Toto Entrada Review

I was looking for an affordable and quality toilet that would suit a smaller bathroom. After some research, I have decided to order this one. Compared to some other toilets, it looked perfect and the price was much lower.

We have three smaller kids, and we always had problems with the toilet getting clogged. The specifications said that this toilet has a strong flush and doesn’t use too much water, which is another bonus when it comes to saving water.

We decided we had nothing to lose, so we ordered it. It arrived pretty fast and very well packaged. It came in two separate packages, but that didn’t really bother us and was also specified when we ordered it.

Notable Features:

  • Two pieces, elongated toilet
  • It comes in two colors (cotton white and Sedona beige)
  • Modern and sleek design
  • Universal height
  • Powerful flush
  • Easy to clean
  • Uses 128 gallons of water for one flush (makes it eco-friendly and powerful at the same time)
  • Comfortable seat for different users, due to its universal height

Toto Entrada Review

Easy To Install

This toilet was very easy to install (we did it ourselves) and it looks good. The small tank seems very elegant and makes it look more expensive than it is. The metallic handle looks beautiful, and it adds to the value. It suits our bathroom nicely and doesn’t take as much space as the previous one.

We forgot to order the toilet seat with the toilet, so we got a regular seat at the nearby store, and it was a perfect fit. I think you can even order a matching toilet seat with the toilet, but we completely forgot about that.

Don’t forget to buy the bolts, the wax ring, and the supply lines, as they don’t come with the toilet.

What a Flush

I have to say, we had this toilet for a few months now, and it wasn’t clogged so far. I never believed that it could be possible. This is a very pleasant change because I was getting very frustrated, unclogging our previous toilet every week or two.

Our kids are too small to have a sense of economy, so having a smaller tank, I don’t have to worry; they will use lots of water. The flush is very strong, and usually, there is no need to repeat it.

Another thing I have noticed, it’s not too loud. I think the tank holds around 3 gallons of water, but it only uses half if you don’t press the handle all the way. You can press the handle partially if you don’t need the whole tank (when you pee), or press the handle all the way if you need a more forceful flush.

The handles easy to control, and I even taught my kids to push it half away when they pee. The tank refills very fast, so if people are waiting in line for the toilet (and our kids often do), the water for the next flush will be ready fast.

Our previous toilet had a much bigger tank, and I can’t say it did such an excellent job at flushing, and it took much longer for the tank to refill. I am definitely positively surprised about this toilet’s flushing power and overall experience!

Comfortable and Easy to Clean

My husband is 62, and he has no problem using this toilet. Actually, the whole family likes it, and there were no complaints so far. Its kid’s friendly, taller people-friendly, you could say that it’s family-friendly.

The stainless steel handle looks very lovely, and I think it’s more hygienic. The toilet itself is very easy to clean, and it’s not high maintenance at all


  • Good value for money
  • Very well packaged
  • Powerful flush
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Perfect for taller people
  • Sleek and small
  • Suits small spaces well
  • Doesn’t get clogged


  • It was delivered in 2 pieces (didn’t bother us)
  • Doesn’t come with a seat, they also state that – you have to buy some extra materials to install it (wax, bolts, water supply lines)
  • Beige color is more expensive than the white one.
  • Easy to Install


I can’t say we had any problems with this toilet at all. I think it’s the best value for money we could possibly get. I was looking at some similar toilets, and some of them were double or even triple in cost? I can’t presume what more they could do, as this one does its job just perfectly. Excellent overall experience and I would recommend it to anyone.


We are pleased with this toilet and couldn’t ask for more. It fits well in our smaller bathroom and looks very stylish. We have no more problems with the clogged toilet and it’s family-friendly.

I found it very easy to clean and maintain, and I would buy it again if I have to one day. Definitely the best value for your money, and surprisingly good quality for a reasonable price. And just to think, that it doesn’t clog, it makes my life so much more pleasant, because I am not under the stress of unclogging the toilet, if it happens to you, you understand how annoying it can be.

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