdy support. It withstands up to 500 pounds of pull force. Well, that is more than enough to meet all your needs.

Besides stainless steel color, this shower grab bar is also available in white, bright stainless steel, and satin stainless steel. Hence, you can choose the one that coordinates best with your bathroom décor.


It is not that popular. However, you cannot deny the high-quality construction of the Franklin Brass 5612 shower grab bar. Should you want the features of a high-end permanent shower grab bar but at an affordable price, settle for Franklin Brass 5612.

10. AquaSense Knurled Chrome Grab Bar

AquaSense has not made it yet to the level of giant brands in the industry. But tell you what, it is only a matter of time before it does. Right now, it is among the most promising brands in bathroom fixtures and accessories.

Well, AquaSense has only two shower grab bars in its collection. But whereas it does not give you more options, it rewards you with the highest quality possible. Here, we look at its best invention, a shower grab bar with rotating flanges.

This shower grab bar comes in durable, heavy-duty steel. Mounted right, it can withstand tremendous pull force.

Steel is pretty prone to rust and corrosion. Hence, AquaSense finishes the bar with a chrome surface. It provides a striking appearance and rust-resistant performance.

There is no one steel grab bar on the list with knurled grip, except for AquaSense. Indeed, it is a feature that puts it one step ahead in providing a non-slip grip.

Perhaps the most notable is the rotating flange. It allows for easy, flexible installation. Should you choose, you can mount the bar horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

Once in place, this shower grab bar has 1.75-inch clearance from the wall. Hence, it gives your fingers ample room for grabbing.

AquaSense chrome grab bar comes with durable hardware. It uses stainless steel screws, adding more years to its service life. And it’s a good thing that AquaSense backs this grab bar with 2-year warranty coverage.


AquaSense shower grab bar does not match the high-end specs of Moen shower grab bars. Even then, it is durable and provides sturdy and permanent support. For a basic shower grab bar with a non-slip knurled grip, AquaSense is the best.

 Best Shower Grab Bars: A Must-Read Guide

Unless you know what to look for, shopping for the best grab bar for showers can be time-consuming and confusing as well. After all, there is a multitude of options out there, all trying to make it to the best-seller list.

Well, the purpose of this in-depth guide is to help you make an investment that will leave you satisfied. Hence, before you make your decision, consider the following factors.

Available Bath/Shower Space

Well, grab bars comes in different sizes and designs. Also, there are different location options. Regardless of the one you pick, ensure it is small enough to fit the available space in your bath or shower. Yet, it should be large enough to provide easy access without straining a lot.

Weight Capacity

Of course, you are going to lean or tug on your grab bar. Hence, aim for a shower grab bar that can hold your weight or withstand the pull force.

Generally, grab bars permanently installed on the wall bear more weight. So solid is the anchor point that is can support your weight. Suction grab bars, while easy to install, cannot support as much direct weight.

Installation Style

There are two types of grab bars according to installation type. We have drill-mount grab bars and no-drill grab bars.

Well, drill-mount grab bars will change the look of your bathroom permanently. And in some cases, they can leave behind marks. However, they reward you with a higher weight rating. Also, drill-mount grab bars require little to no maintenance.

No-drill grab bars mostly include suction-mount and tension-mount bars. They are not a permanent fixture, hence easy to install and remove. Also, no-drill grab bars do not alter the look of your bathroom permanently. They, however, have limited weight ratings as well as higher maintenance requirements.


A grab bar designed for the wet bathroom environment ought to be resistant to rust and corrosion. It should handle constant water and moisture and provide sturdy support.

If you must go for metal, I recommend stainless steel and aluminum grab bars. But if you prefer plastic, aim for heavy-duty materials, such as ABS plastic.


You should look beyond a shower grab bar that is just functional. It will be best if it also matches the aesthetics of your bathroom. Hence, consider the existing bathroom fixtures and décor when making your choice.

Personal Needs

A grab bar serves different purposes. You can use it as a bathtub or shower support. The bathtub needs a different grab bar design from the one in a shower. Hence, choose the design that best meets your needs.


A slippery grab bar will do worse than good. Hence, aim for one that gives you a better grip to steady yourself.

Still, on the grip, consider wall clearance. It should be large enough to fit large hands. Mostly, I recommend at least 1.5 inches of wall clearance. Also, curved grab bars tend to give you ample clearance, hence better grip.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Question: Is a grab bar a must-have bathroom accessory?

Answer: Well, most people tend to ignore grab bars. However, it is a vital bathroom accessory that lets you hold on for stability. Indeed, it is a must-have feature for the elderly or people with disabilities and injuries. After all, the bathroom is a slippery area and with a high risk of falling.

Question: I hear that suction grab bars do not have as much weight rating. Are they a safe choice?

Answer: While it cannot support full-body weight, a suction grab bar has sufficient grip to help you steady yourself in the shower. So, yes, it is safe. However, ensure you mount the suction cup device on a smooth, flat, non-textured surface.

Question: Are grab bars only good for the bathroom?

Answer: Depending on the style that you choose, a grab bar can serve you well beyond the bathroom. You can mount it in the hallway or use it as bedside support.


Well, that sums up our review of the best shower grab bars. Indeed, not every shower grab bar has the level of safety that the shower environment demands. Well, the products that I have reviewed have proven beyond doubt to be the best out there. They are stylish, pretty easy to install, and of impeccable quality. So, which one do you think will create the best impression and meet the level of safety you demand?

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