The 7 Best Soaking Tub Reviews in 2021

It feels more rewarding to fully immerse yourself in the water after a long busy day rather than a splash in a quick bath. But to heighten the experience, you need the best soaking tub.

Deeper than a normal tub, a soaking tub offers a more therapeutic experience. It allows you to soak, unwind, and let the stress melt away. Such a luxurious and soothing experience makes it one of the best for ultimate relaxation.

Still, there are some hurdles to overcome. Most specifically, how do you choose the best soaking bathtub? Well, this article gives you the answers by reviewing the best deep soaking bathtubs for the money. Also, it includes a guide on how to pick the perfect soaking tub for you.

7 Best Soaking Tubs

1. FerdY Shangri-La Acrylic Freestanding Bathtub

FerdY does not have the audience of the big boys in the industry. Still, you cannot deny the impeccable quality of its bathtubs. It makes durable, elegant tubs that exude contemporary beauty and simplicity.

FerdY 522 is one model that showcases refined beauty. It has a roll-top oval design finished in clean, gentle lines. Such specs make it a perfect addition to modern bathroom decors.

Besides the elegant look, this tub guarantees hours of comfort. The double-slipper design, for instance, offers sloped lumbar support where you can relax and enjoy an immersive soak.

This tub uses high-grade Lucite acrylic sheets. Unlike fiberglass tubs, it does not yellow, hence maintaining a solid color. Also, it is non-porous and resistant to mold and mildew growth.

The double-wall design and fiberglass offer insulation, keeping the water warm for longer. Thus, you can wallow for hours without losing heat or comfort.

Acrylic is quite strong on its own. However, to improve the strength, FerdY adds OSB reinforcement at the base of the tub. It improves the load-bearing capacity, up to 1750 pounds. Well, that is more than you get in your average acrylic tub.

FerdY 522 does pretty well for a soaking tub. It has a soaking depth of 15.4 inches and holds a whopping 71.4 gallons. Despite the large size, this tub weighs only 79.2 pounds. That makes it light enough to move and install on upper levels.

Well, this is a stand-alone tub and comes with leveling feet to stabilize it to any surface. It comes with a set of accessories, comprising an anti-sliding gasket, brass drain pipe, and plastic drain pipe. The anti-slip gasket not only prevents leakages but also adjusts to different floor drain requirements.

Moreover, the tub comes pre-installed with a classic slotted overflow and a toe-tap center drain. Indeed, it is one setup that complements a variety of custom baths and whirlpools.

You will get step-by-step instructions for installing this soaking bathtub. Should you be a DIYer, you can make it one of your weekend projects.


FerdY 522 offers the best insulation and load-bearing capacity in an acrylic soaking tub. But it excels even more in size. Should you want a modern, sturdy acrylic soaking tub for a couple’s romantic bath, FerdY 522 will suit you.

2. American Standard 2461002.011 Right Hand Drain Soaking Bathtub

American Standard has a solid reputation for making classy, life-long products. It is certainly a global giant and one household brand that does not disappoint.

This rectangular soaking tub is among its ingenious creations. It showcases classy, timeless, traditional styling. Despite the traditional look, it looks just as appealing in modern bathroom decor.

Now, this is an alcove soaking tub designed for three-wall installation. While it does not leave as much room around, it saves space. And by resting against the walls, it sits sturdier than freestanding tubs.

The company takes great pride in Americast construction, and for a good reason. It combines a high-quality porcelain surface, enamel-grade steel, and molded composite backing. While it results in a tub heavier than standard acrylic tubs, it provides maximum strength, insulation, and soundproofing.

So, it pretty much combines the benefits of the luxurious, cast-iron tub. Yet, it comes lighter and does not cost as much.

I like the porcelain enamel surface. It is durable, non-porous, and super easy to clean. Also, it is scratch-resistant and retains luster. Because of that, you get a tub that maintains its new look for years.

The new, improved StanSure slip-resistant surface is another eye-catching feature. It is textured non-skid performance. And by covering 56% more tub floor, this soaking tub increases bathroom safety dramatically. Still, it is easy to clean and stays brighter.

The tub has a right-hand drain location. Furthermore, it includes a leveling grid and padded carrying bars for easy installation.


American Standard Cambridge is the heaviest, sturdiest, and most durable soaking tub on the list. Also, the certified slip-resistant surface makes it safer. If your floor can support the weight and you want a tub for a traditional home, this is the best alcove soaking tub for you.

3. WOODBRIDGE 67″ Acrylic Brushed Nickel Soaking Tub

Woodbridge provides quality products alongside excellent customer service. And the bathtub is one area where it excels most.

I like this 67-inch tub the best among Woodbridge soaking tubs. It is a bathtub that focuses on comfort and depth, hence provides a deep, more satisfying soak.

This oval, contemporary tub comes in full fiberglass construction. Still, it has an acrylic topcoat for a durable, glossy finish. Most refer to it as ENDURACLEAN SURFACE since it is easy to clean and maintain. Also, it offers a durable scratch and stain-resistant surface.

Thanks to the two layers of acrylic, this tub rewards you with a double-walled design. It provides excellent insulation, keeping the water temperature for longer.

The non-slip base easily meets ASTM standards for slip-resistant performance. So, this is a tub guaranteed to keep you safe.

Users seeking comfort will love the double-slipper design. It has a high-back design for maximum support. Also, it has smooth curves that mold into your body. Indeed, it is the perfect place to lounge and let the stress melt away.

Woodbridge 67-inch tub has a soaking depth of 13 inches for full-body immersion. Also, it holds 65 gallons of water.

Like most freestanding tubs, Woodbridge soaking tub has hidden legs. The legs are adjustable, making them perfect for stability.

This tub comes with high-quality accessories. It includes a 37-inch anti-leak hose, flexible enough to fit your existing plumbing system. Even more, you get brushed nickel pop-up center drain and overflow assembly.


Woodbridge tub does not have the soaking depth of other tubs on the list. Still, it holds more water for full-body immersion. Also, the quality is top-notch. Indeed, it is the best choice if you want a sleek acrylic soaking tub that offers ultimate safety and easy maintenance.

4. Empava EMPV-FT1518 67″ Acrylic Freestanding Bathtub

Empava is renowned for its world-class soaking bathtub designs. They are not only pleasing to the eye but also comfortable to soak in.

The EMPV-FT1518 is one of its finest. It is a visually striking tub that incorporates ergonomic features for never-ending luxury and comfort.

The streamlined form and double-slipper design make this tub a masterpiece. And with modern curved lines, it easily matches any décor in your bathroom.

Before I dwell on the construction, I want to say this tub offers more versatility. You can pair it with any tub filler, hence providing endless options for outfitting your bathroom space. Also, it guarantees no compatibility issues.

Now, the tub comes in glossy acrylic but with fiberglass reinforcement for long-lasting durability. The double-walled design offers maximum insulation. Additionally, it improves the load-bearing capacity to an impressive 1000 pounds.

EMPV-FT1518 soaks up to 15 inches high and holds 58.11 gallons. Besides, it is roomy enough to accommodate most people.

This stand-alone tub comes with leveling legs, allowing it to sit stable on most surfaces. Also, it comes complete with a high-quality brushed nickel overflow and pop-up center drain. You can, however, get them in a chrome-plated finish upon request.


Empava EMPV-FT1518 is a strong contender for the best freestanding soaking tubs. But what I like most is the wide-range compatibility with tub fillers. Should you want a modern, world-class soaking tub but having trouble finding a compatible tub filler, this for you.

5. MAYKKE Barnet 61″ Acrylic Oval Freestanding Soaking Tub

The Barnet soaking tub is one product that radiates tranquility. So much that if I were to select soaking tubs with the most elegant, modern designs, Barnet would be someplace at the top of the list.

This soaking tub has a refined oval design with a Non Slip Bath Mat. And pairing with smooth lines and a glossy white finish, this tub will appeal to even the most demanding customers.

At 8mm, this tub has seemingly thicker walls. It comprises acrylic, fiberglass, and polyethylene resin. Hence, it is stronger and with excellent insulation. Still, it sits lighter, making installation a breeze.

The double-slipper design allows you to recline and soak in a water depth of up to 14 inches. Equally, it holds 66 gallons, an excellent capacity for a soaking tub.

Adjustable leveling feet make it easier to stabilize the tub on any surface. It saves you the extra work of leveling the floor.

By including the entire assembly kit, Barnet makes the installation process as user-friendly as possible. The kit comprises an overflow drain and a pop-up brass center drain. Additionally, you get a drainage pipe and waste pipe. The flexibility of the waste pipe allows it to fit small or narrow bath spaces.


Barnet is a premium quality soaking tub, especially considering the 100% pure acrylic material. If you want excellent quality but at an affordable price, go for this tub.

6. AKDY– 60″ Freestanding Acrylic Bathtub

Does your bathroom look and feel dull? Well, you can add life to it by investing in this soaking bathtub.

Indeed, you will instantly fall in love with the exquisite shape and smooth curvature of this tub. It radiates the modern, minimalist look of high-end tubs, only that you get it without the hefty price. Overall, it is a soaking tub that you can mix and match with all sorts of bathroom décor and styles.

But AKDY is more than just an elegant, good-looking tub. It, too, showcases high durability. It combines acrylic and fiberglass reinforcement to withstand the test of time. Moreover, the glossy, non-porous acrylic surface is easy to clean and retains its brilliance throughout the years.

Well, this bathtub accommodates most tub fillers. Such wide-range compatibility allows for easy installation.

Okay, AKDY is a double-slipper tub. The elegant curvature and ergonomic design provide hugging comfort and maximum lumbar support.

The soaking depth of this tub is 14.3 inches. Additionally, it has a sizeable capacity that holds 65 gallons.

This tub comes with a pre-installed pop-up center drain. Hence, you can say goodbye to the hassle of selecting and spending money on the best pop-up drain.


AKDY soaking tub is pretty much the epitome of elegance. It is the best choice if you want a luxurious stand-alone soaking tub that does not cost a fortune.

7. PROFLO 60″ x 42″ Alcove Left Hand Drain Soaking Bath Tub

I like the scrutiny that goes into the PROFLO bathtubs. Each product undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it works 100%.

Evidently, most soaking tubs on the list can fit two people. But should you want something roomier, the PROFLO alcove tub will suffice. At 42 inches wide, it can fit two average-sized people more comfortably. Also, it is by far the best choice for chubby guys.

As mentioned, this is an alcove tub for a three-wall configuration. It has the traditional yet timeless rectangular shape of the American Standard alcove tub. Also, it has an integral tiling flange to protect your bathroom décor.

The high-quality acrylic construction is guaranteed to last. It can last a full five years or even more under proper maintenance.

This tub has a textured slip-resistant bottom that keeps you safe and secure. Moreover, the base is pre-leveled, hence allowing for easy installation.

At 15-inches, the PROFLO tub allows you to enjoy a deep-soaking experience. Again, it holds up to 75 gallons, the largest tub capacity on the list.

The PROFLO tub comes with the overflow assembly and left-hand drain. It cuts down on the number of extras you have to buy.


The PROFLO tub is a perfect choice for a timeless, traditional design. If you want an extra-large capacity alcove tub that offers a more deep-soaking experience, choose PROFLO. Also, it is the best choice if you want a roomier, single-person soaking tub.

Best Soaking Tub: Complete Guide

So far, you know the best soaking bathtubs on the market. But that is not enough. You can benefit more by knowing how to pick the right one for you and your home. Well, here is a guide to make it simple for you.


As it turns out, the market boasts different types of soaking tubs. And by knowing the difference between each type, it will be easy to pick the perfect one for your needs.

Based on the shape, we have single-ended, single-slipper, double-ended, and double-slipper soaking tubs.

Single-ended tub: It has one rounded end, with the other set apart for the drain and faucet assembly.

Single-slipper: Well, a single-slipper is more like a single-ended tub but with one raised, sloping end ideal for lounging.

Double-ended: Double-ended soaking tubs have a drain and a faucet at the center. Hence, it gives you the option to sit and lounge on either side. Most are large enough to fit two bathers.

Double-slipper: A double-slipper is more like a double-ended tub but with two raised sloping ends. It, too, can accommodate two bathers.

Still, on the shape, we have oval and rectangular soaking tubs.

Oval: Oval tubs are a popular choice for aesthetics and comfort and the go-to choice for freestanding tubs. And by providing various installation options, it can fit bathrooms of different sizes.

Rectangular: A rectangular soaking tub, though a bit traditional, adapts to virtually any bathroom layout. It is versatile, space-saving, and often has deck space for storage.

Besides the shape, we have different types of soaking tubs based on the installation type. These are alcove and freestanding tubs.

Freestanding: Freestanding or stand-alone soaking tubs offer more flexibility of placement. Also, installation is easier and less expensive. The freestanding tub filler may, however, require floor reinforcement. Also, you might find it difficult to use in small bathrooms.

Alcove: Alcove or built-in soaking tubs are space-saving and with more storage options. Installation is, however, restricted to a three-wall configuration.


Choose a size that fits you and your bathroom space with some room to spare. Also, it should complement the type of setup you have in mind.

Hence, it is important to take measurements. Particularly, consider the length and the width, the two most important measurements.

There is a wide spectrum of sizes, with 60-inch being the standard size. You can settle for longer, more elegant styles for large homes. For smaller homes and apartments, however, I recommend more compact soaking tubs.


The size dimensions can fit. The same, however, cannot be said for the weight. Ensure the bathroom floor is strong enough to support the weight of your new tub. If not, you might require additional floor support, which can be quite expensive.


The type of material dictates the longevity of a soaking tub. Even more, it dictates how easy it is to clean and maintain. Mostly, soaking tubs come in acrylic, cast iron, and solid materials.

Acrylic: If you prefer lightweight yet strong material, I recommend acrylic soaking tubs. It is durable, non-porous, and resistant to fading and scratches. Such specs make acrylic tubs entirely leak-proof. And should it scratch or get damaged, you can fix it pretty easily.

Cast iron: Cast iron tubs are often heavier and sturdier. Mostly, it has a baked-on enamel finish to resist scratches, chips, and chemical tub cleaners. It will, however, give you quite a hard time fixing should you damage the enamel surface.

Solid surface: Solid soaking tubs comprise natural minerals and binding agents. It can be in the form of stone resin or cultured marble. Well, such tubs are extremely heavy and sturdy. They are entirely resistant to stains, scratches, and discoloration. Also, they are easy to repair.

Drain Location

The drain location dictates how easy it is to install the plumbing. Also, it dictates the number of people that can fit in the tub.

A soaking tub with two sloped sides and a center drain, in most cases, will hold two people. A tub with one slope but with the drain stationed at the end is meant for one person.

Soaking Depth

Well, 14 inches is often the adequate minimum for a good soaking tub. It can, however, be slightly less for wider soaking tubs. So, consider a tub that has a soaking depth of at least 13.5 inches. It ensures the water covers most parts of your body.

Tub Capacity

Consider the tub capacity in two ways: water capacity and user capacity.

Should you want a soaking tub for two bathers, consider the double-slipper design with a center drain. Also, ensure there is enough water in the bathtub to cover your body.


Soaking tubs can be quite expensive. Hence, such an investment demands a good warranty to give you peace of mind. Consider both the warranty of the bathtub and the material. Most tubs on the list have warranty coverage of at least five years. The American Standard even goes out of its way to provide a lifetime warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: What is the difference between soaking and normal tubs?

Answer: A soaking tub is fairly taller, making it comfortable to sit in and soak yourself. Also, soaking tubs are available in a wider range of sizes. Generally, to fill a soaking tub, you will require more water. This is something you should consider if you live in drought-prone areas.

Question: Is a soaking tub safe for people with back pains?

Answer: Yes, a soaking tub can benefit people suffering from back pains. Since it is taller, it provides extra back support for hours of comfort.

Question: Is it easy to install a soaking tub?

Answer: It entirely depends on the product. Should you be good at plumbing and the manufacturer recommends DIY installation, go for it. But in most cases, I recommend seeking the services of a plumber.

Question: What is the ideal soaking depth for a tub?

Answer: I recommend at least 14 inches. That way, the water will cover most parts of your body. For your attention, the soaking depth is the distance from the interior bottom to the overflow drain.


The best soaking tub allows you to enjoy a spa-like experience in the comfort of your home. Such are the kind of models you find in this review. They provide a therapeutic experience without the exorbitant price. Moreover, you get them in different styles to meet different needs and space demands. That said, which soaking tub do you deem the best on the list?

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