The 5 Best Toilet Paper for Sensitive Skin

Are you, by any chance, foraging for the best toilet paper for sensitive skin, but to no avail? Well, your coming here is worth the time and effort. I will be doing a more in-depth review of the models to consider as well as provide a comprehensive guide.

Well, we all go to the bathroom, which is pretty much a logical thing to do. However, we do not get the same level of satisfaction, particularly for those using toilet paper. But as long as you have non-sensitive skin, it does not seem to matter a lot.

The same cannot be said for people with sensitive skin. For them, a tissue roll that cleans up the mess thoroughly and is easy on the plumbing system is not all that counts. It should be gentle enough for the delicate, sensitive regions. After all, user comfort counts, and you do not want to suffer swelling and burning sensations.

Unfortunately, it is not all toilet paper that is good for your sensitive skin. Indeed, you have to look beyond your regular, chemical-laden tissue rolls. For that, I round up the best toilet paper to consider for sensitive skin.

Best Toilet Paper for Sensitive Skin

1. Charmin Ultra-Gentle Toilet Paper

Charmin is producing and shipping its toilet papers in record numbers. But it is not all about making profits or beating the clock. Charmin is one brand well-known for its high-quality, eco-friendly toilet papers.

Charmin has three benchmark toilet papers: Ultra-Strong, Ultra-soft, and Ultra-Gentle. Ultra-Strong cleans better, while Ultra-Soft boasts the title of the softest ever.

But as for Charmin Ultra-Gentle, it has the best of both worlds and more. It is gentle, cleans better, and has a touch of soothing lotion for that much-needed extra care. In fact, it is the only dermatologist-approved toilet paper with a touch of soothing lotion. Indeed, it feels more like a sweet, soft aloe caress on your butt.

Well, this toilet paper pretty much has the gentleness of a soft cotton pad. Hence, you can say goodbye to wipe burns, even with frequent use on irritated skin. Though silky smooth and ultra-gentle, this toilet paper has high-strength construction. It does not rip or come apart on your butt.

Charmin Ultra-Gentle is the number one choice for most residential plumbers, and for a good reason. It does not clog and is safe for your septic system. Even more, it is Roto-Rooter approved to make sure of that.

Aside from providing much-needed comfort, this toilet paper is economical and long-lasting. It comes in mega rolls, each with 286 two-ply sheets. Even better, one mega roll equals four regular rolls. And with 18 mega rolls in the pack, it is going to last a long while.

Well, the long-lasting mega rolls are not the only thing that makes this toilet paper more economical. You can sign up with Charmin and save even more.


Charmin is no new name in the toilet paper industry. It is a household name for many, as far as tissue rolls go. Its Ultra-Gentle toilet paper, in particular, goes further to provide the least irritation. Complete with a drop of soothing lotion, it is the best overall toilet paper for sensitive skin.

2. Seventh Generation Unbleached Bathroom Tissue

Seventh Generation brand gives great consideration, not only to its values but also to its products. It is one toilet paper brand that believes we have a responsibility, both in this generation and the next seven, hence the name.

To nurture the next generations, the company focuses on producing plant-based products. Well, its line of toilet paper is no exception. It is pretty much one of the most eco-friendly toilet papers on the market.

Seventh Generation toilet paper uses 100% unbleached recycled paper. So, there is no single tree that goes into making this tissue roll. Also, it saves the energy and the water that goes into the manufacturing process.

The eco-friendly design of this toilet paper not only saves trees, water, and energy. It also makes this tissue roll safe for your septic and sewer systems.

More than saving the environment, the Seventh Generation tissue roll saves your pocket. It has a double roll design that provides the use of 2.5 regular rolls. Also, you can subscribe and save as much as 15%. Notably, the package has 48 double rolls, each with 400 two-ply sheets.

This bath tissue is strong enough to not rip apart in your bum. Even more, it is soft enough not to cause irritation.

Well, the Seventh Generation tissue roll is pretty absorbent. Hence, it wipes you dry and gently. Also, it breaks down easily in water. For that, it comes in handy for low-flow toilets, including those in RVs and portable camping toilets.


As far as sensitive skin goes, unbleached toilet paper is the way to go. Well, Seventh Generation is one toilet paper that has much care, not only for you but also for the environment. If you want an affordable, hypoallergenic toilet paper that gets the job done, this tissue roll is for you.

3. WHOLEROLL Organic Bamboo Toilet Paper

WHOLEROLL focuses on producing sustainable products. And I pretty much like the way it gives back to the environment. A small percentage of the profit, for example, goes into planting trees in devastated areas.

Well, this toilet paper is made of organic bamboo. Not only that, but the wrapping also boasts bleach-free, earth-friendly materials. Hence, aside from being better for your body, it is also better for the planet.

This tissue roll has the softness of cotton, making it gentle on delicate, sensitive skin. So soft is this tissue roll that it can double as wipes for the delicate baby bottom. Also, it is lint-free and hypoallergenic. The latter, in particular, makes it ideal for everyone, including those that suffer from allergies.

WHOLEROLL is a quality-driven toilet paper brand. It gives you a 3-ply tissue roll that is stronger than its one-ply and 2-ply counterparts. Hence, it does not tear apart easily. This toilet paper does more than provide a clean wipe. It has natural antibacterial properties to promote healthy skin.

WHOLEROLL toilet paper is highly absorbent. So, it cleans and dries more with every wipe. Also, it breaks down easily in water to minimize the chances of clogging. This toilet paper comes in 18 mega rolls, each with 200 extra-long sheets. And according to WHOLEROLL, the package lasts as long as 45 regular rolls.

I commend the packaging of this tissue roll. It is pretty compact for space-saving storage. Also, plastic packaging is recyclable, saving the planet even more.


WHOLEROLL toilet paper is among the few 3-ply tissue rolls. It is pretty strong but easy to tear. Even more, the extra thickness makes it ultra-absorbent. For an eco-friendly, quality-driven toilet paper, WHOLEROLL deserves your attention.

4. Bim Bam Boo Organic Bamboo Toilet Paper

Bim Bam Boo is quite a mouthful for a toilet brand. But the name aside, this tissue roll has many accolades to its name.

It was voted the number one toilet paper for intimate care and cleanest formula. Also, this tissue roll has an award in preventing micro-cuts. And for a market leader in the toilet paper industry, you are assured of trusted quality.

There is no single tree that goes into manufacturing this toilet paper. Instead, it comes in 100% bamboo pulp. So, apart from providing a good wipe, it saves the forests. For the record, each box saves 32 pounds worth of trees.

This tissue roll offers much-needed gentleness for a delicate, sensitive bum. It is velvety soft, so much that you can use it as baby wipes.

Bim Bam Boo toilet paper also considers your health. It contains a hypoallergenic formula and is lab-tested for sensitive skin. Even more, it is non-toxic and lint-free.

Well, most tissue rolls promise clog-free performance. But in most cases, it is just for advertisement purposes. This tissue roll is not all about words but also action. It offers a money-back guarantee for its clog-free promise.

The package contains 24 two-ply tissue rolls, each with 295 sheets.

Well, it does not last longer than your regular tissue rolls. It, however, rewards you with healthier, velvety soft pampering.

I like the packaging. Each tissue roll is individually wrapped and packed inside a cardboard box. Hence, you get convenient, space-saving storage for your tissue rolls.


Indeed, you expect a lot from an award-winning toilet paper. Well, Bim Bam Boo does not disappoint. It is not larger than your regular tissue roll. It does, however, boast the cleanest formula and provides intimate care. For velvety soft pampering, this tissue roll should be at the top of your shopping list.

5. Monkeylips Organic Green Tea Toilet Paper

It is quite a bizarre name for toilet paper. But that is not what counts at the moment. The invaluable benefits of this tissue roll are all that matters. Well, this tissue roll comes from 100% green tea virgin pulp sourced from the tea fields of South Korea. And quality is one thing that never disappoints in South Korean products.

Well, about quality, this tissue roll comes from certified organic green tea. It neither has artificial chemicals nor additives. Also, it is hypoallergenic and undergoes high-temperature sterilization. As such, it is more hygienic and provides a clean wipe with no flyaway.

But there is more to the health benefits of this tissue roll. It has carotene and Vitamin A. So, it is gentle on delicate, sensitive skin and nourishes it.

As mentioned, this toilet paper comes from easily-replenished green tea. Hence, no single tree goes into the manufacturing process. As such, this is a tissue roll that is better for you and the planet at large.

This tissue roll has thicker sheets. The highly absorbent 3-ply sheets dissolve easily to reduce the risk of clogging. Well, the roll is not only thicker but also longer. Hence, you get more use than you would in a regular tissue roll. Notably, the packaging contains 30 tissue rolls.


Monkeylips organic green tea toilet paper ticks all boxes. It is thick, strong, gentle, and ultra-absorbent. Also, high-temperature sterilization and hypoallergenic properties make it one of the most hygienic tissue rolls. But one thing that makes this tissue roll stand out is the carotene and Vitamin A. If you want the best tissue roll for skin nourishment, choose this organic green tea tissue roll.

Best Toilet Paper for Sensitive Skin: A Complete Guide

Ply Count

Ply count varies among tissue rolls. It ranges from single-ply to plush four-ply tissue rolls. But what does the play count tell you about a particular tissue roll? Well, ply count affects the comfort, texture, strength, and absorbency of a tissue roll.

Single-ply toilet papers tend to have a rough texture. Hence, they are more irritating to the skin.  So, as far as sensitive skin goes, you should steer clear of single-ply tissue rolls. They, however, dissolve easily, making them ideal for low-flow RV and pressure-assisted toilets.

A tissue roll with at least two-ply counts is thicker, stronger, and softer. As such, it is gentler to delicate skins. Also, it is highly absorbent for a drier clean.


Do you suffer from allergies? Well, not all toilet papers will work for you. After all, some contain additives, such as dye and perfume. Also, some use chemical-laden materials.

So, it will be worth doing your homework first. Seek professional help to determine the type of reactions you have.

However, some brands produce hypoallergenic toilet papers for sensitive skin. But ensure they are 100% organic.


Do not always think about yourself. Take time to also think about your environment. Hence, aim for sustainably-sourced toilet papers. Some are 100% tree-free, such as bamboo and green tea. Others use 100% recycled materials.

Also, consider chlorine-free toilet papers. It is hazardous to your health and the environment.

Clog-Free Performance

A tissue roll can give you much-needed comfort for sensitive skin. But it will be a headache if it is the kind that clogs your drainage system. Well, you do not want the task of having to unclog your toilet every time.

So, aim for a tissue roll that dissolves easily in water. Some toilet paper brands have approved clog-free performance. Others even go further to provide a money-back guarantee for clog-free performance.  Well, such is the confidence you want in a clog-free toilet paper.


Like any other product, buying a tissue roll in single pieces costs you more in the long run. To save more, I recommend bulk buying. Also, other brands have automated orders to reduce the cost even further.

Also, aim for toilet papers with longer rolls. You will be able to use it for longer than you would with a regular tissue holder.


Buying in bulk will help save money. But it is advisable as long as you are 100% sure that the particular tissue roll will work for you. Otherwise, you might lose money on a toilet paper you might end up not using.

So, to be certain, order a few rolls of different brands and do the testing yourself. Choose the tissue roll that feels more comfortable for your skin. Also, ensure it is safe for the environment and your septic system. After that, you are free to order in bulk.


New brands of toilet paper spring put overnight. So many are the options that you can easily fall victim to inferior quality tissue rolls. But there are toilet paper brands that have built the right name for themselves for years. Such is the type of tissue rolls you should aim for.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Why is my skin sensitive to regular tissue rolls?

Answer: Well, most toilet papers are laden with chemicals, dye, and fragrances. Such additives, in most cases, are unsuitable for delicate skin. So, it is best to settle for toilet paper that is specifically for sensitive skin.

Question: How do I know a particular tissue roll is not ideal for my skin?

Answer: There are many tell-tale signs of bad toilet paper. Redness, swelling, itching, and burning are pretty much the most prevalent symptoms. Consider switching brands if such happens to you.

Question: Apart from chemicals, what other thing causes skin irritation?

Answer: Well, the rough texture is also a leading cause of irritations. It happens, particularly for toilet paper that is too thin. That is why I recommend more ply count as it is softer.

Question: Apart from toilet paper, is there anything else I can use for my sensitive skin?

Answer: Well, there are other options. You can use baby wipes or bidets. However, there are drawbacks to using them. Baby wipes, for instance, are not flushable. Hence, you risk clogging your toilet. Bidets, while useful, are not as gentle in some cases. Also, they are more expensive than tissue rolls.

Question: Can I use my toilet paper as baby wipes?

Answer: Yes, you can. However, ensure it is certified for use on delicate skin. Most toilet paper for sensitive skin will also indicate if it is safe for your baby. But ensure it is ultra-gentle and all-natural.

Question: How should females wipe after peeing?

Answer: Well, the best way to wipe is from the front to the back. It prevents the transfer of germs from the rectum to the genitals. Even more, do not wipe twice with the same tissue. Otherwise, you risk urinary tract infections.

Question: Is antibacterial treatment necessary for toilet paper?

Answer: Well, antibacterial treatment is not a must-have for sensitive skin. It does, however, help to maintain daily hygiene. It not only gets rid of the waste but also unwanted bacteria.


Every wipe from a tissue roll should have the care that your delicate skin deserves. Well, I have worked my head off to provide the best toilet paper for sensitive skin. It is your ticket to a plush, gentle wipe without irritation. I agree there are other tissue rolls out there that are just as good for your sensitive skin. However, the above tissue rolls provide the best value possible. But before you buy online or head to your local brick-and-mortar store, let me know the tissue roll that appeals to you the most.

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