How To Fix a Slow Filling Toilet Tank

Have you ever experienced a toilet tank with a slow refill? If yes, what action did you take to solve that frustrating problem? Most tanks refill in few minutes, though, depending on the water pressure available. Besides, others may take more time to top off water.

However, this is a common issue that shouldn’t worry you much. The good news is it’s not a must to hire the toilet tank experts to fix the problem. You can do it yourself! Interesting, isn’t it? In case you’re in such a situation, follow the below tips.

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The Buildup in the Valve Tube

To settle this, you need to turn off the water supply first. Afterward, lift the float cup (in the tank) upwards and ensure the valve shaft is open.

Next, remove the cup assembly partially and check the buildup.

Finally, open it entirely and turn on the water to clean the debris. Then allow water to flow into the tank. And this takes us to the next step.

Repairing and Replacement of Valves

How would you feel after removing the clog in the pipe but still experience a slow refilling tank? Don’t even try to deny it that you can feel bad. All you need is to repair the flush valves or the parts with the problem.

Additionally, you can make a better plan to replace the fill parts with the new ones. Interestingly, you can quickly get the repair parts from your local sellers. Note that you should be very careful when choosing the repairs; not all retailers are genuine, and most parts are not of high quality.

Toilets with Low Water Pressure

Weak water pressure is another common problem that can make the toilet tank fills slowly. The best solution is to look for a new tank and install it to bring speedy water pressure.

Remember, an old tank brings out water at low speed, but the new one has a higher speed rate.

Most low water pressure toilet cases in the toilet tanks are due to clogged water supply valves. The clog which minimizes water pump pressure may be caused by debris, stains, and other mineral deposits in the pipe. Thus, you need to clean and remove these clogs for higher water pressure.

How To Fix a Slow Filling Toilet Tank



Fixing a slow filling toilet tank is essential to every homestead among other houses. However, one should take it positively to clean the clogs and reinstall the valve when possible. But in case the problem continues, you can replace the parts or install new ones.

More so, there are those recommended parts one should replace with; thus you should be very careful while choosing. And if you feel that you cannot fix the problem well, it’s good to call for assistance. As said above, hire a professional, and the issue will get fixed at no time.

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