The10 Best Shower Scrubber Reviews in 2021

Cleaning the house, especially the shower, can be a hard task. But with the right equipment, the job can be easier and more fun. Among all cleaning tools, few can match the efficiency of shower scrubbers. Again, they are one of the most affordable bathroom cleaners. But with all the models out there, what is the best shower scrubber to buy?

Well, you’re on the right page. We know you’re not ready to spend hours researching the best bathroom scrubbers. After all, the chances are you might still end up with the wrong product. To avoid that, we’ve decided to do the heavy work for you.

In this article, we review the best models on the market. Since our needs vary, we also include a buying guide. It will help you find a shower scrubber that best matches your needs.

 10 Best Shower Scrubber Reviews

As mentioned earlier, choosing the best model can be a considerable challenge. The high number of products will easily leave you confused. So, we’ve narrowed the list to 10 best rated shower scrubbers.

1. MECO Electric Spin Scrubber

MECO Electric Spin Scrubber is one of the best showers scrubber for your deluxe shower experience. There are plenty of reasons why customers love this bathroom scrubber. The powered design is perhaps the most obvious. Not only does it clean faster, but it also makes light work of stubborn dirt. In fact, it makes the entire process effortless. Again, this is a cordless tool. It runs up to 60 minutes on a single charge. Also, it charges pretty fast in 4-5 hours. Together with a compact design, it makes one of the best travel companions.

But how much cleaning power does it deliver? The brush heads make a super-fast (350 rpm) 360-degree spin. As such, they’re able to clean faster and efficiently. Not to mention, there are three brush heads for different jobs.

There’s the rounded brush ideal for the bathtub and sink. Then there’s a flat brush perfect for ceramic tiles. Lastly, is the pointed brush for cleaning corners and window sills.

Any noise concerns regarding this model? Well, despite the incredible cleaning power, this scrubber runs quietly. At 70dB, it’s quieter than standard power drills.

Thus, you can use it anytime and anywhere without causing disturbances. On a side note, this power scrubber comes with an LED battery indicator. So, there’s zero chance you’ll run out of power all of a sudden while at work.

Verdict: MECO cordless handheld scrubber is among the most convenient for small jobs. Above all, it’s super compact and light. So, it not only saves you wrist pains, but it’s also easy to store.

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2. Drillbrush Bathroom Surfaces All Purpose Power Scrubber

The Drillbrush scrubber is among the best budget buys. It’s more of a kit that comprises three cleaning brushes. As the name suggests, this shower scrubber needs assisted power. You can either attach them to a cordless drill or impact driver. So, like the MECO scrubber, these scrubbers also offer cordless convenience.

Again, the brushes come in three different shapes and sizes. You have a choice of flat brush for tiles and rounded for cleaning corners. Then there’s the narrow one ideal for spot cleaning.

Also, each brush head has a 1/4-inch quick-change shaft. Not to mention, they have zinc and nickel plating. It makes the shaft rustproof as well as resistant to corrosion. Thus, these brush heads can easily withstand the wet bathroom environment.

Stiff nylon bristles provide good scrubbing. But at the same time, they’re gentle on most bathroom surfaces. Thus, they leave your bathroom clean, but with no scratches.

Verdict: When used with a drill, this scrubber quickly blasts through any stain. Moreover, these are all-purpose brushes. That makes them ideal for most cleaning tasks around the home. No wonder, this power scrubber is among the best-rated out there.

3. Oxo Good Grips Extendable Tub and Tile Scrubber

Let’s be honest. Manual and power scrubbers have pretty much the same cleaning power. The only difference is in the effort that goes into the cleaning work. Though a manual scrubber, the Oxo Good scrubber is more forgiving. First, it has a longer handle.

Hence, you don’t have to hunch. Above all, the length of the handle is adjustable from 26 to 42 inches. As such, you can easily clean high up the walls. It’s an excellent feature, especially for bathrooms with a high ceiling.

The brush head has a flat base and pointed end. Thus, it can quickly get into corners and recesses. Thanks to a pivoting design, the brush head also cleans at different angles.

It’s highly abrasive to dislodge stubborn dirt. Even then, it’s sponge-like to retain water for rinsing. And before we forget, the brush head has anti-microbial properties. Therefore, it’s less likely to produce odors or encourage mold.

Again, the brush head is replaceable. As such, you can easily swap with a new one. For the record, this bathroom scrubber uses a light, stainless steel pole. It doesn’t rust and offers a non-slip grip even when wet.

Verdict: Though a manual scrubber, Oxo Good has excellent ergonomics. Hence, it drastically minimizes user fatigue. Also, with only one brush head, it manages to clean all bathroom surfaces.

4. Homitt Cordless Electric Spin Scrubber

The new Homitt cordless scrubber has several upgrades. The motor, for instance, provides 300 RPM of cleaning power. Hence, its set of brushes can power through tough stains easily.

So far, all models we’ve reviewed have three brush heads at most. But as for the Homitt, it has four removable brush heads. That makes Homitt one of the most versatile bathroom scrubbers.

There’s the extra-wide brush ideal for floor and ceramic tiles. Again, it has a dome-shaped brush perfect for the bathtub and sink. As for the small flat brush, it offers superb spot cleaning. Lastly, is the corner brush that cleans recesses, corner brush is also effective for a corner toilet to clean their toilet tiles. Overall, it’s an excellent set for multi-purpose cleaning.

Besides the motor, this bathroom scrubber has an upgraded handle. It easily extends from 21 to 47 inches to provide a longer reach. Also, the handle has a flexible head.

These hold the brushes at different angles. The best part, you achieve all these with a push of a button. Instead of standard batteries, the scrubber uses advanced LG batteries. The batteries charge in as little as 3.5 hours. Once full, they run continuously for 1.5 hours.

Verdict: Homitt scrubber offers outstanding upgrades. It’s more powerful and with superior batteries. Again, it has a fully adjustable handle for convenient cleaning.

5. BLACK+DECKER PKS 160 Power Scrubber Brush

Black and Decker power tools are among the best. Well, this power scrubber is no exception. What we love most is the incredible power to size ratio. It’s a tool that weighs around 0.8 pounds. Hence, it’s easily the most portable power scrubber on our list.

Not to mention, it measures only 9 inches long. That too makes it super-compact. Overall, this is a tool you can operate for long hours without fatigue. Also, it makes one of the best toilet scrubbers for travel.

Despite the size, this power scrubber offers unsurpassed cleaning power. The motor delivers a speed of 160 rpm. Not only that, it provides 2 foot-pounds of torque. Well, that’s some serious scrubbing power.

Plus, it includes two heavy-duty scrub pads that power through most stains. Again, this scrubber has a scraper edge that makes light work of stubborn dirt.

The super-compact design isn’t the only feature that provides user comfort. The scrubber happens to have an over-molded rubber handle. As such, users can benefit a lot from its non-slip grip, even when wet.

Moreover, the handle keeps the scrubber well-balanced for better control. For the record, this power scrubber is waterproof. Thus, it can safely clean above and below water.

Verdict: For such a size, this shower scrubber offers remarkable cleaning power. Plus, it’s among the few power scrubbers that clean below and above water. So, it doubles as the best scrubber for washing dishes.

6. Tilswall Electric Spin Scrubber

Like the Homitt, this power scrubber has some pretty good upgrades. First, it has a powerful 4000mah battery. It provides up to 3 hours of run time. Hence, you can easily clean the entire house on a single charge.

Again, the battery has 3 LED indicators that display the remaining charge. Apart from the battery, this scrubber has an upgraded motor. Instead of cheap plastic, it uses metal components. As such, it offers a longer lifespan and improved cleaning efficiency.

But how durable and powerful is the motor? Well, it can withstand 60kg of torsion, allowing it to wipe stubborn stains. Also, it delivers 2.6 foot-pounds of torque for serious scrubbing.

There are four brush heads for all-round cleaning. Should you choose, you can adjust the brush head to 80 degrees. It enables you to clean from different angles.

Not forgetting, this scrubber has a durable stainless steel handle. It doesn’t rust nor corrode. Above all, it extends from 27.6 to 43.3 inches. The tip of the handle has a leather string that hooks on pegs for secure storage. Despite the powerful motor, this bathroom scrubber runs quietly at 70dB.

Verdict: Tilswall power scrubber offers an impressive battery life. Plus, it boasts one of the most durable motors. Overall, it provides reliable power when you need it most.

7. Clorox Scrubtastic Multi-Purpose Surface Scrubber

Clorox Scrubtastic scrubber is from a brand that has over 100 years of expertise. As one would guess, it’s a scrubber with high expectations. It’s an upgraded model that offers 15% more torque. Hence, it can power through tough stains and dirt with ease.

Compared to previous models, it provides 20% more battery life. The brand rates battery life at over 30 minutes. That’s a bit less than what other models on our list have to offer. But then, it’s sufficient to power you through most cleaning tasks.

The scrubber comes with a set of three removable brush heads. There are flat, round, and cone-shaped brush heads. As such, it offers all-around cleaning. Like most cordless scrubbers on the list, it has a telescopic handle. It fully extends to 39 inches. Therefore, you can easily clean high areas, such as the ceiling and AC vents.

Verdict: Clorox scrubber comes from one of the most experienced brands. It has notable improvements over the brand’s previous models. For instance, it offers more run time and torque. Though it doesn’t measure up to others on the list, it’s among the best in its class.

8. WiMiUS 360 Degrees Upgraded Spin Scrubber

There’s a lot to love about this scrubber. It weighs 1.7 pounds. In comparison, models of a similar design weigh 3 pounds. Hence, it’s easily the lightest in its class. That makes it comfortable to operate, even for long hours.

The extendable handle is another outstanding feature. It comes in three sections, making it easier to disassemble. Also, it has a hanging sling for secure storage.

Again, this scrubber has more brush heads to suit all kinds of surfaces. Unlike cheaper models, the brush heads are made of ABS plastic and stainless steel.

Thus, they quickly clean all types of stubborn stains without losing hair. Above all, the brush heads are waterproof. As such, they hold up well under splashing water or wet conditions.

The battery is yet another upgrade. It charges fast in 4-5 hours. The best part, you can charge on the go via USB. Once full, it runs continuously for up to 75 minutes. Well, that’s pretty impressive for a shower scrubber of its size.

Verdict: This shower scrubber is by far the lightest in its class. Plus, it has one of the most durable brush heads. So, if you need something durable and less cumbersome, this will do.

9. Fuller Brush Tile Grout E-Z Scrubber

Though a manual shower scrubber, the Fuller brush is much easier on your back. The handle extends from 29 to 52 inches. Hence, you don’t have to get down on your knees as you clean. Plus, it reaches high shower tiles with ease.

The brush has a “V” trim ideal for cleaning grout lines. Above all, the brush head pivots to 180 degrees. As such, it can clean at different angles. That makes it ideal for hard-to-reach areas.

The brush head measures 9 inches. Thus, it cleans a larger area with each pass. The bristles are tough enough to dislodge stubborn dirt. But then, they’re gentle enough to clean without scratching the surface.

Moreover, this shower scrubber comes with a built-in hole. Therefore, it makes it easier to hang for storage. Even with its size, this shower scrubber is pretty light, weighing only 1.2 pounds.

Verdict: The Fuller brush has some of the best features for hard-to-reach areas. Though a manual scrubber, it doesn’t put a lot of strain on your body.

10. Fox Trot Grout Brush with Long Handle

Of all shower scrubbers on our list, this model offers the longest reach. The telescopic pole extends from 33 to 53 inches. You can lengthen it while cleaning in a standing position. Alternatively, you can shorten for tight spaces. The best part, you only need to twist the pole to adjust the length.

Like the Fuller brush, it has a 180-degree pivoting brush head. That means it can clean at different angles. Again, it has a “V” trim ideal for cleaning grout lines in between tiles. This shower scrubber weighs 0.75 pounds. That makes it the lightest on our list.

Verdict: The Fox Trot brush prioritizes user comfort. Not only is it the lightest, but it also offers the longest reach. No wonder it gets pretty impressive feedback from customers.

Best Shower Scrubber: Complete Guide

Shower scrubbers are made differently. Some provide fast and effective cleaning while others take the whole morning but still have messy results. So, what should you consider before pressing the “BUY NOW” button? Well, our buying guide explains it all.

Power Source

Here, you have the option of electric or manual shower scrubbers. Though a bit more expensive, electric models allow for effortless cleaning. For the best electric shower scrubber, consider the cordless option. Once charged, you can use it anywhere, even when camping out. When you want to go camping you can carry a portable toilet along with you.

Manual shower scrubbers require you to exert some effort. To minimize the strain, consider a lightweight model. Also, it should be fully adjustable to clean every inch of your bathroom.

Run Time

If you settle for a cordless power scrubber, consider one with a longer run time. It will help clean a larger area without running out of juice. Also, find a battery that charges fast. Though not a must-have, a battery indicator will be a huge bonus. It will let you know when to recharge. After all, you don’t want to run out of power in the middle of your work.

Adjustable/Multiple Brush Heads

The bathroom has different surfaces. You’ll need to clean corners, flat surfaces, and in between tile lines. In the case of one brush head, it should be fully adjustable. Also, find one with a “V” trim. It will enable you to clean all surfaces and at different angles.

Alternatively, you can go for a scrubber with removable brush heads. Go for different shapes and sizes. Overall, the more the number of brush heads, the better. It will enable you to clean all surfaces with ease.

Rotation Speed

In choosing the right brush head for a power scrubber, also consider the RPM. It’s a feature that most professional cleaners look for. The higher the speed, the more the scrubbing power. Also, it minimizes cleaning time.


Choose a scrubber with an ergonomic grip or extendable handle. The latter enables you to clean high or tight areas comfortably. Waterproof design is also a huge bonus. It makes it comfortable to work under wet conditions.


Price doesn’t always indicate quality. Some models come expensive but still underperform. Hence, find affordable shower scrubbers that offer excellent value for money. You can choose from our list of the best shower scrubbers.


As you can see, the market has high-quality shower scrubbers. They not only make cleaning comfortable but also hassle-free. However, choosing the best shower scrubber isn’t easy. It gets even more difficult if you don’t know what features to look for.

So, we hope this article helps you find one that’s reliable and convenient. Better still, one that offers excellent value for money.

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