The 10 Best Toilet Unclogger Liquid – Recommended by Experts

Do you always have to deal with slow or clogged drains? What if I tell you that you can clear the drain without the mess or cost of a plumber? Well, what you need is the best toilet unclogger liquid for the job.

Maintaining the drain is pretty much a must-do chore. However, some clogs can be quite severe, demanding more than a plunging job. From hair, soap scum, grease to other gunk, clearing such tough clogs calls for a tougher drain cleaner. And this is where toilet unclogger liquids come in handy. They penetrate the water and work deep into the drain to remove clogs. All you do is leave it overnight or a couple of hours and flush it down with hot water.

However, getting the best product for a clogged toilet is no easy task. Not only do you need one that packs remarkable cleaning power, but also a drain cleaner that is safe for your septic and plumbing system. And depending on the purpose, there are different types of toilet unclogger liquids to choose from, including acid, caustic/alkali, and enzymatic drain cleaners. Hence, I see it fit to save you the trouble by compiling the best toilet clog removers to consider.

10 Best Toilet Unclogger Liquid Reviews

1. Drano Max Gel Drain Clog Remover

Drano has a comprehensive list of drain care products. Be it standing water, hair clogs, grease clogs, slow drain, or odors, Drano has the solution.

Well, those dealing with stagnant water and hair clogs will find Drano Max Gel a handy choice. As the name implies, it uses a thick gel formula. It not only dissolves tough hair clogs but also cuts through standing water.

Aside from providing professional strength, Drano Max Gel gets to work fast. It destroys the toughest hair clogs in only 7 minutes.

Though tough on hair clogs, Drano Max Gel is gentle on your plumbing system. Indeed, it is safe on all pipe materials, septic systems, and garbage disposals.

This drain cleaner provides versatile cleaning power for bathtubs, sinks, and showers. Drano is keen on meeting your expectations. It offers a money-back guarantee, should it not meet your expectations.

Also, this clog remover comes in a value pack of two 80-ounce cans. So, with Drano, you not only get guarantees performance but also save money in the process.


Drano Max Gel is a top-performing, consumer-favorite clog remover. It can do slow-flowing drains as well as complete clogs. And as far as hair clogs go, this is one drain cleaner that is hard to beat. It is pretty much the best toilet clog remover on the market.

2. Green Gobbler Drain Clog Dissolver

With chemical-laden drain cleaners getting bad reviews, most brands are shifting to green products. Among them is Green Gobbler, a company that focuses on revolutionary, eco-friendly drain hair cleaners.

This drain cleaner is pretty much the most popular, not only among Green Gobbler products but overall. Indeed, Green Gobbler Drain Clog Dissolver is among the best-selling toilet unclogger liquids.

Well, this clog dissolver is a green product. Hence, aside from being great for your toilet, it is also safe for your pipes and septic system. Even more, it is odorless and free of toxic fumes.

Green Gobbler clog remover uses an ultra-thick formula. As such, it does not go to waste down the drain. Instead, it clings onto your pipes to keep them working. Also, the ultra-thick formula is dense enough to cut through standing water.

This drain cleaner works to dissolve grease, soap scum, toilet paper, and hair clogs. Moreover, it works in minutes. I, however, recommend you leave it overnight or at least 2 hours before flushing.

Green Gobbler drain cleaner is not only for toilets. You can also use it to remove clogs on your sink, bathtub, and shower.

Well, this clog remover comes pre-measured. There is no need for mixing, hence eliminating guesswork.


This drain cleaner uses a proprietary blend of environmentally-friendly ingredients. Aside from its eco-friendly formula, it pretty much dissolves any clog. Also, I like the pre-measured quantities that save you the extra work of mixing. Indeed, it is the best enzymatic drain cleaner on the market.

3. Green Gobbler Ultimate Main Drain Opener

Green Gobbler is never short of high-quality, eco-friendly drain cleaners. However, not all of them have the strength to unclog the main drain. Such a task is better left for Green Gobbler Ultimate main drain opener.

This main drain opener offers industrial strength to liquefy the toughest drain obstructions. It dissolves grease, baby wipes, soap scum, oils, paper, and hair clogs.

Well, it uses an ultra-thick formula that addresses as well as prevents clogs. The high-density formula cuts through water and clings to your pipes to keep them working.

Aside from the main residential lines, this drain cleaner goes further to unclog toilets, sinks, and bathtubs.

Of course, it is an eco-friendly drain cleaner. So, you get to worry less about toxic fumes. Again, it is safe for your septic and plumbing systems.

Well, the Green Gobbler main drain opener gets to work in minutes. Indeed, it can liquefy stubborn hair clogs in 25 minutes. But for best results, I recommend you let it sit for at least 2 hours. And if possible, you can do several treatments to remove the clogs entirely.


This drain cleaner packs the most cleaning power in the Green Gobbler lineup. Though eco-friendly, it has ultimate cleaning strength for liquefying the toughest obstructions. I vote it the best toilet unclogger liquid for the main drain line.

4. Xion Lab Industrial-Strength Drain Opener

Xion Lab is a clog remover that offers many drain cleaning solutions. It is excellent for your sink, bathtub, and shower. And with industrial-strength cleaning power, it can tackle the most stubborn clogs.

It uses a plant-based, biodegradable, eco-friendly formula. Not only is it safe for your health but also for your pipes and septic system.

The thick formula cuts right through the water and clings to your pipes, making it more effective. It takes care of different obstructions, ranging from oils, grease, fats, soap scum to hair.

For thorough cleaning, I recommend you let it sit for 6-8 hours before flushing. Also, I commend Xion Lab for including dose marks on the bottle. It allows for precise application.

Xion Lab does not only use an eco-friendly drain cleaner. It also uses recycled materials for the bottle. So, it is a green unclogger liquid in green packaging.

The company stands behind its product to ensure it performs to your expectations. And to make sure of that, it offers a money-back guarantee.


Xion Lab is pretty much a hybrid drain cleaner. It combines acidic, caustic, and enzymatic cleaners in one package. That makes it a do-it-all clog remover that works like a charm. Should you want the best combination of enzyme and chemical cleaners, I recommend you choose Xion Lab.

5. Clorox Heavy-Duty Liquid-Plumr Clog Remover

Clorox needs no introduction in the world of drain cleaners. It makes all forms of drain cleaners, including liquid, powder, and tablet clog removers.

Well, this heavy-duty unclogger liquid promises uncontested cleaning power. It is a lab-tested formula guaranteed to work. So effective is this cleaner that it promises better performance than Drano Max Gel clog remover.

This drain cleaner cuts through hair, grease, soap scum, and gunk. And thanks to the high-density formula, it penetrates deeper into the water.

Clorox drain cleaner works on both tough clogs and slow-running drains. Also, the fast-acting formula unclogs your drains in only 15 minutes. Even more, it is a ready-to-use formula, hence no need for mixing.

Whereas it is tough on clogs, Clorox drain cleaner is gentle on your pipes and septic system. Notably, this is a commercial-grade drain cleaner. Hence, it can be used on a wider scale, including in schools and restaurants.


Clorox liquid-plumr is a high-strength drain cleaner that powers through clogs like crazy. It can handle even complete clogs as long as you leave it to sit overnight. Indeed, it is one of the best toilet unclogger liquids for commercial applications.

6. Drano Max Clog Remover Gel

It looks more like the Drano Max Gel clog remover. However, the two drain cleaners are pretty much different.

Whereas Drano Max Gel focuses more on hair clogs, this Drano Max clog remover excels at clearing total blockages. Hence, it offers maximum strength for clearing soap scum, hair, and other gunky clogs.

Well, this drain cleaner uses the same thick formula that penetrates the water straight to the clog. And like most drain cleaners from Drano, it guarantees clog-free protection. As always, Drano offers a money-back guarantee for reassurance.

Though it packs some serious cleaning power, this drain cleaner does not harm your plumbing system. Also, it is safe for your septic system and garbage disposal.


Well, Drano Max Gel is the best overall as far as toilet unclogger liquids go. But that does not make this drain cleaner any less effective. It, too, is at the top of its game. If you want a clog remover for total blockages, this toilet unclogger liquid will suffice.

7. Instant Power 1969 Hair/Grease Drain Opener

Drain cleaners pack different cleaning powers. And as far as non-acid cleaners go, Instant Power 1969 drain opener is the strongest. Indeed, it packs up to 20 times the cleaning power of most drain cleaners.

It is an exceptionally strong cleaning formula. And as the name goes, it does not take time to work its magic.

Well, most drain openers only tend to dissolve clogs. The Instant Power 1969 drain opener, however, combines two cleaning functions. It not only dissolves hair and other clogs but also generates heat to melt grease.

This drain opener will give you results in minutes. However, you can let it sit in the drain overnight for the best results. After all, the longer it sits, the more material it dissolves.

Instant Power stands behind its product to ensure it performs as per your expectations. It even goes further to indicate guaranteed performance in the packaging.


Most drain cleaners remove clogs through dissolution. Well, the Instant Power drain opener does things in a different way. It dissolves as well as generates heat to remove grease. Such specs make it one of the fastest clog removers. For stubborn grease and hair, you can count on this drain cleaner to deliver.

8. Liquid Clog Remover By Green Gobbler

Green Gobbler never ceases to amaze with its complete line of drain products. Indeed, its name pops up a couple of times in our list of the best toilet unclogger liquids. But if you think that is all that Green Gobbler has to offer, you are greatly mistaken.

It has this remarkable drain clog dissolver. Unlike others that come in smaller quantities, this clog remover is packed in a 1-gallon container. Hence, there is enough for large-scale or repeated use.

This clog remover dissolves grease, hair, soap scum, and paper. And like all Green Gobbler drain cleaners, it is safe for your pipes, septic, and sewer system.

It uses the same thick formula for better penetration, particularly through standing water. Still, it clings to your piping system to keep it working.

Green Gobbler drain clog dissolver is guaranteed to work, and it does so within minutes. You can use it in sinks, toilets, and showers.


This clog dissolver lives up to the reputation of the Green Gobbler company. It is eco-friendly, fast, and safe for your pipes. Even more, it dissolves grease and hair with ease. For a free-flowing pipe and drain, you cannot go wrong with this clog remover.

9. Professor Amos Super-Fast Drain Cleaner

Some drain cleaners are about thorough cleaning. Others are all about super-fast cleaning. Well, this drain cleaner combines all. It cleans fast and deeper.

Professor Amos Super-Fast is a pretty popular drain cleaner. It has sold millions of bottles, which tells you it is among the favorite on the market.

This drain cleaner works on both clogs and sticky buildups. It can liquefy anything from hardened grease to soap scum to keep your water flowing. Even more, it dissolves hair, making it ideal for those that bathe their pets at home. So, it is pretty much a drain cleaner for all types of clogs.

Despite packing commercial-strength cleaning power, this clog remover does not harm your pipes. Even more, it is safe for your septic system.

Well, Professor Amos Super-Fast clog remover promises guaranteed results. Also, it comes in a package of two, each bottle providing 4-6 treatments.


Professor Amos Super-Fast drainer cleaner keeps your pipes spotless regardless of the clog type. It uses lye-based formula tough enough for hardened grease and soap scum.  Well, this is easily one of the best caustic clog removers on the market.

10. ComStar Pure Lye Bead Drain Opener

ComStar is a global leader in providing green solutions. And with over 600 products to its name, this is a company that is serious about what it does.

Well, the ComStar lye drain opener is not a liquid perse. It, however, dissolves in water to provide an odor-less, non-acidic cleaning formula.

Notably, this drain cleaner is in the form of lye beads. At 99%, it is indeed the purest lye beads on the market. It contains no fillers, dye, or water.

This food-grade, biodegradable drain cleaner provides industrial-strength cleaning power to unclog small drains, grease traps, and septic tanks.

A little can go further to provide repeated treatment. Two pounds of lye beads, for instance, can make up to 100 gallons of cleaning solution.

This drain cleaner is pretty safe, even on fine fixtures. And aside from unclogging your drain, it also comes in handy in the soap making process. Hence, it is a multi-use cleaning formula that is worth your attention.


ComStar is a strong, alkali-based drain cleaner. It provides industrial-strength cleaning power in an eco-friendly, biodegradable formula. Even more, it doubles as a soap-making product. I vote it the best multi-use crystal drain cleaner on the market.

Best Toilet Unclogger Liquid: Complete Guide

Type of Drain Cleaner

There is a variety of liquid drain cleaners, each with a different purpose. We have enzymatic, caustic, and acidic drain cleaners.

Enzymatic drain cleaners, as the name suggests, pack enzyme-producing bacteria that feed on clogs. Generally, enzymatic drain cleaners do not handle tougher clogs, such as grease and soap scum. They are, however, pretty efficient in dissolving soft materials, such as hair and paper. Typically, this gentle formulation is free of toxic substances. Hence, protective gear is not a must-have.

Caustic drain cleaners are pretty much alkali-based chemicals. It converts the clog into a soap-like substance, making it easy to dissolve in water. Well, caustic drain cleaners are less toxic than their acidic counterparts. Also, they are gentle on your pipes. However, avoid using them on old pipes, say 20 years or more. Choose caustic drain cleaners if you want to remove food, soap scum, and grease clogs. And since they tend to cause irritations, I recommend you wear safety gear.

Acidic drain cleaners are pretty much the most powerful. They provide heavy-duty cleaning for all types of clogs, including grease, soap scum, paper, hair, and food. Also, acidic cleaners use a fast-acting formula. In most cases, it dissolves tough clogs in under 15 minutes. However, like caustic cleaners, acidic drain cleaners can damage old pipes. Also, they demand safety gear during use.


Whichever type of drain you want to clean, you are most likely to encounter standing water. Hence, I recommend using a toilet unclogger liquid that can cut through the water and penetrate deeper into the drain.

So, aim for a drain cleaner that has a thick gel-like formula. It will cut through the water and cling to the pipes to keep them working. Well, using a lighter formula will only work above the waterline, making it impossible to get rid of clogs.


Size, specifically the quantity of the drain cleaner, matters a lot. Even the most powerful acidic drain cleaners might require repeated treatments for the best results.

Well, you cannot get repeated treatments from a small bottle of toilet unclogger liquid, not unless you buy multiple bottles. So, I recommend buying in large quantities, at least 30 ounces. Such amount will last 4-6 treatments, eradicating the clog.

Pipe and Septic-Safe

Well, drain cleaners will no doubt get in contact with your piping system. And once the cleaning is done, it all ends up in the septic system.

Hence, it is good to consider a drain cleaner that is gentle on your plumbing and septic systems. Also, it should work with all pipe materials, including plastic and metal. After all, you do not want to incur extra costs for damaged plumbing or septic system.

Clog-Free Guarantee

I have come across many drain cleaners that claim to provide clog-free protection. However, they do not provide anything for reassurance. Hence, if possible, consider cleaners that provide guaranteed results. Should it not work, you have a chance of getting your money back.


Do not only choose a safe drain cleaner. Also, aim for one that is easy to use. After all, you do not want a drain cleaner that will also require plunging work. Instead, aim for a clog remover that you pour, let it sit, and do its magic. Also, if possible, consider pre-measured drain cleaners. It will save you the extra work of mixing to get the right ratio.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Can a toilet unclog itself?

Answer: It can, but not always. However, it will take quite a long time to do so. Again, it is only possible for water-soluble materials. And even in the event it does, it is less likely to clean the residues that cling onto the pipes. Hence, such a task should be left to the toilet unclogger liquid.

Question: After the drain cleaner has done its job, should I flush it with hot or cold water?

Answer: Well, you can use cold water. However, you have a chance of dealing better with the clog by using hot water. It speeds up the dissolving process, loosening up the clog much faster. But ensure the water does not reach boiling point as it can deform plastic pipes.

Question: What enzymes break down clogs?

Answer: Well, there are different types of enzymes for the different clog materials. The most notable are cellulose, lipase, protease, and amylase. Cellulose works best on paper. It can, however, break down some food matter. Lipase works best on fats while protease breaks down proteins. Amylase, on the other hand, breaks down starches.


I hope you now know the uncontested champions in the world of liquid drain cleaners. Even more, you are now aware of how much time and effort the best toilet unclogger liquid can save you. Save yourself the trouble and the extra cost of professional plumbing service by picking the best toilet clog remover on the list. Just be sure it is compatible with the type of clog you want to blast away.

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