10 Best Toilet Flush Valve: Reviews And Complete Buying Guide

Leaky and malfunctioning toilets can cause discomfort and an unhygienic environment. Everyone wants a clean and functioning toilet. However, most flush valves, especially the old and outdated ones, can give you nightmares. Some of them are leaky, while others simply need a replacement because they work like toys.

So, if you are looking to replace your toilet flush valve, then you are in the right place. This article offers an overview of the best toilet flush valve. From the highly recommended Kohler Genuine Part Silent-Fill Valve to the versatile and cost-effective Fluidmaster 400AH PerforMAX.

Top 10 Best Toilet Flush Valves

1. Kohler Genuine Part Silent Toilet Fill Valve

There are very few names which are stronger than Kohler in the plumbing sector. Kohler Genuine is a household name that sells quality and durable bathware. One of its top sellers is Genuine Part Silent-Fill. It’s the brand’s best toilet flush valve that offers value for money. Measuring 13 x 3.5 x 3 inches, this lightweight flush valve is highly versatile. You can quickly adjust it to accommodate any height and it’s compatible with most KOHLER toilets.

Kohler Genuine Part Silent Fill Toilet Fill Valve

The multi-color plastic fill valve is designed with experienced KOHLER engineers. As a result, its original performance and durability will be maintained throughout its use.

What makes this flush valve stand out is its design. It’s sleek, durable, and well-built. The long-lasting, heavy-duty plastic material can easily withstand corrosion. The kit also contains universal features that allow it to fit in various toilet models.

One of the features which make it versatile is the low inlet hole. In addition to that, it comes with several flow restrictors. These features make it easy for this fill valve to meet the requirements of various toilet tanks.

Silent Fill provides users with a gracious experience. It quickly and quietly fills the tank. Additionally, the flush valve has multiple fill-rate inserts which enhance water conservation and optimize user performance.

2. Fluidmaster 400CRP14 Universal Toilet Fill Valve

Fluidmaster is a brand that manufactures some of the best toilet flush valve products. Fluidmaster  400CRP14 is a multi-material premium toilet valve which offers high performance. Measuring 3.5 x 6.1 x 13.9 inches, the multicolor product can easily adjust between 9 and 14 inches. It’s a complete kit that perfectly fixes cracked fill valves.

Fluidmaster 400CRP14 Universal Toilet Fill Valve

You don’t need to worry about fitting. 400CRP14 has a universal design and it, therefore, fits a broad range of toilets. It’s versatile enough to withstand extreme levels of use. The kit contains a solid-frame flapper, which precisely aligns with the tank-drain. As a result, it consistently produces powerful flushes after every use.

The easy-to-install kit makes flushing feel new and useful again. Note that you can install the whole kit in just 10 minutes. With the best toilet flapper kit, replace your leaking flapper and the damaged fill valve.

Generally, this flush valve optimizes your toilet’s performance thanks to its fill and flush solution. Unlike most toilet fill valves, 400CRP14 has high effectiveness and it easily solves the common toilet valves issues. It also comes with a corrosion-resistant frame that protects the fill valve system from breaking down.

3. TOTO TSUS99A.X Adjustable-Replacement Fill Valve

TOTO’s TSU99A.X is a user-friendly fill-valve that is compatible with the latest TOTO toilet models. The medium-priced fill valve is one of the best in the market. It’s designed with a universal fill valve feature for versatility. Additionally, the height-adjustable TSU99A.X has an adjustable flow rate that’s specifically designed for two-piece toilets.

TOTO TSUS99A.X Adjustable-Replacement Fill Valve

The plastic fill valve measures 4 x 2 x 12-inches, and it’s designed with the standard inlet connection of 7/8-inch. Generally, it’s an excellent toilet replacement product that solves several toilet fill issues. The universal fill valve can also fit in other toilet tanks.

This is facilitated with the versatile fill level setting that’s adjustable and allows for a smooth set-up as well as operation. Besides that, the fill level setting helps to conserve water and it works using a self-generating type of hydropower.

Note that you can customize it to meet your needs. Its refill volume, as well as the height, can be adjusted to fit your toilet tank’s requirements. As a result, it ensures that you attain optimal performance while using your toilet. TSU99A.X is easy to install. A quick DIY procedure will see you install it in a couple of minutes. So, you don’t need to waste your hard-earned cash hiring a plumber.

4. Korky 2003BP EasyFix Toilet Flush Valve

Just like its name suggests, 2003BP is an easy fix. It allows you to fix your toilet tank valve in a few minutes quickly. The 4.2 x 3 x 1.5-inch is made with plastic rubber. Unlike most basic valves with minimalistic metal parts, this product can withstand corrosion.

Korky 2003BP EasyFix Toilet Flush Valve

The universal product has a specific fit feature. So, it can perfectly fit in your toilet’s tank regardless of the model. 2003BP helps to fix several problems. For instance, you can use it to replace a valve with a loose flapper. Besides that, it helps to eliminate water leaks. This is because it comes with a leak-proof seal.

Additionally, it ensures that the water pressure is high enough for each flush.

The easy-to-install flush valve comes with a stainless steel chain, an easy-fix silicone sealant, a plastic flush-valve seat, and a quality flapper. It doesn’t matter if you are applying well water, hard water or city water treatment. 2003BP is flexible and durable enough to withstand both bacteria and chlorine.

5. Fluidmaster 400AH PerforMAX

400AH is arguably one of the best flush valves from Fluidmaster. It’s a powerful plastic product that features among the top toilet fill valves in the market. Installing 400AH guarantees you value for your money. Besides that, it offers a frictionless performance.

Fluidmaster 400AH PerforMAX

This high-performance toilet valve optimizes how your toilet functions. In addition to that, it saves water. This is facilitated by the roller-clamp, which controls water usage. The compounding effect of this feature is low water bills. Compared to the standard fill valves, this item has a 2 times refill rate. This means that users will never experience inadequate or excess bowel refills.

The quiet flush valve modestly works to with all toilets. 400AH is a universal toilet fill vale which works with TOTO, KOHLER, and other toilet brands. The versatile item features a height-adjustable design ranging between 10 and 15 inches.

This PerforMAX toilet flush valve works faster and better than normal valves. So, if you want to fix a noisy valve or an old outdated valve, this is the best alternative. It’s the best flush valve to eliminate unnecessary noise and enhance your toilet’s functionality.

6. Korky 528 Toilet Fill Valve

Korky 528 is a universal fill valve that guarantees your efficiency and ease of use. For starters, Korky is a toilet repair brand with a focus on providing consumers with premium products. Technology and modernization have changed toilet designs. This means that there are some old, outdated models which need replacement. Korky specializes in the universal repair and replacement parts to ensure that you get products that meet your needs.

Korky 528 Toilet Fill Valve

528 easily fits with a broad range of 1-piece and 2-piece toilets. The universal product is made with multi-material and it’s compatible with brands such as TOTO, American Standard, and Kohler, among others.

It’s quieter than most fill valves. So, you can conveniently make silent trips to the bathroom, even in the middle of the night. The easy-to-install fill valve features an innovative twist-lock adjustment. As a result, the installation process simply takes a few minutes only and there are no tools required. Furthermore, you don’t have to remove your tank to install it.

Korky 528 can effectively replace old technology, for instance, ballcocks. It quickly upgrades the performance and functionality of your toilet. The quiet toilet fill valve measures 4 x 2.25 x 7.75 inches. It also adjusts between 7.75 inches and 13.5 inches and, therefore, fits different toilet models.

The kit comes with a cone washer, refill tube, coupling nut, tube clip, and metal refill. This is a quality toilet replacement part that fixes noisy toilets or running toilets. Additionally, if you have a slow filling toilet, this fill valve is your go-to solution.

7. HydroClean Water-Saving Toilet Fill Valve

HydroClean HC660 is a water-saving toilet fill valve designed to offer two solutions. It eliminates unwanted water loss by preventing water leaks and miscalibration. The easy-to-install heavy-duty plastic product is uniquely designed with a leak detection feature. This helps to save water by precisely pinpointing where the problem is.

Korky 528 Toilet Fill Valve

HC660 is made by Danco, one of the biggest plumbing companies in the world. The brand focuses on the replacement and repair of toilet products. HC660 professionally designed to encourage customers to handle their home improvement tasks personally.

The fill valve quickly refills and it easily calibrates to accommodate the required water amount need in the tank. Note that HC660 makes repairing manageable. It shuts off water found inside the tank. Besides that, it jets clean its tank and effectively parts with each flush.

The 3 x 3.25 x 12.75-inch fill valve has easy adjustments. You can modify its height by adjusting it within the height ranges of 11 inches and 13.8 inches. You don’t even require to hire a plumber. With the Smart Nut feature, you can easily install it yourself without any tools.

8. Mansfield Plumbing Fill Valve

Mansfield is a renowned brand that has a full line of premium bathware. They are specifically designed for commercial and residential use. 08-11-1/2 is a cost-effective solution that doesn’t sacrifice performance or quality. The 19 x 8 x 7-inch fill valve is made with a durable plastic material that perfectly withstands corrosion.

Mansfield Plumbing Fill Valve

It’s durable and long-lasting. It doesn’t matter if you want to repair leaks or replace an outdated valve because this fill-valve is dependable. 08-11-1/2 is a reliable and efficient choice for everyday use. It’s perfect for large households or commercial purposes. Note that this fill valve will impress you with its fast refill rate, which outshines standard models.

Although it’s cheap, the toilet flush valve can effectively withstand the test of time. It comes with a robust construction that guarantees users long-lasting durability. Generally, it has everything that you need for a replacement flush valve.

9. LDR Industries 503 1340 Repair Kit

Are you looking for a cost-effective toilet repair kit? Well, LDR’s 503 1340 is an affordable fill-valve with amazing functionality. It’s made with a durable robust plastic material for long-term use. The product which measures 11.25 x 3.25 x 6.25 inches has an adjustable and versatile anti-siphon valve integrated with a built-in float.

LDR Industries 503 1340 Repair Kit

This is a sturdy toilet repair kit which has a durable body flapper along with a chain. It’s also worth noting that its fill valve has an adjustable height. As a result, this kit can comfortably fit a broad range of toilet design models. Note that 503 1340 is designed with durability in mind. It, therefore, consists of chemical-resistant materials that can withstand harsh elements. This kit doesn’t corrode, wear out, or rust.

You don’t need to employ the services of a plumber when it comes to the installation process. The well-detailed instruction manual clearly highlights the installation process. So, you can save money and time by simply carrying a DIY installation.

10. American Standard Fluid Master Toilet Fill Valve

Constructed with a robust plastic material, American Standard Fluid Master 400A is a durable and versatile toiler replacement part. Not only does it offer worth for money, but it also guarantees you a reliable performance. The easy-to-install universal toilet fill valve is specifically designed to fit your busy lifestyle. It’s, therefore, a perfect addition to high-use areas.

American Standard Fluid Master Toilet Fill Valve

American Standard is known for its innovative bathware products. They are designed to fit all types of lifestyles. Additionally, the durable and long-lasting products are usually engineered to facilitate frictionless use. Fluid Master 400A’s reliability and performance are well-coordinated. So, users are guaranteed seamless use every day.

This toilet valve measures 3 x 3 x 10 inches and conveniently fits any type of bathroom. The kit comes with coupling nuts, lock, valve, and shank washer. Additionally, there is also a refill tube clip, refill tube, and coupling washer. Overall, these components make this toilet replacement part easy to install and use.

Best Toilet Flush Valve Buying Guide

Are you keen on replacing your outdated or leaky flush fill valve? Well, there is a broad range of product models in the market to choose from. But the tricky issue with a high supply of products is that it makes the selection process challenging. I mean, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and confused. To help you choose the best flush valve, outlined below is a suitable buying guide.

Best Flush Valve


It’s important to choose a product with durable material. This means that it will effectively withstand the test of time. Plastic or multi-material flush valves with rubbers are generally good. They have higher corrosion resistance. Material durability is important for both home and commercial toilets.

Note: Avoid products with metallic parts. They easily rust with time. Additionally, they might require constant oiling to reduce friction during movements.


There are different toilet replacement kit manufacturers. They all sell products with varying features of the design. This means that some models are not compatible. For instance, old flush valves don’t have the same design as the latest flush valves.

To be on the trustworthy side, choose the best product with universal design. This means that it can easily fit with any toilet model. Besides that, ensure that you check the height and other dimensions. A flush valve with an adjustable height is advantageous. You can effortlessly customize it to meet your toilet requirements.


Some flush valves tend to produce unwanted noise. Who wants the next party to know that they are using the toilet? So, it’s important to choose a product which has a quiet filling system. The good thing is that nearly all the current models are designed to operate quietly.

The Refill Rate and Water-Saving Feature

This is an important innovation, especially if you have a big household. Additionally, if you are looking for a flush valve for commercial use, this is a crucial feature to consider. The refill rate simply refers to the amount of time the tank takes to refill. Choose a product with a high refill rate. This means that you will spend less time waiting. Note that water-saving is also another key feature to look out for. Choose a flush valve that has an adjustable water volume. Alternatively, you can go for a product with a leak detection feature. This will help to reduce your water bills significantly.


A flush valve with a weak flapper usually produces a weak flushing pressure. As a result, it may fail to be effective. Note that a weak flapper tends to result in water wastage. This is because you might need to flush more than once. So, go for a leak-proof flapper with a tight seal. This type of valve has a powerful flushing pressure and it reduces water wastage.


Cheap does not mean ineffective. On the other hand, fancy does not mean quality. So, while you are shopping, avoid using the price tag range. You can still find the best flush valve at cost-friendly prices. Additionally, you can still buy a high-end product that’s inefficient.


There are numerous flush valves with different design features. However, the products as mentioned earlier are some of the best flush valves in the market. They have superior quality, universal functionality, and long-lasting durability.

These flush valves are mainly made with heavy-duty plastic. As a result, they can withstand harsh chemicals and corrosion. Besides that, they are normally quiet, so you can conveniently make silent toilet trips without worry. If you are thinking of replacing your toilet tank’s flush valve, these are some of the products that you should definitely keep in mind.

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