How To Clean A Bathroom Floor – DIY for Beginners

If you are planning to clean your bathroom, you need to prepare yourself with knowledge and information on how to clean a bathroom. You need some supplies, which include cleaners and cleaning tools. A bottle of all-purpose cleaner wouldn’t be enough.

You will need other things like toilet bowl cleaner, glass cleaner, a soft scrubbing cleanser together with your all-purpose cleaner. You are also going to need a whole lot of elbow grease for cleaning up your bathroom. If the bathroom is the place you go to get clean, you also have to ensure that the place itself is clean.

Cleaning the bathroom requires a step to step procedure, and the following should be taken into consideration to know.

How to Clean a Bathroom Floor – A DIY Guide

Tools of the Trade

Now for the cleaning tools, you will need a feather duster, a broom, a dustpan, a toilet brush, a mop and a bucket, paper towels, a shower scrubber, rags, sponges, trash bags, and your rubber gloves. Depending on the bathroom you are cleaning, use the right tools to ensure that you’re getting every bit of dirt out and making your bathroom spic and span.

Now that you have everything you need to clean your bathroom, you can start the actual task.

Ready, Set, Go

First, put your rubber gloves on. This will protect your hands from even the most abrasive of bathroom cleaning substances. Make sure that the door is open and you have good ventilation in the bathroom.

The next step in how to clean a bathroom is to get rid of laundry or trash. Start dusting the vents or the fans using an all-purpose cleaner and a cloth. If you have decorations in your bathroom, take them down and dust them.

It would be best if you then dusted your window coverings as well. For lighting fixtures, if you have washable ones, you can clean them using water and your all-purpose cleaner.

Use of Vinegar in Bathroom Cleaning

Vinegar is used to clean shower heads by tying the showerhead with a vinegar filled plastic. The entire arrangement is left overnight for soaking and then is cleansed by running the water in the first hour of the morning. The shower curtains are washed in the washing machine using a light detergent and a scrub.

The shower can also be cleaned using bleaching powder and washing soda, but vinegar is always a better option, as theory suggests. The showerhead must also be dried after washing it with water.

The Shower/Tub

For dirty shower curtains, you can wash the curtain out and replace the liner. For ancient shower curtains, you can easily buy a new one to replace them. For shower doors, wash them with shower cleaner.

When thinking about the shower and your tub, it’s best to stand inside them to get them clean. Wash them with a shower cleaner, and don’t forget to clean the fixtures too. The process of how to clean a bathroom also involves the sink. Scrub it down, and also don’t forget those fixtures either.

Wipe the Mirror

As part of your daily method, you can maintain your bathroom’s cleanliness by wiping the mirror, wiping the sink and the smart toilet, and swooshing the toilet bowl with a brush. Do all this and you have accomplished the process of how to clean a bathroom.

Good Steady Always

Knowing how to clean your bathroom like a pro will stand you in good stead always. Of course, the reason for this is that the bathroom is the number one breeding ground for bacteria in the home. If you keep that clean, you will never have to worry about contamination elsewhere.

Frequency of Cleaning the Bathroom

You might wonder how often it is advisable to wash your bathtubs. It would be best if you washed your bathtub almost every day of the week after finishing with your bath with a bathroom cleanser. Our bathroom floors often accumulate mildew using the bathroom’s moisture and prevent this exhaust fan from being used every day.

Use of Bathroom Cleaner Machine for the Job

A bathroom cleaning machine is an automated device that sprays foam over all the objects in your bathroom to begin the cleaning process. The foam spread on the items has an acidic reaction that wipes out any bacteria growing on the surface. The foam is then cleared using a spray of water, after which a vacuum is used to remove the moisture.

Though this method is relatively uncommon for bathrooms at your residence, it is a preferred mode of cleaning restaurants and clubs. It is quite expensive for the average person to afford and therefore, alternative methods are preferred at home.

The Rest

As for the toilet, scrub it down with the toilet cleaner and brush. Wipe the outside of the toilet with the all-purpose cleaner. This is a good time to throw out old medications and toiletries from your medicine cabinet and under the sink.

Wipe down the cabinets too. You also have to wash the mirror with a glass cleaner. Shake out the rugs in your bathroom, sweep, and then mop the floor.

Bottom Line

Now you know how you can have that sparkling clean bathroom and protect yourself and your family from diseases and harm. Deep cleansing should be undertaken once every two weeks to make sure that everything is in order. For the most part, it will become like a routine to you eventually, which is a good thing.

Keeping bacteria out of your horns is very important, especially if you have small children looking after. Thankfully, deep cleaning your bathroom like a professional is not that difficult, and it is something that your inner perfectionist will significantly appreciate. The above are tips to help you know how to clean a bathroom floor and maintain it healthy. ‘Get started today.’

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