Health Benefits of a Steam Shower

Steam bathing with the use of a steam shower is gaining popularity today due to the tremendous health benefits it has to the body. A steam shower is a sealed, self-contained enclosure that uses a hot bathing stream generated by a steam generator within the shower.

Once powered, the steam generator is able to boil water generating steam, which is channeled via a steam head into the shower. It is designed so that the operating time and temperature can be regulated depending on preference.

Steam showers are commonly found in the spa, health centers, gymnasiums and also can be installed in residential homes for those who prefer having a steam shower at home. Various health benefits of a steam shower include.

Health Benefits of a Steam Shower

Enhances proper blood circulation

Steam bathing increases the vasodilation of blood vessels within the body due to increased temperature from steam. This improves smooth blood flow to various parts of the body, reducing overall blood pressure and promoting the proper cardiovascular system function.

Improves breathing

Nasal congestion resulting from airway blockage, especially in asthmatic patients, is eased after a steam shower making breathing easier. Inhaling warm air via nasal passages helps relax, moisten nasal passages, and promote drainage from nasal cavities, which clears blockages and enhances breathing.

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Improves skin health

Exposure of sun rays and various toxins to the skin damages it, promoting early aging symptoms such as wrinkles. Steam bathing reverses these effects by opening up skin pores clogged by bacteria and toxins. This removes acne, dirt, damaged, and dead skin, allowing for proper airflow, improving skin health.

Steam also helps in moisturizing and hydrating the skin by increasing collagen skin protein synthesis.

This helps in keeping the skin toned, healthy and enhances its appearance.

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Reduces pain and inflammation

Discomfort and inflammation correlated with diseases such as arthritis can be reduced by taking a steam shower. Steam is able to offer lubrication to joints enhancing their performance. Increased blood circulation as a result of steam bathing also reduces pain and inflammation by increasing immune response and transport of anti-inflammatory cells to the affected area.

Reduces muscle soreness after exercise

After exercise, metabolic acids such as lactic acid tend to build up within the muscles causing stiffness, pain and tiredness. Steam helps in easing this by stimulating the body to eliminate the lactic acid produced.

Enhances muscle growth

Steam bathing enhances the formation of heat shock proteins within the body, which protects muscle proteins from being destroyed by the formation of free radicles. This helps in protecting against muscle damage and promoting muscle growth. It also boosts muscle growth by enhancing growth hormone production within the body associated with muscle growth.

Promotes body metabolism and reduce overall body weight

Steam increases the rate of metabolism within the body by increasing heart rate and blood circulation. This enhances the rate of metabolic processes, increasing sweat production and fat burning, leading to weight loss.

Helps in stress reduction and management

Steam tends to relax muscles by reducing tension and promote the release of hormones in the brain that are associated with stress reduction and improves mood.

Promotes quality sleep

By relaxing muscles and reducing stress, steam bathing improves sleep. It is also able to prolong the rapid eye movement sleep cycles associated with deep sleep.

Improves the body to get rid of toxins

By steam bathing, the body is stimulated to produce more sweat, which helps eliminate toxins from the skin and the body. Excess sodium minerals within the body are also reduced in the process.

Enhances immune response

Increased blood circulation, especially when having a cold, enhances the flow of white blood cells within the body, fighting infections, and reducing the chances of disease infection.

In addition to the above health benefits of a steam shower, installing a steam shower has various advantages. These include low energy and space consumption, easy operation, and low operational costs. However, caution should be taken when using steam showers. For example, the shower should be minimized to a maximum of twenty minutes to avoid body dehydration caused by excessive sweating.

Also, using public steam showers is associated with bacterial and fungal infection; hence, proper shower gear should be used to reduce infection risks. Diabetic, epileptic, and cardiovascular disease patients are not recommended to use a steam shower as it can cause increased blood pressure worsening the disease condition.

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