The Best Steam Shower Reviews And Buying Guide [2020]

Few things beat a relaxing steam shower after a long day. The best steam showers can relax muscles and provide a refreshing boost for the body. There are, however, several different types on the market to choose from. There are different sizes of generators to choose from as well as various types of massage jets. The interior design of each shower will be different as well.

When looking for the best steam shower, there are several things for a potential buyer to take into consideration to make sure the best product is purchased. Purchasing a modular unit is the quickest and most convenient way to enjoy the benefits of a steam shower.

Top 5 Best Steam Shower Reviews

The following are several steam shower reviews to help consumers find the best product to meet their needs.

1. Ariel Platinum Steam Shower

The Ariel Platinum DZ972-1F8-W Steam Shower features 20 body massage jets for a variety of massage options. It is important to state that 10 of the jets can be used at any given time. There is also a dual 8-inch rainfall and a handheld showerhead.

There is an FM radio with the product. This particular unit is ideal for showering while listening to the radio and infusing the area with calming fragrances from the aromatherapy system. This model comes in an elegant white color for a sophisticated look.Ariel Platinum Steam Shower The dimensions of this particular shower are 59 inches by 32 inches by 87.4 inches. It is free-standing and fully self-contained. There is an attractive teak wooden floorboard and a ventilation fan is included. Those using the shower can enjoy chromotherapy lighting and the incredible aromatherapy system. There are a 6Kw steam generator and 220v hardwired installation.

It is made of tempered glass around the entire unit. There aren’t any batteries required for any part of the shower system. The total shipping weight is 864 pounds. It’s important to note that a customer would need access to the back wall in order to install the unit properly and for maintenance.

This is an attractive unit that can provide the user with a relaxing steam shower. This is a two-person steam shower. The two wooden stools that come with the unit are removable.

2. Ariel-Platinum-DZ961F8-BLK-L Steam Shower

The Ariel Platinum DZ961F8-BLK-L Steam Shower provides a variety of great features for users to enjoy. The shower has a total of six body jets for a great massage therapy experience. There are a rainfall and handheld showerhead that comes with the unit as well. With these many functions, an individual will be able to enjoy a relaxing shower with several different options for amazing massages.Ariel-Platinum-DZ961F8-BLK-L Steam Shower This shower offers a computer controlled panel and a timer that makes using the shower easy and efficient. Those using the shower will be able to take a steam shower with a computer system that is programmable and easy to use and operate.

The shower is black with a silver finish and tempered glass. The model comes in both black and white. The steam shower is made from glass and acrylic that has reinforced fiberglass. It also includes teak wood flooring that has an acrylic shower base underneath.

There are two wooden benches on each side. With a wood flooring and ceiling, along with a beautiful black interior, this is a very attractive steam shower.

The steam sauna has a cleaning function that provides disinfection. This will make it easier to keep the shower clean and germ-free. This particular model is made of a combination of glass and acrylic that has reinforced fiberglass. The sides of the unit are made of tempered glass.

The shower comes with a 6KW generator. The shower ships at 505 pounds, making it one of the mid-sized models as far as overall size and weight. The dimensions are 87 inches by 48 inches by 39.5 inches.

3. Freestanding Modern Bath Steam Shower

The KBM 9001 Bathtub Steam Shower Room is a luxury model that provides plenty of space for enjoying baths, showers, and massages. It features six soothing body massage jets and an overhead rainfall showerhead. There is also a foot massage that is included.

One of the great things about this particular shower is that it is free-standing. It is beautifully designed with a white base, silver trim, and attractive aqua-blue glass throughout the shower.

Freestanding Modern BathThis amazing shower is computer controlled. This means those using the shower will be able to control several aspects of the bath and shower experience precisely. Being able to customize the shower experience digitally makes having a steam shower even more enjoyable.

If something would go wrong with the computer board it is possible to contact customer service. They will send new parts out to have the system running properly as soon as possible.

The tub size is 59 inches by 35.5 inches by 19 inches. The height of the unit is 84.5 inches. The entire unit will fit in a standard bath space, which is 60 inches. This product comes with a full one year warranty but for the price of $150 a customer can receive a two-year warranty.

The shipping weight is 350 pounds, making this one of the lighter shower models. The unit comes with everything needed for installation and use. When it does arrive, it will come in four separate boxes.

4. Bath Masters Corner Steam Shower Room

The Bath Masters 8004 is marketed as a home bathtub spa, sauna, and a steam shower room. The item includes fog-free glass and mirrors. With chrome-plated trim and handles, this shower is also extremely attractive. It has a stylish, modern look.

Faucets and bath accessories are made from beautiful copper materials. Blue fluorescent lighting and two ceiling lamps provide an incredible ambiance. The shower also includes a ventilation fan.

Bath Masters Corner Steam Shower Room

There are six body massage jets to provide a relaxing shower experience. There is also an overhead rainfall shower head with a multi-functioning sliding handle shower. The computer control panel is a touch screen, providing an easy and effective way to enjoy a fantastic and relaxing shower. This incredible steam shower also includes a microphone and a loudspeaker. The unit is made of glass and aluminum alloy.

The shower’s shipping weight is 350 pounds, making it one of the lighter models. The size of the unit is 36 inches by 36 inches by 16.5 inches. It has an enclosure height of just less than 83 inches. It should be noted that the steam unit is sold separately in the 8004 A model. The 8004 AS model does come with the steam unit. The product is shipped in three separate boxes.

5. Steam Shower with Whirlpool Bathtub

The Ariel WS-608A Steam Shower comes with a whirlpool bathtub. This multi-functional tub and shower offer a lot of extras for the user. The shower is packed with 10 body massage jets and includes a rainfall ceiling shower. This steam shower not only comes with a rainfall head but with two other types of showerheads to use. This unit even has a foot massage included.

Steam Shower with Whirlpool Bathtub

The tub comes with its own whirlpool jets and has a soaking depth of about 19 inches. From the bottom of the tub to the overflow is 12 inches. It’s possible to fill the tub with approximately 98 gallons of water.

The dimensions of the tub are about 40 inches from right to left on the bottom. It’s approximately 61 inches from right to left on the top. This product comes with storage shelves and also has a decorative lighting system that surrounds the shower head.

The tub has a heat pump that will make sure the water coming in is hot. It does not, however, have a heater that will keep the water warm once it is in the tub. The tub is made out of a combination of fiberglass and plastic materials.

It is attached to a metal frame for more excellent support. This particular shower is 63 inches by 63 inches by 89 inches. It has a 3Kw steam generator. The total shipping weight is 578 pounds.

Key Features To Consider The Best Steam Shower

When deciding which steam shower is the best choice, there are several things a potential buyer will want to consider. The following are FAQ that a consumer may have before purchasing a steam shower.

Best Steam Shower

How Simple Will it be to Clean the Steam Shower?

It is important to remember that glass is resistant to scratching and will generally be more comfortable to clean and keep looking clean than acrylic. If easy cleaning is a high priority then shower scrubber easy solution with more glass than acrylic will likely be a feature a buyer will be looking for.

There are also models that provide disinfection cleaning functions. A customer will need to evaluate how easy it will be to clean a unit and how much time they are able to spend keeping the shower clean before making a decision.

Is it Important to Have a Lot of Accessories?

If extras like a foot massage are important, a buyer will want to make sure the steam shower includes this in the unit that is purchased. Is it important to have several showerhead options? Some models will come with more than one type of showerhead while others will not.

Other accessories like being able to listen to the radio in the shower or having aromatherapy included might be important to satisfied buyers. It may be necessary to make a list of all the extra items that the buyer wants for the steam shower before deciding on a particular model.

Is a Computer Panel Necessary?

Some people want as much technology in their shower as possible. If being able to program how long the shower lasts or having a specific temperature maintained is important, it will be necessary to choose a steam shower with this option.

It is important to remember that if computer boards malfunction, parts will need to be ordered and replaced. If as little maintenance as possible is a priority, then a buyer may want to reconsider if a computer board is the best choice.

Are Style and Design Outstanding?

A buyer may be more interested in what a steam shower looks like than what it can actually do. If someone wants a black shower or an all-white or glass shower than those that are available in these colors will be important when making their selection. If creating a stylish living space is important, a buyer will want to look for a unit that meets these criteria.

Is the Size of the Unit Important?

The steam showers that have been reviewed come in a variety of sizes and weights. Depending on where the buyer will want how to install the unit, this may make a big difference. It is necessary to measure correctly and take into account the size of the area where the shower will be installed.

The size of the unit may also be a factor in where exactly it will be installed. Wherever it is placed will need to be close to a water and plumbing system. It will also need easy access to electricity.

Final Verdict

When making a decision about which steam shower is the right choice, there are several questions that each buyer will need to answer. First and foremost is what the buyer is looking for. If a smaller size is needed then the KBM 9001 or the Bath Masters 8004 would likely be the best choices.

If a computer-controlled model is what the buyer is interested in then the Ariel Platinum DZ961F8-BLK-L may be the best choice. Those looking for aromatherapy and music in their shower experience would likely want to purchase the Ariel Platinum DZ972-1F8-W Steam Shower. Customers will need to take into consideration their “wants list” when choosing the best steam shower.

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