The 10 Best Toilet Safety Rails of 2021

So, you have perused multiple sites for the best toilet safety rails but to no avail? Maybe it is high time you re-think your strategy. And this comprehensive review is the best way to get started.

Well, we visit the toilet every now and then to unload. Indeed, the experience is so satisfying and probably something to look forward to. But for the elderly, seniors, handicap, or disabled persons, it is not always a smooth road. At least not without some sort of stabilizing support for sitting down or standing up from the toilet seat.

A toilet safety rail offers such stabilizing support. It even goes further to improve your balance in the process, preventing accidents. Indeed, it makes your time in the bathroom all the more comfortable, even when you feel weak at the joints.

But what toilet safety rail to buy is the million-dollar question. Well, worry no more. I am here to unearth the best-rated toilet safety rails to consider. Let us get going!

10 Best Toilet Safety Rails

1. Carex Stand-Alone Toilet Safety Rails

Carex Stand-Alone is among the leading brands for medical, self-care, and in-home products. Its line of toilet safety rails, in particular, offers tremendous mobility aid and bath safety.

Well, Carex toilet safety rails are available in two styles. There are the stand-alone toilet grab bar and those that attach directly to the toilet.

This particular model adopts a stand-alone design. It fits your standard toilet without the need for installation.

Again, the stand-alone design offers much-needed flexibility around the home. It provides mobility aid around the bathroom. Even more outstanding, you can use it at the sink for standing support.

I like how this toilet safety rail provides sitting, standing, and balance assistance. Even more satisfying is the sturdy frame that holds up to 300 pounds. Indeed, it is ideal toilet support for bariatric use.

But whereas it provides sturdy support, this toilet safety rail comes light. The aluminum construction cuts down the weight to only 9 pounds. Hence, it is less cumbersome on the user and provides durable, long-term use.

Carex toilet safety rail has a 7-position height adjustment. You can set it from 27-33 inches, allowing it to accommodate multiple users.

This toilet safety rail is 23 inches between arms. It is narrow enough to fit most bathroom doors. Yet, it is wide enough to accommodate most toilet seats and provide much-needed stability. Also, it has a 20-inch depth for tip-free performance.

The top frame folds after use for space-saving storage. Even more, you benefit from a quick and easy assembly. In fact, the process is entirely tool-free.

Well, the legs come complete with rubber tips. Hence, they provide skid-resistant performance to provide stability and protect the floor.


Carex stand-alone does more than provide stabilizing support. It also offers mobility in the bathroom and around the house. If your condition is temporary and you want the best adjustable stand-alone toilet safety rail, this model from Carex is the best.

2. Drive Medical Stand-Alone Toilet Safety Rail

Drive Medical Stand is one brand with vast experience in healthcare products. It has that undying winning attitude in enhancing the quality of life. And as far as its self-assist products go, Drive Medical rewards you with state-of-the-art technology.

Well, this stand-alone toilet safety rail is among its best inventions in the world of bariatric and mobility products. It packs impressive features at a price that is hard to beat.

I commend it for the solid built. It uses durable aluminum and has reinforcement braces for much-needed support. Indeed, it can support 300 pounds and slightly more without wobbling.

Aside from the sturdy support, the aluminum frame withstands years of abuse. And the lifetime warranty speaks volumes regarding its unmatched durability.

But while it provides rock-solid support, this toilet safety rail does not have unnecessary bulk. At 9 pounds, it is easy to pick up and carry.

As the name implies, this is a stand-alone safety rail. Hence, it stands freely around the toilet. Also, it provides mobility assistance, both in the toilet and beyond.

Well, this toilet safety rail is not adjustable. But with an arm height of 25.5 inches, it is comfortable enough for most users. Also, the armrests have cushioned support for additional comfort.

The width between the arms is 21 inches. And with a unique design, it provides excellent compatibility, both with standard and elongated toilets.

The overall width is 26.5 inches. It is slightly wider than other toilet safety rails to improve stability. Yet, it is narrow enough to fit through standard doors and tight openings.

It is so thoughtful of Drive Medical to include a magazine rack. It keeps you relaxed and occupied while doing your thing.

Well, the package comes complete with hex screws and nuts. Such a design eliminates the need for tools during assembly.


Drive Medical stand-alone safety rail exudes stability and durability. Also, I love it for using more slip-resistant material, an excellent choice for tile flooring. Should you want a non-adjustable stand-alone safety rail, this is your best option.

3. Vive Stand-Alone Toilet Rail

Vive Stand Health brand has been around long enough to understand what the customers want. Indeed, it does not disappoint regarding mobility and bathroom safety products. And as far as stand-alone toilet rails go, few can match this toilet safety rail quality.

It comes in rust-resistant aluminum. So durable is the frame that Vive Health provides lifetime warranty coverage. Moreover, it is sturdy enough to support 300 pounds.

Well, there is a bit of some issue regarding the weight of this toilet rail. Some put it at 12.2 pounds. However, reliable information from the official site puts it at 5 pounds. And if that is the case, then it is probably the lightest stand-alone toilet rail on the market.

For a freestanding toilet rail, Vive Health offers versatile support. It can fit most standard and elongated toilets. And because it is not fixed to the toilet, it can provide support in other places, including the sink.

I like the padded foam handrails that sit 25.5 inches high. They provide an easy grasp that is comfortable and secure. Also, you can clean the handless easily using standard disinfectants.

The width between the handrails is 21 inches. The overall width, however, is 26.5 inches, small enough to fit tight bathroom spaces. But with 19-inch bottom rails, it provides tip-proof stability.

For Vive Health, easing yourself in the toilet does not have to be boring. And for that, it includes a built-in magazine rack. Hence, you can grab a magazine or two to keep yourself busy.

Vive Health promises easy, tool-free assembly. All you do is put it together using hand knob screws.


Vive is a durable, well-made toilet safety rail. Well, it is not adjustable. However, it provides the right amount of support and is roomy enough to allow for a good stretch. If you want the easiest to assemble stand-alone toilet safety rail, this is it.

4. Medline Toilet Safety Rails

Medline Toilet is one company that has witnessed tremendous growth. It focuses on helping you achieve long-term goals. Also, quality and user comfort are high on the list. No wonder it retains a vast majority of its customers and partners with the most healthcare systems.

This toilet safety frame is among the products that make Medline shine. And if I may point out, it is currently the best-selling toilet safety rail on the market.

Well, this is not a stand-alone toilet rail. Instead, it mounts onto the toilet bowl to provide rock-solid support.

Even for a mount-on safety rail, it is not hard to install. It comes with an adjustable bracket that screws easily onto the toilet bowl. Indeed, you do not need any tools.

Medline is a fully adjustable toilet safety rail and one of the most customizable on the market. Hence, it accommodates a vast majority of users.

You can rotate the armrests back. Even more, you can adjust the width between the armrests from 18-24 inches. It provides not only comfort but also a wide range of secure hand positions. Also, it is easy to adjust to the available bathroom space.

Aside from width adjustments, this toilet safety rail also offers adjustable height positions. You can set the height from 26-31 inches. And with a universal design, it can fit elongated and standard toilet seats.

The armrests provide more than adjustable hand positions. They have non-slip closed-cell foam grips for additional comfort.

Like most high-end models, the Medline toilet safety frame comes in aluminum. It does, however, have an anodized finish for extra durability and rust protection.

This toilet safety frame weighs only 4.5 pounds. Still, it has an outstanding weight capacity of 300 pounds. Also, it comes complete with rubber caps on the legs for non-skid performance.


Medline toilet safety rail offers a versatile solution that accommodates the needs of most people. It might prove a bit difficult to install but does not take time to get the hang of it. Indeed, it is among the best adjustable mount-on toilet safety rails on the market.

5. Vaunn Deluxe Bathroom Safety Toilet Rail

Most brands are changing their approach to product design. Among them is Vaunn Deluxe Medical, a brand that focuses on improving independent life for the elderly and disabled.

This deluxe toilet safety rail is by far the best that Vaunn has to offer regarding bathroom safety. Indeed, it is a product that is engineered with safety, comfort, and durability in mind.

Well, it has an ADA-compliant aluminum frame. It combines durability and sturdy support for persons up to 300 pounds. Still, it comes light weighing only 11 pounds for easy portability.

This toilet safety rail measures 23 inches wide in between the armrests. Also, it is 19 inches deep. As such, it is compact enough for any corner bathroom space. Still, it is sizeable enough to provide stability and tip-proof performance.

Also, you get seven adjustable height positions. At 27.5-33 inches, it is able to accommodate varying needs.

The lightweight construction is not the only feature that improves portability. You can fold this toilet safety rail after use for easy storage and transportation.

Well, Vaunn is a stand-alone toilet safety frame. Hence, it is not only useful in the bathroom but also around the home.

The armrests are outfitted with padded foam grips. They provide a firm, secure grip that is gentle on your hands.

This safety rail is versatile and easy to use. It offers wide-range compatibility with standard and elongated toilet seats. Needless to say, it can work on RV toilets.

You do not have to arm yourself with tools to assemble this toilet safety rail. It comes with knob hand screws that slide into place using your hands.

The package includes skid-proof rubber feet. They keep the safety rail in one place and also provide non-marring performance on all floor surfaces.


Vaunn deluxe safety rail provides long-lasting without the extra bucks. It is a good choice should you want a mid-range stand-alone safety rail that fits around your smart toilet.

6. Medline Guardian Toilet Safety Rail

As mentioned, Medline Guardian is renowned for its durable, high-quality medical equipment. No wonder it makes it yet again in our list of the best toilet safety rails.

Well, this toilet assist is not the best-selling model in the Medline lineup. Still, it puts up an impressive show, surpassing most toilet safety rails on the market.

The frame comes in aluminum but with a chrome finish. It is sturdy, lightweight, and corrosion-resistant. Even more, the chrome finish lends a striking appearance that makes it a bathroom centerpiece.

Medline makes its toilet safety rails as light as possible. This particular model is no exception. It is 3.5 pounds, making it one of the lightest toilet safety rails on the market.

But while it feels light, this toilet rail supports a ton of weight. It can support 300 pounds without as much as a wobble.

Well, this toilet assist mounts onto the bowl via an adjustable bracket. It is secure and allows you to adjust the width between the armrests from 18-24 inches.

Should you want relaxed comfort, you are in for a treat. This toilet safety rail rewards you with non-slip, cushioned grips that double as armrests. Again, the handles rotate to provide multiple and comfortable hand positions.

Medline Guardian toilet safety rail adjusts to all user heights, thanks to the 26 to 31-inch height range. Even more, the height adjustments allow it to fit both standard and elevated toilet seats.

This toilet assist demands no tools. Your hands are enough to complete the assembly process.


I like the extra stability and perfect assistance that this toilet safety rail provides. Also, it fits your toilet bowl, regardless of the shape. If you want a highly adjustable toilet safety rail at an affordable price range, Medline Guardian is for you.

7. Drive Medical Toilet Safety Rail

Drive Medical toilet safety rails come in different styles. Should you not be content with the stand-alone version, you might find this mount-on option quite handy.

Well, it does not have add-on accessories, such as a magazine rack. Still, it is a versatile, fully customizable toilet safety rail that promises ultimate comfort and support.

Whereas the stand-alone version provides height adjustments, this mount-on toilet rail allows you to adjust the width between the armrests. Based on your needs, you can set it at 16.5-19.5 inches.

I like the non-slip foam armrests. They provide padded comfort, support, and secure grip. Even more, you can rotate them back. And for that, it eliminates the strain.

This toilet safety rail has a beefy aluminum frame. It is lightweight and of impeccable quality, hence warranting a lifetime of service.

Notably, this toilet assist weighs only 10.5 pounds. Interestingly, it can hold 300 pounds, making it excellent for bariatric use.

As mentioned, this is a mount-on toilet safety rail. But unlike other versions, it does not have supporting legs. Hence, it gives you the freedom to move your feet. Also, it rewards you with a more space-saving design.

The package includes an adjustable bracket for mounting the frame onto the bowl. Even more outstanding, the entire process is tool-free.

Notably, the armrests sit 11.5 inches over the toilet seat. The height is not adjustable. Still, most users find the 11.5-inch height very comfortable.


Drive Medical is a well-padded safety rail boasting a compact and lightweight construction. Even then, it is pretty sturdy. Should you want a bowl-mount safety rail designed for balance and easy installation, this will suffice.

8. Vive Toilet Rail Bathroom Safety Frame

It seems most brands offer toilet safety rails in two versions: stand-alone and mount-on. Well, Vive Toilet Rails Health follows suit. Aside from the stand-alone version, it has this versatile bariatric assist that mounts onto the bowl.

Well, like other mount-on safety rails, this safety frame is not for one-piece toilets. But that does not make it less versatile.

You can set the height between the handles from 21.5-26.5 inches, giving you plenty of room above the toilet. Even more, you can adjust the height of the rail handle from 26-31.5 inches.

So, while it does not fit one-piece toilets, the fully-adjustable rails fit seamlessly onto any two-piece toilet. Whether standard or elongated toilet, this safety rail has you covered.

Well, this toilet safety rail does not tip the scales in terms of weight capacity. Still, it has the limit of most toilet safety rails, supporting up to 300 pounds.

The aluminum frame promises more than sturdy support. It also provides long-term service and even boasts a lifetime warranty. Yet, it is lighter, weighing only 5 pounds.

I cannot fail to mention the closed-cell foam handles. They are soft to touch, providing pain-free support. Moreover, they have a non-slip surface for a secure grip.

Notably, this toilet safety rail has wider feet than other competitors. It exerts less pressure, limiting floor damage. Also, it rewards you with more stable, non-slip support.

Like other models on the list, the assembly process does not call for any tools. You only need your hands for the task.


It tends to wobble a bit, but only when subjected to a tremendous pressure-assisted toilet. Other than that, this toilet safety rail offers excellent value for money. Indeed, it is among the best customizable options on the market.

9. Moen DN Home Care Safety Bar Toilet Rails

Moen Safty Bar is renowned for providing high-quality products that combine function, safety, and style. Well, the Moen DN7015 safety bar is one such product.

I like this toilet safety rail for the ageless design. It exudes a fashion-forward presence that works seamlessly with modern bathroom décor. Still, it has a glacier-like finish that coordinates with traditional toilets and other Moen bathroom accessories.

Moen DN7015 combines an anodized aluminum frame and high-impact polyethylene armrests. Well, the frame has a powder-coated finish, providing much-needed durability. The polyethylene armrests, on the other hand, are molded for a comfortable grip and durable performance.

The polyethylene handles do not provide a padded comfort. At least not like closed-cell foam versions. Still, the ergonomic grip is worth it. Even more, the plastic material holds up better in wet bathroom environments.

So durable is this safety rail that Moen stands behind it with a lifetime warranty. Again, it provides much-needed support for users up to 250 pounds.

The width between the armrests is not adjustable. Even then, the fixed width of 23.25 inches appeals to most users. Also, the armrests sit comfortably 9 inches from the seat.

This toilet rail provides a hassle-free installation. It comes with mounting brackets for the purpose. Also, this toilet frame does not have leg support. Hence, it offers ample room to move your legs freely.

For an ADA-compliant toilet safety rail, Moen DN7015 gives peace of mind and guarantees comfort. And it offers all at a price that is hard to beat.


I like this toilet safety rail for the ADA-complaint design. It meets industry standards for comfort and safety. For a fashionable, ageless design that complements both modern and traditional décor, Moen DN7015 safety rail is hard to beat.

10. Carex Bowl-Mount Toilet Safety Rail

Just as it opened our list, Carex too closes it. This time, however, it does so with a bowl-mount safety rail.

The Carex bowl-mount design, while not height-adjustable, provides room for width adjustments. At 16-18 inches, the width range fits most elongated and round toilet seats.

Well, the mounting bracket has only two points of attachment that bolt onto the toilet seat. Hence, it is quick and easy to fix, requiring only a screwdriver in the process. Indeed, it is one toilet safety rail that offers foolproof assembly. Still, it provides a solid anchor point for the rails.

Unlike other products on the list, this toilet safety rail comes in steel. It is sturdy enough to hold 300 pounds. Even more, it has a powder-coated finish for rust-resistant and anti-corrosion performance.

The cushioned hand grips provide comfort. And thanks to the closed-cell foam material, you can wipe clean or disinfect with ease.


This bowl-mount safety rail is a versatile tool for the elderly and disabled. Also, it is a one-size-fits-all toilet rail, making it ideal for any toilet you have in mind. Should you want a compact toilet safety rail that does not come in your way, this model will suffice.

Best Toilet Safety Rails: Complete Guide

Even with a complete list of the best models, buying the best toilet safety frames is not something you do in haste. It pays to take time and look at the features that make up the best safety rail. After all, it will help you narrow down to that one single product that best meets your needs. Well, here is a must-read guide you need to look into.


There are two styles of toilet safety rails: stand-alone and mount-on.

Stand-alone toilet safety rails are the more durable option. They go around the toilet, hence need no installation. Also, they provide much-needed mobility aid, not only in the bathroom but also around the home. Stand-alone toilet frames offer excellent compatibility, both for one-piece and two-piece toilets.

Mount-on toilet safety rails bolt directly onto the toilet to provide permanent support. While some do not provide room for height adjustment, mount-on toilet safety rails reward you with adjustable width between the armrests. And since they require some type of gap to mount, mount-on toilet safety rails are best suited for two-piece toilets.

Bathroom Size

Size becomes an issue, especially where you have limited bathroom space. Consider a safety rail large enough to provide stability. Yet, it should be small enough to fit the available bathroom space with some room to spare.

I highly recommend bowl-mount safety rails where space is limited. It hooks directly to the toilet, saving more floor space.

Bowl Shape

Of course, you want a toilet safety frame that fits the shape of your bowl. Most adopt a universal design, fitting both elongated and round toilet bowls. If not, consider a model that is specific to the shape of your toilet bowl.


Chances are you are not going to use the toilet alone. Hence, consider one that has an adjustable height and width. It will accommodate multiple users, even those that do not have disability issues.


Well, toilet safety rails are not that expensive. Still, you want something that is going to hold up for years. After all, it feels satisfying to get a product that serves you to the last penny spent.

You ought to look at the durability in two ways. First, consider a toilet safety rail that provides sturdy support. That way, it will help prevent slips and falls. Also, consider the construction material. It should be resistant to rust, corrosion and allow for easy cleaning.

If you must go for a steel frame, consider the powder-coated option. It will keep the surface free of rust and corrosion. Well, aluminum is naturally rust-resistant and lighter. You can, however, opt for an anodized or chrome finish for even more durable performance.

Weight Capacity

Each toilet safety rail has a weight rating. Most toilet safety rails average 300 pounds. It can, however, be as low as 250 pounds or as high as 350 pounds.

Well, a model that holds up to 250 pounds is great for average users. However, for bariatric use, I recommend a larger weight capacity of at least 300 pounds.


Is your condition temporary? Do you plan to share your bathroom or convey the toilet safety rail to other places?

Well, if your answer is a yes, I recommend a portable toilet safety rail. For that, you want a stand-alone type that you can move with. Also, the ability to fold after use is a huge bonus.


Comfort is paramount. After all, we spend a good time in the toilet, and we want to make it as comfortable as possible.

I recommend a toilet safety rail that has padded armrests. Closed-cell foam is most preferred as it is durable, non-slip, and easy to clean.

Skid-Proof Performance

Do you want a floor-mount or stand-alone toilet safety rail? If so, consider one that has non-slip legs. It will minimize slips and falls as well as protect the floor from scratches.


While it does not cost a fortune, it pays to get a toilet safety rail that lasts. Hence, aim for a high level of quality, durability, and performance. Well, the best way to make sure of that is to settle for a safety frame that has a generous warranty. Most models have a lifetime warranty, which speaks volumes of the impeccable quality and durability.


New brands are surfacing overnight. Some are pretty good at what they do. Most, however, do not meet industry standards. To avoid the risk, I recommend settling for reputable, more experienced brands. Examples of brands to consider are Medline, Vive, Drive Medical, Carex, Vaunn, and Moen.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Are toilet safety rails a must-have bathroom accessory?

Answer: For young, energetic people, a toilet safety rail is not a must. However, for the elderly and physically challenged, it is very crucial. It allows you to anchor yourself, providing balance when raising or lowering your body. Hence, it minimizes the risk of falling dramatically.

Question: Do toilet safety rails require cleaning? If so, how often?

Answer: Well, toilet safety frames need cleaning. You can use soap and water to remove grime and leave them sparkling. I, however, also recommend using disinfectants to kill germs. As to how often you need to clean, I will say once or twice weekly.

Question: Which is better between a toilet grab bar and a full handrail?

Answer: It entirely depends on your needs. Some prefer a single grab bar, while others are more content with full handrails. I, however, recommend full handrails for chronic mobility issues resulting from injury or old age. It provides more support, safety, and comfort.


For the elderly and the disabled, visiting the toilet does not need to be a painful affair. Neither does it have to be a risky undertaking. You can have peace of mind, courtesy of the best toilet safety rails on the market. They provide much-needed safety, support, and comfort from a seated or standing position. Indeed, they mark an end to the slip and fall accidents in the bathroom. But as you say goodbye to the struggles of getting up and down the toilet, let us know the toilet safety rail that best meets your unique needs.

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