ToTo G400 Review in 2021

The TOTO G400 Bidet Seat with Integrated Dual Flush 1.28 or 0.9 GPF Toilet with CEFIONTECT is a high-end washlet. This washlet is designed to be used just like any other toilet with an attached bidet. Furthermore, the G400 washlet includes a unique cleansing system, a deodorizing filter, and a heated seat setting. All of these features that are built into this toilet are designed to make using it a unique and comfortable experience.

Toto G400 Toilet Review and Features

This toilet has numerous and unique features that are designed to make using it a pleasant experience.

These features include:

Automatic Lid Open/Close

This washlet includes an automatic lid that can be opened and closed via remote. This is a very unique and exciting feature that this washlet has. Most people can easily understand the desire to have an automatic lid on their washlet. It makes everything more comfortable, especially in stressful/close situations.

PreMist Function

This feature can also be seen as extremely useful. Toilet almost always gets dirty over time. Therefore, it is necessary to clean them as often as possible. This premist function allows the waste to be dealt with in a more efficient and cleanlier way. Instead of having a dry bowl, the premist function wets it. This forces the waste down into the water rather than clinging to the sides. This is an excellent function for a washlet to contain.

Heated Seat

This feature is unique but could be considered not useful and a waste of money. I understand the draw, for some, of a heated seat. It’s luxurious and might aid a little in the user’s comfort. However, how long do you plan to spend on the washlet?

Furthermore, are you comfortable with heat while you are using the washlet? These are questions the users are going to have to answer for themselves. However, if your answer is “no” to the previous questions, then this feature does nothing except increase the price of an already high-end washlet. The internal heat sensor and accompanying heating device aren’t cheap and add to the total cost of the washlet.

Self Clean

This feature can be a real lifesaver, especially for those users who are extremely busy all the time. This feature cleans the washlet before and after it has been used. This is an excellent feature because, much like the premist function, it helps with the elimination of waste.

Like I said before, nobody likes the waste that goes in the washlet, and getting it eliminated as quickly as possible is critical. This feature aids in that goal. Furthermore, this feature also helps in the long run as well. All washlet and water-saving toilets must be cleaned eventually. This self-clean feature makes that dreaded job a little easier.

Deodorizing Feature

The deodorizing feature on this washlet is interesting. It uses ionized carbon to cancel out foul-smelling odors. This is a must for any toilet out there. No one likes the hideous smell of waste that occurs after a toilet has been used. It can hang around in the bathroom air for a long time, and it isn’t pleasant. This deodorizing feature solves that problem once and for all.

No more foul stench is coming from your washlet after it has been used. No more disgusting odors are lingering around your small bathroom all day. They will be gone the second they pass through the ionized carbon air filters. This is truly a fantastic feature.

Cleansing Mode

This is what we think about when we think about the bidet toilet seat. This mode has three different settings to ensure that you are receiving the most thorough and most comfortable cleaning that you can possibly get.

You don’t want a washlet that is uncomfortable, and you don’t want one that doesn’t thoroughly cleanse you. The three different settings guarantee that you will be good to go once you are done.


Once you are all clean and ready to head out, drying off is key. You can’t run around going about your day with a wet bottom. This dryer function allows for a quick and comfortable drying off. That way, you can move on with your life with dry ground.

Automatic Flush

This feature is all about convenience. Who wants to flush the toilet? No one. It wastes time. With this feature, the washlet flushes for you. Simple and easy.

Other Features

This washlet features several other features. These include a universal height feature. This allows anyone, no matter how big or small, to use the washlet. Furthermore, CeFIONtect makes sure that your washlet’s bowl stays clean for as long as possible. Lastly, the 30 tornado flush makes sure that all of the waste created in the washlet’s bowl is disposed of quickly and all at once.


  • High-quality washlet
  • Lots of useful features
  • Designed for all people to use, not just the “average” individual


  • Some un-useful features
  • Expensive
  • Might be too many features for many individuals and homes.


How much does this item weigh?

This item weighs approximately 123Ibs.

What are the product dimensions?

The toilet dimensions are 28.6 X15.4 X 26.9 inches.

What material is this toilet made out of?

The toilet is made out of Porcelain material.

How much water does this toilet consume?

Does this toilet consume approximately 128 GPF?

Is there a warranty?

Yes, there is a limited lifetime warranty on this product. There are also different warranty options you can choose from.

Final Verdict

It is one of the most high-end toilets on the market and would be a good fit for most people’s homes. This toilet includes a ton of useful features and makes cleaning yourself a relaxing and enjoyable experience.  The only setback this product has is the price point. Obviously, every person has differing amounts of what they could pay. However, if you can afford it, then I believe that it is a great option. In my opinion, TOTO G400 is one of the best washlets on the market.

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