The 5 Best Saniflo Toilet Reviews in 2021

A Saniflo toilet is a revolutionary toilet system that allows you to build a bathroom anywhere you want without having to tear up the floor and reroute existing plumbing. You can easily add an en-suite bathroom to your home or add a washroom to your basement during your remodel without the need to perform major construction. Here, we present you with Saniflo toilet reviews to help you choose the right option for your home.

How does the Saniflo system work?

At the heart of the Saniflo system is the macerator: a patented device that breaks down waste before pumping it to your central plumbing or septic tank up to 150 feet away. The macerator takes only seconds to break up waste, so there’s no need to worry about blockages or backups. Soon after you flush, the tank is emptied and the toilet refilled, ready to use again.

Best Saniflo Toilet Reviews

1. Saniflo Saniaccess 2 Upflush Toilet

Fitting a half bathroom has never been so easy. The Saniflo Saniaccess 2 system allows you to install a toilet and sink without the hassle of installing major plumbing during your remodel. This innovative technology means that you can install a bathroom in any space, no matter how small.

Discharge your toilet in fifteen seconds

The Saniaccess2 system is built to fully discharge your toilet within fifteen seconds with very low power consumption. This indicates that you can fast and efficiently remove your waste with the reassurance that your environmental footprint is kept to a minimum.

Remove gray water too

The Saniaccess2 system is fitted with a 1-12 inch inlet that allows you to discharge gray water from a sink. This will enable you to complete your half bathroom while taking advantage of the innovative macerator system that Saniflo is known for.

Complies with plumbing codes

Though your new toilet is not plugged directly into your central plumbing, the Saniaccess2 is built to comply with all plumbing codes. A 1-1/2 inch vent connection on the pump’s side means that you can connect to your two-way vent system.

2. Saniflo Sanicompact One-Piece Toilet

If you’re building your new bathroom in a very tight room, such as a closet or space under your stairs, then you need a solution that can help you to maximize your available space. This compact toilet allows you to tailor your fixtures to accommodate any sized area without sacrificing the utilities you need.

All-in-one solution

The Sanicompact is small, but don’t let that fool you. The system contains the bowl, support, and macerator in one piece, so that way, you can install it wherever it needs to go and have it look great. Everything is hidden within the support, so your remodel will look clean and tidy.

Fit any installation you require

If you’re working with a tight space, you may not have many options when it comes to where to place your new flushing toilet. The Sanicompact comes with 90-degree discharge elbows so you can set the toilet and the sink in any configuration that suits you.

No ventilation needed

The Sanicompact system is a forced main, which means you don’t require additional venting to comply with plumbing codes and regulations. This means that you aren’t limited to how you place your system, as there are no extra pipes or vents to run.

3. Saniflo Saniplus Upflush Toilet Kit

The Saniplus system is an all-in-one full bathroom solution that allows you to fit a complete bathroom using the Saniflo technology that you love. With a number of options for configuration combined with the highly-efficient environmentally conscious design, you can rest assured that you have the best fittings for your home and hearth.

Save space with the round bowl.

The Saniplus system is designed with many options, and the round bowl can help you to get the most utmost out of your bathroom. Designed to take up less space the bowl is a comfortable and ideal addition to any bathroom.

Noise-reduction technology

If you’re conscious of your flush’s sound, the Saniplus system is designed to incorporate vibration absorbers in the places that matter the most. This reduction in sound transmission means that you can use the toilet without bothering anyone, even if it’s at midnight.

Low flush system

There’s a growing emphasis on the impact we have on the environment, and the Saniplus system can help you to reduce the effect you have. Using a low-flush capacity of 1.28 U.S. gallons of water per flush, this toilet is a simple and efficient solution to the environmental crisis.

4. Saniflo Saniplus Two-piece Toilet

Building on the full-bathroom Saniflo solution that we’ve already described, this Saniplus two-piece toilet system affords you features that maximize your comfort while providing accessibility for those who need it.

Elongated bowl for accessibility

This Saniplus system is built with an elongated bowl allowing for accessibility for those who have trouble with movement. Not only that, but the seat height is the full 16-3/4 inches required for ADA compliance.

Quieter, more efficient design

Saniflo has focused on developing the macerating toilets with the mast optimized features, and the newly designed Saniplus system takes full advantage of this fact. This system boasts a noise reduction of 10dB during flushing than other Saniflo options.

Convenient to configure

The Saniplus system has the ability to discharge water from the toilet and two additional sources, such as a sink and a bathtub. You are not limited to the configuration of the sources, angle the discharge tubes the way you want them for convenient placement.

5. Saniflo Sanibest Pro with Elongated Bowl

The Sanibest Pro gives you the ability to incorporate a full bathroom and laundry into any part of your home, regardless of your plumbing configuration. This high-efficiency toilet is perfect for high-use homes or offices, giving you the power and flexibility that Saniflo is known for.

Connect your washing machine

For a combination bathroom and laundry, the Sanibest Pro allows you to indirectly connect a washing machine through a laundry tub. This means that you can turn your basement into a fully fitted utility room.

Perfect for commercial spaces

The Sanibest Pro is a powerful system that can pulverize any object, which means that you can install it somewhere where you can’t control what goes into it. With the ability to grind up q-tips, napkins, and other thicker materials, you’ll be able to avoid blockages keep your systems flowing.

High powered bathroom solution

With the ability to install up to 25 feet below your sewer line, this is the most versatile solution from Saniflo. This high-powered toilet solution is suited for hard-to-fit bathrooms in basement and subbasement levels.

Final verdict

Your bathroom is one of the most valuable rooms in your home, and without the proper plumbing, you may think that you have to perform extensive remodeling to fit and perfect this space. However, with a Saniflo system, you are able to install your bathroom wherever you want it, with the convenience of no construction or rerouting of your plumbing lines.

We hope that these Saniflo toilet reviews have helped to inspire you for your next bathroom remodel. For a complete bathroom and laundry solution, your best option is the Saniplus Pro, but the compact design and flexibility of the Sanicompact may be your perfect solution.

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